My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Qinglong Was Born

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Chapter 48: The Blue Dragon Is Born!

At this moment, no one is surprised!

Bai Shaohui's condensed killing blow was enough to shake and even injure the powerful players, even Bai Junhao didn't repel even a small step!

"Fist of Beasts!"

Bai Junhao raised his hand into a fist and performed the most basic body-building fist!

At the moment when the blue dragon's breath screamed like a hurricane, Bai Junhao threw his fist at Bai Shaohui's head.

The power of this punch has made him feel close to death!


Bai Shaohui instinctively displayed the highest speed of his body, which was able to escape Bai Junhao's boxing style!

Everyone can clearly hear that the moment when Bai Junhao waved his fist, an extremely harsh sonic boom came from the air, like a blade cutting, a falling star!

Bang~~! Bang!

Fists of furious swaying, the terrifying fist wind shocked the dust and gravel!

Just the punching wind smashed the entire ground into cracks, and all were shocking cracks in all directions!

The violent fist blows to the Quartet, overturning the banquet tables that have been moved hundreds of meters away!

Numerous delicacies were scattered on the floor, spilling a lot of guests with oil and water soup!

What even made many people's mouths twitch is that Lin Chen sitting at the front seems to predict this result in advance.

He was holding an oil-paper umbrella in his hand, wearing a pair of black sunglasses, holding a wine glass in his hand, and still had the usual coquettish smile on the corner of his mouth.

The guests were splashed with crumbled oil and water, only he held an umbrella!

But everyone realized that Bai Junhao is more important!

Just the boxing style is sweeping all directions! Just now, if it were real, Bai Shaohui was absolutely dead!

Bai Shaohui, who was turned to the side by the boxing wind, was lying on the ground, sweating, and his teeth were trembling!

"Body Warrior? Jun Hao is the strongest body warrior!"

Among the three elders, one elder yelled ecstatically!

"15,000 tiger power? Not only! There are almost 20,000 tiger power! How is it possible, where is this boy's power?"

Bai Xiong's eyes were fixed on Bai Junhao, trying to see through all his secrets!

But no matter how he snooped, all he could feel was the domineering blue dragon's breath! In addition, I can't see Bai Junhao's power limit!

"Stand up! Bai Shaohui! Are you a genius!"

Bai Junhao's momentum is high, he is full of anger, and it is like a dragon roar! Surprise Liu Mengfei and Bai Shaohui back and forth!

This sudden and extreme change made Bai Shaohui simply unable to adapt! Prey and hunters reverse in an instant!

"How could he be so strong, isn't Bai Junhao a waste! Shao Hui, me, I'm so scared!"

Liu Mengfei's flowers looked pale, shaking shrunk behind Bai Shaohui.

too frightening! Now Bai Junhao seems to be a real possessor of a green dragon, and the gods descend!

Only the shame between the eyebrows and the thin Longwei shocked the two!

"Since you dare not shoot, let me come!"


Bai Junhao's ten fingers were inserted into the ground, and the vast and brutal pure power surged out, palms up, and suddenly lifted!

A huge black shadow suddenly appeared in front of Liu Mengfei and Bai Shaohui!

Everyone took a breath of air! Eyes are almost staring out!

Bai Junhao even lifted a dozen feet wide floor directly! With one fist smashing the stone, the violent pure power pushes the stone and destroys the dead!

"Damn bitch, don't hurry to urge defensive skills!"

Seeing this momentum, Bai Shaohui broke his mouth and scolded!

"Qingwu Xuanguang Shield!"

"Tian Shui Blue Curtain!"

The two-fold gas barrier is soft and rigid, protecting two people tightly!

The boulders on the floor blew away like a violent wind, colliding head-on together, shattering the two's barriers of war, the fierce and domineering impact was passed to the two, vomiting blood and retreating!

The boulders also turned into scattered gravel scattered on the scene, as the following hail, constantly smashed. Everyone rushed to defend each other's fighting strength, but Lin Chen sat down calmly and sighed.

"The quality of the oil-paper umbrella this year is really good. I will buy a few more next time."

Tear ~~!

The wind breaking sound hit like a wind, Bai Junhao burst out with pure power as fast as the top body style, and came to Bai Shaohui in an instant!

Bai Shaohui was so shocked that he swam away with his fighting spirit, and merged into the palm print of Chimang.

"Xuan Ying Jin!"

Bai Junhao is like a falcon, with blue scales protruding, his fingers protruding in a hook shape, offensive and defensive! Lightning tears his fingerprints of war! Quickly clamp Bai Shaohui's wrist!

"Die to me!"

Holding Bai Shaohui's wrist in the palm of his hand, he immediately exerted force, twisted it in a spiral, and directly crushed his arm bone!

At the same time, Bai Junhao was like a whip lashing and hitting the barb with anger, swinging Bai Shaohui's entire body like a whip to the ground!


The floor was broken, Bai Shaohui hit the ground heavily, the bones were broken, the eyes burst out, and blood was spit out!

"No! Shaohui!"

Liu Mengfei screamed miserably.

"Slut with a knife in the back, get out!"

Bai Junhao was murderous and awe-inspiring, turned his head indifferently, and slapped towards Liu Mengfei! Five fingers skimmed through the air torn through layers of air!


The slap-drawn power and force wind decisively pumped on Liu Mengfei's pretty face, no pity for Xiangxiyu!

Bloody red lips fell out of several **** silver teeth, Liu Mengfei passed out directly!

"Meng Fei!"

The people of the Liu family roared like a mourning student, and suddenly stood up!

Regardless of Bai Junhao's disregard, his will to the sky was raised, and he stepped up and stepped on Bai Shaohui's back!

The strength of this foot can be stepped on at close range, enough to turn Bai Shaohui into meat sauce!

this moment! The audience is murderous!

An afterimage is almost to the extreme, the sound hasn't arrived, people have moved! Speeding towards Bai Junhao!

"Little bastard, still planning to kill my son and die for me!"

It is the head of the Bai family, Bai Xiong shot!

Realizing that his son is in danger, he no longer intends to take care of his face!

Bai Xiong volleyed to Bai Junhao, the spirit of the ghost and the shattered earth turned into the void, and the air flow collapsed instantly!

All the guests did not expect that Bai Xiong, a powerful man with a terrible situation, would shoot up at the scene, regardless of his seniority, to kill a younger generation! I can only watch Bai Xiong pounce on Bai Junhao!

A generation of Tianjiao has just been born, is it going to fall at a meteor speed?

When this thought crossed everyone's mind, the gust of wind rose, the silver robe rolled over, the purple flame burned, and the wings spread high!

The silver robe boy was wearing purple flame burning wings and was blocked in front of Bai Xiong! !

His sleeves burst, and his arms rolled over the fierce and fierce dragon scale!

Lin Chen!


Bai Xiong was shocked, Lin Chen could keep up with his body speed?

"I have known for a long time that you will not sit back and die easily."

Lin Chen sneered and lifted Qinglong's left arm to shake it suddenly! Every piece of dragon scale, turning the invincible power of pushing the mountains and rivers, and Bai Xiong frontally rammed together!