My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Launch The Ultimate Moment

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Chapter 445: Launch the ultimate moment!

[The state of the ultimate moment: All the power of the hosts exercises has doubled, and the required fighting energy has increased. To release the ultimate moment, you need to consume a fixed amount of talent points. The more talent points you consume, the longer the ultimate moment will last.

The power of doubling the combat skills is definitely not too small for Lin Chen who has temporarily entered the early stage of the quadruple! He Lin Chen still has a chance!

"System, I want to consume 1,000 talent points to start the ultimate moment!"

When Lin Chen issued the order, the system ran immediately and a light screen popped up.

[The host launches the ultimate moment, duration: 2 minutes.

"This kid's attack can penetrate our combat defense, don't give him breathing time, attack him together!"

The old man in white robe sighed and nodded, the old man in black robe nodded, and the two palms pushed the void, opened an ancient mirror of yin and yang, and suddenly shot two black and white beams of light, spanning thousands of miles, candlelight Lin Chen!

At this moment; as if some kind of switch was turned on in the body, Lin Chen's whole body rose up with a faint glory and glory, and he had entered the state of the ultimate moment!

The attack was violent, and the sense of oppression was extraordinary. The two of them attacked together. He subconsciously wanted to avoid it, leaving the last hall of the phantom avatar. Advance!


The beam of light swept and swept, and everything within a thousand miles was annihilated into nothingness in just two breaths!

boom! Lin Chen's figure swept away tens of thousands of miles away, knocked down several big mountains suddenly, the whole person fell on the top of the mountain, his mouth wide open, and his expression was dumbfounded!

too fast! The speed at which his trampling moved exploded was faster than it was just now!

Soon he didn't control anyone in Lin, and hit the top of the mountain directly!

"Does this mean that the power of doubling the power of the ultimate moment means this?"

Lin Chen unconsciously opened the talent description, he immediately noticed a few words; all the power of the hosts power doubled!

"Lying trough, the power of all exercises has doubled, which means that my body skills, defense, and attack skills have doubled?"

Lin, who was slightly air-conditioned, was shocked and ecstatic! If this is the case, the value of this talent is much stronger than he expected!

Charged runes can increase the power of combat skills by 4 times, but can only improve attack combat skills, defense and body skills are not included.

Therefore, Lin Chen's ultimate moment talent makes up for the shortcomings of Lin Chen's other combat skills!

However, Lin Chen suddenly realized that something was wrong!

If he only doubled his skills and skills, this is not enough to make him run out of control!

"No! All exercises? My creation of the Nine Tribulation Mindset is also included in the exercises!"

Reminiscent of the last possibility, someone Lin was completely shocked!

"His! I rely on! If the mental method is included, then the power of the mental method will be doubled first, and then all the exercises will be doubled. Isn't this **** quadrupled!"

Someone Lin thrilled on the spot with excitement, and his overall combat skill quadrupled, which is equivalent to the effect of his Lin Chen holding a level 4 charge rune in two minutes.

And it is no longer limited to four times the attack combat skills, it is all combat skills!

In addition to Jiuhuang Change is a special tip that specifically detonates the air of Heavenly Tribulation, which cannot be modified or increased, all of Chen Chens combat skills will undergo qualitative transformation!

Thinking of this, Lin Chen suddenly felt that he was really blind dog eyes! I didn't find this detail, I thought it was a tasteless talent, but I didn't expect it to be a super talent that is so powerful!

"The ultimate moment! Hahaha, good name, this effect is worthy of this name!"

Lin Chen jumped into the sky and laughed in the sky! Then immediately chew two 6th-level low-level elixirs; although the effect at the last moment is strong, the cost of fighting is doubled.

"Yin and Yang pole swords!"

An earth-sharp sword was suddenly slashed, and the vast sky and the sky were cut, and the sword was rolling, and Lin Chen took a step lightly!


His tramp moves, and a horror effect like a space fight jumps out!

A sword filled the mountains and the sea, but the two old men changed their attitudes. The proud blow they did not hit Lin Chen!

The sharp edge of the golden war gun flashed; the two elders snapped the void, shattering the crystal wall of the hundred-mile space, but caught a void!

Lin Chen's figure flickered, almost ridiculously, as strong as the two of them simply could not understand where his next move would come from!

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart!"

Lin Chen quickly pulled the lance of the five dragon dynasty, rolled up the monstrous dark gun shadow, and the countless space crystal walls were punctured to open the dark and dark vacuum zone! From the surrounding of the two elders, the offensive is strong, the offensive is several times stronger than before!

"how can that be?"

The duo looked horrified, and quickly urged the defense of the war, but they couldn't resist Lin Chen's shadow gun. Every time they were penetrated by 20% of the attack power, the accumulation of injuries became more and more serious!

Lin Chen's "Thousand Devil's Heart" this time is several times stronger than just now!

In the state of "Ultimate Moment", the charged rune and the penetration rune were launched. This shocking blow completely destroyed the old two's fighting defense. Lin Chen once again danced the five dragon dynasty guns, approaching step by step, crushing the second Everyone is defeated!

"Sura's Fury!"

The two Shura golems emerged, charged and run through the runes, bursting out a lot of spiritual shock, 20% of the spiritual shock power shocked the two old minds, causing their consciousness to suddenly break!

At this moment; a gray rune shot out like lightning, Lin Chen consumed 150 rune energy, and calmed the old man in black robe!

Boom ~ boom ~! A dark dragon palm swooped angrily, heading towards the old white robe who had no resistance, a palm penetrated his chest, and the ninefold dark dragon twirled through the two elders!


The 100,000 dragon force in the state of the ultimate moment urges the nine-fold dark dragon force, and then launches the recharging and penetrating runes. With this palm, the dark dragon shuttles through the sky and actually tastes of extinction!

Bang ~!

The space where the second old man was, was torn apart by the dark dragon phantom, an unprecedented vacuum zone, the second old puppet's body was broken apart, and a large number of attribute light **** burst out of the void!

Along with the attribute light sphere, two beams of light came down, and two amethyst treasure chests were born.

[The host defeats the strong enemy, triggers a special probability mechanism with low probability, and rewards two amethyst treasure chests.

[The host gains 60 points of merit, 600 points of talent, 550 points of heaven, 1700 points of essence of war,]

[The host gains 300 Heavenly Dao, 2 Spirit, 21 Dark Energy, and Rune Energy 90...]

Lin Chen took a lot of attribute light spheres, because the puppet has no qi and blood, so there is no attribute light sphere that drops energy of qi and blood.

"The fighting spirit consumed in the final moment is too scary. If I fight for a while, my fighting spirit will all be bottomed out."

Under the rain, Lin Chenhan relieved the fourfold changes of the "Ultimate Moment" and Shura Jiuhuang's change, and reached out to grab the three treasure chests.