My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 47

Chapter 47: What Is A Fair

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Chapter 47, What is a **** fair!

Many people in the audience were laughed by Lin Chen! Some even burst into tears with laughter!

These two kid deafs were more arrogant than anyone before, but now it's unfair to cry out Where is this wonderful flower to invite! Isn't this beating yourself!

"Unfair? Hahaha! It is indeed a bit unfair. Otherwise, if we change the rules, he only needs to take my two strokes. How about I apologize for Mengfei?"

Bai Shaohui sneered and sneered, glancing at Lin Chen disdainfully.


Lin Chen shook his head seriously.

"Hahaha! Cousin Shaohui, cousin Junhao, they are counseling. Just let them know, just one trick!"

The young people of the Bai family laughed and laughed; Bai Junhao looked at Lin Chen in doubt.

"How about, then I will step back again, if he can take me a move, even if I lose."

Bai Shaohui flicked his nails, impatiently. In his view, there is no difference between one and ten moves!

"No, no, everyone understands what I mean. I mean, this battle is too unfair for Mr. Bai Shaohui! Very unfair!"

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen's answer made everyone confused!

The eighth level of psychic realm is one of the most important aspects of the gas refining realm, but is it unfair to the psychic realm?

"Let's change the rules. If you can stick to the ten moves in Jun Hao's hands, then we will lose."

Lin Chen tilted Erlang's legs and smiled to make all the guests at the scene stunned!

"I heard it right, he, he would say that if the cousin Bai Shaohui insists on ten tricks under the waste of Bai Junhao, will the cousin Shaohui win?"

"I thought I heard it wrong!"

Is this Nima upside down? Could it be that he thought Bai Junhao was the psychic realm, and Bai Shaohui was the Qi refining realm?

Some of the older generation of strong people who were going to be a joke to look at, are also looking at Lin Chen in consternation and consternation.

Does it mean that he wants to play any conspiracy?

"I think your **** crazy!"

Bai Shaohui was furious, he only felt that he was humiliated by Lin Chen!

"Don't be angry, Mr. Shao Hui, I am here for your sake. My little brother Junhao is a peerless genius. I'm worried about your trouble."

Lin Chen's serious appearance made everyone fall!

"Brother Lin Chen?"

Bai Junhao looked at Lin Chen suspiciously. He didn't understand the intention of Lin Chen's move.

"Why, you have no confidence? Don't you want to take back all the things you have lost."

Lin Chen teased, and then said: "In this Bai family, there can only be one Bai Shaohui or Bai Junhao, isn't it."

"Have confidence!"

Bai Junhao's intentions are boiling, nodded fiercely!

"Cousin Junhao, have to say, you were killed by a madman."

Bai Shaohui turned his neck, revealing a cruel grin!

While Bai Shaohui was preparing to shoot again, Lin Chen said again!


His grandma's! You are not finished!

Lin Chen showed a thoughtful look, then slowly shook his head, and said seriously again.

"I am doing things with emphasis on fairness, fairness, or **** fairness! I still feel that the ten moves are still unfair to Mr. Bai Shaohui!"

Lin Chen's words made many people crazy! What kind of fairness is this?

"So I decided to let this Miss Liu Mengfei also go together. As the saying goes, the thieves must get dirty, the **** must be double, and the two should fight together! Jun Hao, do you have confidence!"

"Yes!" Bai Junhao shouted with blood and blood!

The questions and answers from Lin Chen and Bai Junhao completely silenced everyone in the audience!

Deathly silence!

All the guests looked at Lin Chen and Bai Junhao dullly!

Today, everyone present is redefining and wondering what the concept of'fairness' is!

Suddenly, a young man asked the old man beside him.

"Senior, this fair?"

"How do I know what is fair! The old man's eye-catching eyes today!"

"Then what is fair!"

"You ask him to go! Ask me to hang!"

"What's so fair!"

The entire audience of men, women and children asked Lin Chen madly!

"Fairness is what makes this couple of men and women go together! Fairness is the **** pair of dogs and men who can stick to ten tricks under Bai Junhao, even if Bai Junhao loses!"

Lin Chen sounded like Hong Zhong, shook everyone's ear at the scene!

"Damn, I will kill you first!"

Bai Shaohui couldn't bear it, rushed to the crown in anger, locked Lin Chen, and wanted to shoot up!

"Enough! Shao Hui, don't mess with yourself!"

Bai Xiong thundered and calmed Bai Shaohui.

"Meng Feinizi, you go up too, as he said, it doesn't matter who and who's ten tricks! Today, Shao Hui was allowed for your father to see your blood, but my Bai's face is not something that someone can casually smear! Today If there is no satisfactory result in this matter, neither of them will want to walk out of this hall alive!"

Bai Xiong was completely irritated by Lin Chen. What Lin Chen said was to provoke the entire Bai family!

Bai Xiong said to Lin Chen sensibly.

"If he died in Shaohui's hands, don't you want to escape!"

"If Bai Junhao can't do it, I will die with him!"

Lin Chen's domineering side leakage, and Bai Xiong **** for tat!

Liu Mengfei was cold-eyed and came to Bai Shaohui next to him.

Her talent is second only to Bai Shaohui. At the age of 22, she is already the sixth layer of psychic realm. With Bai Shaohui, the powerful middle-level players in the battle are not in their hands!

"Meng Fei, you don't have to shoot, leave it to me."

Liu Mengfei had just come to Bai Shaohui, he said casually, and could not wait to plunder to Bai Junhao!

"Breaking the wind!"

The battle is full of power, and there are shocks! The five-finger palm wind encircles the Youqing wind blade and straightly takes Bai Junhao's heart!

Bai Shaohui showed a killing opportunity, and his first shot was a vicious trick that made people unhappy!

Everyone is looking forward to it, is this a fearless arrogance, or a conspiracy! Will see in the next breath!


The explosion was resounding throughout the scene, and the hurricane blew up.


All the elders of the Bai family, and even the strong men above the battlefield, stood up! The expression is full of incredible!

In the dust, Bai Shaohui stood in front of Bai Junhao, his palm stopped at Bai Junhao's chest, and there were blue scales looming in that chest!

I saw Bai Junhao standing proudly in the field, not to mention killing, Bai Shaohui's attack did not even make him take a step back!

Bai Junhao patted the dust on his shoulder, his mouth outlined a domineering mad smile!

"Cousin, you are not working hard."

Lin Chen sat on the seat and drank himself.

After tasting a good wine, Lin Chen put on his own sunglasses, and said amazingly.

"Who is pretending to be so dazzling."