My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Ten Tricks

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Chapter 46: Ten moves!

"Cousin, hurry up if you're acquainted. Grandpa has been dead for so many years. The family hasn't done anything for ten years. You don't need to be embarrassed here."

That Bai Shaohui skin smiled flesh and not smiled.

If at ordinary times, Bai Junhao dared to talk back, he had already punched him and fell down. Today, on the face of many guests and elders, he did not attack.

"Does the elders agree with this matter! Even if I don't have any status in the Bai family, you should respect my dead grandpa!"

Bai Junhao exhausted and questioned several elders in the first hall loudly.

"Junhao, we also intend to inform you about this matter today."

"Well, Junhao, for your grandfather's sake, we will give you a certain amount of compensation. You will retire today, it's nothing for you."

The two elders shook their heads with a sigh.

Hearing such an answer, Bai Junhao's eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, and his fingers clenched into fists, like an angry beast about to go crazy!


Suddenly, he looked up and smiled!

"Good compensation! For so many years, you have stepped forward so-called compensation step by step to force me to make concessions. Am I compensating for you?"

Bai Junhao was angry and cursed, and he was about to run away!

Thousands of guests were surprised. What kind of leopard guts did this kid eat today, and dare to hit the elders and smash his cousin's place?

"It seems that I am too humble to let this little animal live!"

Bai Xiong smiled coldly and was about to suppress Bai Junhao himself.

The screams of the boy came and focused everyone's eyes again!

"Junhao! What are you talking about, will you speak!"

Sudden screams revived Bai Junhao, who was about to run away.

Lin Chen walked in with a big swing, and patted Bai Junhao with a deep tone of voice. He immediately nodded apologetically.

"Sorry, Brother Lin, I didn't control myself just now, I won't be like this next time."

exactly! How can I talk to the elders like this on the day of my cousin's great joy!

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen's answer surprised everyone!

"Your little mouth, will you speak? Ah! Speak more and talk more, just like the mouth is smeared with honey, Big Brother strongly urges you to be like this next time! Who will bully you in the future, you will Fight, others are ruthless than you, you are ten times ruthless than him!"

Bai Xiong lingered, looking at Lin Chen.

"Boy, who are you!"

"Who am I responsible for your fart, you just need to know that Bai Junhao is covered by me today; let him solve the things that belong to him, it is not your turn to intervene!"

Lin Chen's domineering side leaks, giving Bai Junhao great confidence!

Turning to Liu Mengfei, Lin Chen smiled lightly: "You just said that Jun Hao is not worthy of you, right? In my opinion, you are not eligible for him as a maid! If you don't agree, then use strength to prove it!"

"Go, tell everyone, you don't need this kind of thing, let her apologize! See who doesn't deserve anyone!"

On a shot of Bai Junhao's back, Lin Chen gave him courage, Bai Junhao straightened his waist and waved his palm.

"Sister Mengfei, no, Miss Liu Mengfei! Today, I, Bai Junhao, officially dismissed you and my marriage contract, and you and I have nothing to do! I ask you to apologize to the rudeness just now!"

Bai Junhao changed his previous style and became stout!

Liu Mengfei bit her silver teeth and was about to speak. Bai Shaohui stood in front of her and said with a smile.

"Cousin is so good. I dont know where to find a savage to support you. Since you think you are not a waste, that cousin will give you a chance to prove! As long as you insist on ten tricks in my hand, I will replace it. Mengfei apologizes for you, how?"

Bai Shaohui's words, the audience were all laughter or booing.

Bai Shaohui, the son of the current head of the family, Bai Xiongba, is less than 24 years old and already has eight levels of psychic realm; bearing the many backgrounds of the Bai family and his unique academic heritage, his strength is strong, and even the nine levels of the spiritual realm may not be able to get out of dozens of rounds in his hands. !

This kind of talent and strength is placed at the core of the true disciple level in the eternal sect.

Even if Bai Junhao had some adventures, he suddenly had a sense of confidence, but he would never be able to eat fat in one bite, and it would be impossible to fight Bai Shaohui with the cultivation practice of Qi Refining Realm!

Not to mention ten tricks, as long as Bai Shaohui thought, one thought, one trick, Bai Junhao will definitely die!

"How about it, ten moves, dare to take it."

Lin Chen returned to Bai Junhao's side and laughed jokingly.

Thinking of the **** training he experienced during this time, Bai Junhao's face appeared a rock-solid smile.

"Ten moves will be ten moves!"

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was full of laughter and ridicule.

"It seems that this Bai Junhao is flooding his head."

"I don't know if it's high and earthly thick. If it's not the elders who remember the old feelings in these years, no one will collect him for his death! Dare to challenge his cousin Shaohui."

"Shao Hui's cousin only needs one move to kill him."

"I saw him a lot of yellow-level low-level body training exercises in the combat skill cabinet a few days ago. Maybe some other peerless combat skills were obtained by others. Hahaha!"

Many of the children of the Bai family are still sneering, and Bai Junhao is facing it lightly. These ridicules and doubts have been experienced countless times in these years.

"Old guys, you have also seen it, this kid promised to come down. Can't blame us later under the hands of my family Shao Hui, he is looking for his own death."

Bai Xiong shrugged to the elders sitting in the lobby and smiled coldly. He was still thinking about how to concoct these two, but he did not expect Bai Junhao to find his own way!

"Well, since it's the kid's own choice, let the fate of life and death."

The bald old man among the three elders shook his head and sighed, and seemed to give up Bai Junhao.

"You guys, please wait a moment, after this episode, we will continue to drink!"

With a big wave of Bai Shaohui's big hands, many little servants began to move away part of the banquet, making room for tens of feet.

"I have to say, cousin, you are very lucky. Today is your cousin's day of great joy. It's not a good time to kill. So you got your life back!"

Bai Shaohui walked to the middle of the open space, raised his brow lightly, shook his head and sneered.

"Who retrieved a life, don't know yet!"

With his power, Bai Junhao has never been able to dominate the past, and has become aggressive and domineering, quite a bit like Lin Chen. Let someone in Lin feel relieved. My little brother is finally a bit forced.

"It's a family waste, but your mouth has become stiff. I hope you will be able to play it even after playing!"

Bai Shaohui's complexion instantly became gloomy. Today, Bai Junhao's bad things are bad for him again and again, but his temper is not so good! Even if he can't kill him immediately, Bai Shaohui has ten ways to make him better than death!

Everyone on the scene held the attitude of watching the drama, and some even puffed themselves up. They were very interested to see how Bai Shaohui concocted this kid!


Just as Bai Shaohui approached Bai Junhao with a brutal smile, Lin Chen suddenly uttered a voice.

"This battle is unfair, very unfair!"

Lin Chen said seriously, his expression was very serious!