My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Cousin

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Chapter 45

"Run away! These two imps are so weird!"

The other two war spirits gathered around him and fled with each other's masters in embarrassment.

Bai Junhao, who was mad, was about to catch up. Lin Chen slapped him on the shoulder, and a spirit of energy was injected into his mind, calling back his consciousness.

"Brother Lin Chen, I..."

Bai Junhao looked at Lin Chen in confusion, and Lin Chen smiled.

"Congratulations, your Qinglong bloodline has initially awakened. The next time is when you are transformed."

"Brother Lin Chen, I seem to have won, I won..."

Bai Junhao was ecstatic, cheering before he had time, his eyelids sank and he was unconscious.

Lin Chen held him up, shook his head and smiled. After picking up the light cyan light **** falling around, the system light screen pops up.

[The host gains 10 points of the blood of the blue dragon.

Absorbing this attribute light ball, the injury of the Green Dragon Arm is immediately cured, and the strength is faintly increased by a few points!

"Very high quality Dragon Bloodline! It seems there is a chance to fully stimulate his bloodline before going to Tiange Academy! My Qinglong Arm can also be taken to a higher level!"

Lin Chen was overjoyed and picked up a mad meal in the backyard. This time, 20 attribute light **** were dropped on Bai Junhao!

[The host obtains 12 points of the blue dragon bloodline, 9 points of the blue dragon bloodline, 16 points of the blue dragon bloodline, 15 points of the blue dragon bloodline, and 20 points of the blue dragon bloodline.

These are all attributes of the Blue Dragon Bloodline!

Lin Chen's green dragon arm began to transform at a rapid rate, and the green dragon lying in his left arm became stronger and stronger! Lin Chen has a hunch that the next time he truly releases the Green Dragon Arm, he will definitely be invincible below the fifth level!


Late at night; Bai Junhao's room.

His eyelids moved, and when he woke up, he found himself soaked in a medicine bath. Lin Chen was sitting on the bed in front of him practicing.

"What am I... today?"

Bai Junhao seemed to discover the changes in his body and looked at him in surprise.

Bai Junhao finds that there is a blue dragon scale in his mind. As long as his consciousness is connected to this blue dragon scale, there will be a continuous flow of power!

"Wake up, you should know what happened today."

Lin Chen sitting on the couch opened his eyes and smiled at Bai Junhao.

"Brother Lin Chen, am I really the blood dragon of the Blue Dragon!"

Bai Junhao burst into tears and wept with joy, and still asked in disbelief.

"You can see if you try it yourself."

Lin Chen smiled, Bai Junhao shivered the blue scales in his mind.


The powerful Qi waves swept around Bai Junhao as the center. His pupils turned green, and there was a blue pattern like a vertical eye in the center, covered with dragon scales, and his palms were like a dragon claw!

A light cyan light ball fell out again, Lin Chen got up and picked up, smiling at Bai Junhao.

"how do you feel."

"So powerful, so powerful! Ten thousand tigers? More than that, far more! Hahaha!"

Bai Junhao laughed in the sky, dripping freely.

"Junhao, you probably think you might already be strong, right?"

Suddenly, Lin Chen said something salty. Bai Junhao immediately put away the complacency and ecstasy that had just arisen, and the shameful words.

"Brother Lin Chen, the younger brother did have a moment of pride, but the younger brother will never be proud of himself, because there are people outside, there are days outside!"

Bai Junhao shook his fist firmly and conscientiously.

"It's best if you think this way. Your blood of the Blue Dragon is in a awakening period. Now is a good time for you to fully control it. And your attack mode is too single, it can only be used as a hole card, and it can't be in front of the master. Its easy to expose, otherwise it will be easy for the enemy to find flaws to target."

"Now you need to practice more physical refining combat skills, use your own multiple means of attack, and use refining to introduce refining gas."

Lin Chen's warning made Bai Junhao remember it.

The two got up late at night and were again practicing in the backyard. Thanks to Bai Junhao, the Bai family had already spurned them, and nobody in this courtyard disturbed them to practice.

For the next six days, Lin Chen only needs to train Bai Junhao. Whenever he is more familiar with the control of his blue dragon bloodline, he will drop the attribute light ball of the blue dragon bloodline, which is a big supplement for Lin Chen's green dragon arm. Thing!

Those young disciples never came to disturb Bai Junhao and Lin Chen again, it seemed to be calm before the storm.

Until Lin Chen arrived at the noon of the tenth day of the Bai family; a white man pushed open the courtyard gate.

"Huh? Master Junhao is still alive and well, isn't it that the Mo and Cao people came to make trouble a few days ago."

The white man whispered, then shouted.

"Master Bai Junhao, the elders have something to tell you to go to the lobby!"

After talking, Xiaogu turned his head away, regardless of whether the people inside had heard it or not. This attitude is enough to see how low Bai Junhao's status in the family is.

The two in the courtyard stopped the training steps and looked at each other.

"Brother Lin Chen, there seems to be something in the family to call me over."

"Maybe it's the guys who made trouble some days ago who are in trouble. Let me go with you."


Baijia lobby; red carpet floor, bright lights.

Today's Bai's house is full of joyous banquets, hundreds of banquet tables, and the atmosphere is full of joy.

"Today is a great day for me and Meng Fei to get married. You must be happy, not drunk!"

In the lobby of Baijia; a tall young man in Jinyi raised his glasses and laughed. Many guests raised their glasses to drink. In the arms of the youth, there was a charming woman with a small bird and a trembling smile.

In the first hall of the lobby, there are several honorable white-haired old men sitting up, nobody dare to sit beside them.

"Everyone! Today is my son Bai Shaohui's date of marriage, thank you all for your support, and the friends who were present today and the gift-giving friends also gave me a little thin face."

In the first hall, a powerful middle-aged knife-browed man uttered a voice, and everyone at the scene suddenly fell silent.

This is the current head of the Bai family, Bai Xiong.

As everyone listened and listened, the teenager's consternation and angry roar echoed throughout the lobby!

"Second Uncle, cousin, this... what's going on! Sister Mengfei, you..."

Everyone answered, and Bai Junhao's figure suddenly appeared in the lobby entrance.

"Oh! It turned out to be Jun Hao's nephew. I thought you were sick these two days. I was planning to send someone to call you."

Seeing Bai Junhao appear, Bai Xiong smiled lightly.

"Junhao, today is the date of your cousin and Meng Fei's marriage. I believe you will also bless them, right."

Many people present cast a ridicule on Bai Junhao's eyes. If Bai Junhao didn't show up today, it would be okay, and if he did, he would just let him faceless in this sunset city!

"Sister Mengfei is not my fiancee, how could it be the day of the cousin's marriage today!"

Bai Junhao gritted his teeth tightly, staring crimsonly at Bai Shaohui's Liu Mengfei, a bird in his arms.

"Bai Junhao, would you like to make a face? As you look now, you still want toad to eat swan meat? You don't follow your own appearance. What is worthy of this lady now? Only like your cousin. A genius and a strange man like Hui is Miss Bens real son. To be a man, the most important thing is to have self-knowledge."

Liu Mengfei's eyes glanced at Bai Junhao, and scorned his lips in disdain.

Many guests laughed, and today Bai Junhao was not only divorced, but was also snatched by his cousin. In the sunset city, I am afraid that even people can't do it!