My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 446

Chapter 446: The Truth Of The World?

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Chapter 446 The truth of the world?

[The host opens the aquamarine chest and gains 5000 talent points.

[The host opens two amethyst treasure chests to obtain: 1 God-killer talent fragment (2/3), passive talent: life growth,]

The moment he opened the three treasure chests, Lin Chen was as anxious as an electric shock, and his recovery speed from injury and weakness actually increased a little.

"I actually got another piece of God-killer! The last one is missing!"

Lin Chen excitedly opened the system bar regardless of the weak state in his body.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Yuan Zunjing's second stage.

Ultimate Strength: 50000 Dragon Power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 139500 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 113300 points.

Intermediate mental power: 11 points (mid-term French phase)

Intermediate skills: 855 points.

Intermediate Rune Energy: 1755 points.

Heavenly value: 20600 points.

Talent points: 29880 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 59 points in the fire system, 27 points in the soil system, 8 points in the wood system, 30 points in the gold system, and 36 points in the water system. Thunder is 27 points, wind is 29 points, light is 5 points, and dark is 88 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Talent: Reinforced Iron Bone 10%, Ultimate Moment, God Killer Fragment (2/3), Life Increase by 1%.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 4, Penetrate Rune Level 4, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4.

Treasures: 95 kinds of sixth-order medicinal materials, 7 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 5 kinds of blue-order top-level combat skills, 5 kinds of sixth-order low-level weapons, 2 kinds of sixth-order advanced weapons,

[New passive talent: life growth. You can use the passive talents strengthened by talent points to increase the speed of the host's autonomous recovery of injuries, including the weak state, poisoning state, trauma and internal injuries, and all the restoring power is limited to the host's own tolerance range, and it is invalid if it exceeds the tolerance range. It can be strengthened up to 100%.

With this new talent, Lin Chen was overjoyed, he clicked into the talent bar, and decisively clicked to strengthen! Consume 10,000 talent points!

[Consumes 10,000 talent points to strengthen, the host strengthens the "life growth" talent to 30%.

Suddenly, Lin Chen felt a slight electric touch from his whole body. His weak state after using Jiuhuang's transformation and the speed of his autonomous recovery from injuries were increased by several percent!

Then, Lin Chen spent another 5000 talent points to strengthen the reinforced iron bone to 15%!

"Still with more than 10,000 talent points, haha! With this ultimate moment talent, as long as you don't encounter the Yuanzun Realm Eightfold, I am someone who fights and retreats.

This harvest far exceeds Lin Chen's expectations, and the power of'Ultimate Time' far exceeds Lin Chen's expectations. In addition to the extremely rapid consumption of combat energy, Lin Chen in the'Ultimate State' has almost no flaws!

The elite attribute value of the mid-level combat spirit picked up on the ninth layer suddenly exceeded 15,000 points, leaving Lin Chen only three steps away from the triple state.


Outside the Lingling Battle Tower; since Lin Chen reached the ninth floor, many strong men have been waiting, no one dared to leave the field! Everyone is waiting for Lin Chen's result!

When everyone was still talking differently, a light screen was listed outside the battle tower.

"Participant: Lin Chen. Through two people to the ninth floor, time: three quarters."

Sudden time; the extremely lively meeting place fell into silence! This is true even for the entire Yan!

Lin Chen passed the ninth floor! And still in double mode!

What is this concept? The eighth layer is the creatures in the early stage of the sevenfold, and the ninth layer is at least the middle of the sevenfold!

It's not good, it's still the late seventh layer!

The powerhouses of the late Seventh Layer, placed in any first-class forces today, are absolute pyramid powerhouses, even in the ancient family, they enjoy a very high status!

Among the ancient families, the competition between the high-end power is that the two sides have more than six levels of Yuanzun Realm, not to mention the weight of the seventh level!

When I think of Lin Chen, a young man who doesnt even have the triple tribute to the Yuan Realm, he has the strength to compete with the late Seventh Layer. Many strong men can't help scalp numbness!

This terrible thing is that this guy is a four-time champion! It is a young man who has reached the peak of casting, refining medicine, and arithmetic!

"He actually did it! Sure enough, he is our only hope in Lingzhou!"

The deputy dean stared at the light screen outside the battle tower, and his eyes glowed with unprecedented hope!


The ninth floor space; Lin Chen did not know that he had already blasted the pot outside.

He withdrew his mind and looked up at the giant gate to the sky carefully. While urging Zijin Tong, he glanced at the vague and quaint characters. Immediately, his mind was shocked, and he read it subconsciously.

"Fire Phoenix, Beidou, No. 19? What does this mean?"

Lin Chen's mental memory suddenly recalled a similar memory!

"Chi, Xuanlong, No. 47! Fire Phoenix, Beidou, No. 19! Is there any connection between the two?"

Chishen, Xuanlong, No. 47. This small series of memories comes from the memory size inscribed in the Devil Emperor's Inheritance Memory that Lin Chen obtained in Purgatory.

In addition to this font size, Lin Chen also engraved a quirky catalogue with snake-like surfaces and complicated and mysterious lines on the surface. He could not see any mystery at all.

"No. 19, No. 47? Are there dozens of code names between them? What does this mean, and in the identity of the former soul, he has no reason to look for the Devil's Legacy, compared to His background, the Devil Emperors Purple Order low-level exercises are totally worthless..."

Lin Chen's mind traversed many thoughts in an instant, and sharply caught the anomaly. According to Soul Mobai's identity, he can't commit the coveted inheritance of a powerful warlord.

If there is something he wants in the Demon Emperors inheritance, it may be the secret of the inheritance, Chen God Xuanlong No. 47!

"Descendants of Lingzhou, I hope you can become the light of hope."

At this moment; the old and obscure voice came into Lin Chen's mind, and a spiritual light group was suspended in the void.

After making sure that the spiritual light group is harmless to himself, Lin Chen reached out his hand and cultivated the spiritual will contained in it into his own spiritual seeds.

Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness moved from star to star and saw a whole new world!

It was a vast continent like a galaxy roulette. It was vast. Many powerful men flew to the endless void, and many powerful demon clan battled with it.

The battle days are dim and dark, the world is collapsing, and the entire sky is full of countless melee!

This is an unprecedented war, and countless Yuanzun Realm, War Emperor, and even the legendary supreme holy realm are all put into battle!

In any battle inside, the specifications are far higher than Lin Chen's imagination!

A cold voice without emotion resounded in Lin Chen's mind.

"The catastrophe of the heavens, the demon attacked, my devotion to the battle of defense, the Baisheng fell, although the death was still glorious. To inevitably bury the truth, hereby leave the last ray of spiritual thought."