My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Brother Lin Chen Was Very Disappointed

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Chapter 49, Brother Lin Chen is Disappointed! !


The airflow collapses and the situation changes! A tens of thousands of huge mushroom clouds rose above the Bai family, and the shock wave of the collision overturned all the banquets on the scene!

The two at the center of the mushroom cloud landed standing, and Bai Xiong revealed a dignity! He had previously felt the same breath as Bai Junhao on Lin Chen, and he was more powerful than Bai Junhao!

"Could it be that this kid passed on to that little brute? This is bad! Shao Hui's situation!"

Bai Xiong hasn't had time to pay attention to Lin Chen yet, his expression changed abruptly!

"Ah! My legs, my legs!"

Bai Shaohui's screams were heard throughout the audience. The aftermath of Lin Chen and Bai Xiong's confrontation opened his position, allowing Bai Junhao to step on his knees, with bones and flesh directly crushed!

Bai Shaohui, who was so painful and screaming, was completely without the previous rebelliousness and arrogance, and some only had painful wailing.

Bai Xiong quickly went over to check the injury, and his expression changed suddenly!

Bai Shaohui's arm bones were broken, and his right leg was scrapped directly. Even if he was cured, he was a half-waste man. Moreover, this battle will leave a permanent trauma in his heart. The martial arts will be basically abolished in the future!

Seeing Bai Shaohui's remnant, everyone was full of sighs, and just before dozens of breaths, almost no one would expect this result!

Bai Junhao is the real pride of heaven! He really defeated Liu Mengfei and Bai Shaohui only by virtue of the cultivation of Qi Realm!

In front of him, the talents of the two are like the difference between Firefly and Haoyue! No comparison at all! Bai Junhao is only 16 years old, and the future is full of infinite possibilities!

However, when everyone came back to God, looking at Lin Chen's eyes was even more frightening!

"Did I read that right? That Bai Junhao's elder brother could even confront the Bai family head?"

"He hides so deeply! Even the old man has never reflected when he acted!"

"When he shot just now he seemed to have a pair of wings?"

"I saw it too! It seemed purple!"

He and Bai Junhao are about the same age, and they are extremely mysterious, but they personally lead Bai Junhao's potential and created such a peerless genius!

Even the Bai family's many older generations and powerful people in the terrible environment have personally identified Bai Junhao as a cultivating qualification belonging to mortals, and putting it in the Bai family with great career is downright waste. But he didn't escape Lin Chen's eye!

He even had a hit against Bai Xiong, who was in the top five of the world, unscathed!

What is this concept?

If Bai Junhao is the son of Tianjiao, then this Linchen is really a wicked existence!

"You two little beasts, dare to abolish Shaohui, and today I will let you die in the Bai family!"

Bai Xiong rushed to the crown in anger, eyes crimson, staring closely at Lin Chen and Bai Junhao, about to run away!

"No, Bai Xiong, you can't move now Junhao."

The two Bai parents were immediately guarded in front of Bai Junhao and said indifferently.

"Jun Hao has used his own strength to prove himself, he is better than Bai Shao, and he has no eyes in the battle, this matter is simply Shao Hui lost, that's all. You withdraw."

These two elders are the elders who think of the Bai family.

Now Bai Junhao, in their eyes, is a brighter star than Bai Shaohui. It may lead them to an unprecedented height. It is too late to protect them!

"Fart! This kid is nothing more than a bit of brute force. The way of martial arts is the only way to practice combat. The body training is just a sidewalk. Maybe the kid passed to the point of overdrawing life. This little animal, where is he? The name of genius!"

Bai Xiong gritted his teeth, unwilling to say.

This statement obviously shaken the two elders. They also noticed a similar breath to Bai Junhao on Lin Chen.

"Hahaha! Master Bai's hair is not long, and his knowledge is quite short. I ask you, look at Jun Hao's vitality, is there something like an overdrawn life."

Lin Chen was neither salty nor light, and dispelled the doubt in one sentence.

Everyone observed that Bai Junhao's whole body was full of vitality and fullness, and he was not the kind of person who used the overdraft life secret method.

"Junhao in your Bai's house is the orb of dust, because he is real; Qinglong bloodline!"

Lin Chen's words aroused thousands of waves, and the slightly experienced warriors all looked at Bai Junhao with a stunned look!

Turned out to be a special bloodline?

Throughout the ages, the descendants of some human races and the strong of the orc were born, or under some special adventures, they were inherited by the ancient ancient beasts, and they got a special bloodline.

The Bai family is a family of human races, and there is no sign of intersection with the advanced orcs. Obviously, Bai Junhao belongs to the latter!

And this special bloodline is still the most precious dragon bloodline!

"Qing, Qinglong bloodline! Jun Hao turned out to be Qinglong bloodline!"

An elder shook his palm and grabbed Bai Junhao's arm. They are not fools. When Bai Junhao shot just now, the breath he revealed was just like the noble dragon!


This elder knelt down for Bai Junhao on the spot!

"Jun Hao, the old man, instead of all the Bai family who offended you, apologized to you! You have any requirements, the Bai family will try to satisfy you from now on, I hope you can ignore the past!"

This elder even gave Bai Junhao an apology in public, and his attitude was extremely sincere!

Every Bai family knows that a bright new star is slowly rising! And it will reach an unprecedented height since the history of Baijia!

All forces on the scene have mixed feelings. Starting today, the history of the sunset city will be rewritten!

"Elder Yu gets up, these things don't matter to me."

Bai Junhao is not salty or not light, and he raised the elder. The latter smiled bitterly in his heart, and it seemed that it was not so easy to eliminate the musty in his heart!

"It turned out to be the blood dragon of the Blue Dragon. This little beast even has such an adventure! Damn, my Shaohui!"

Bai Xiong set off a turbulent wave in his heart, even though he was so unwilling, he also knew very well that it is impossible to destroy Bai Junhao this kid today!

The special bloodline is still the blood of the dragon family. It shows such terrible potential at a young age. The minimum growth limit in the future is also the Tiangang Realm. What a Tiangang Realm means in the wilderness is unknown to everyone!

When Bai Shaohui was taken away, Bai Xiong gritted his teeth and left, and the Liu family's heart was like a five-flavor bottle!

Damn, Blue Dragon Bloodline!

Their Liu family actually missed a blue dragon bloodline! Even offended him, this future prospect is simply unimaginable!

There are intersections in the hearts of hundreds of schools. However, Lin Chen stooped to pick up the attribute light ball on the ground, and suddenly turned around, his expression was extremely serious.

"Junhao, brother is very angry."

Lin Chen's simple words let everyone hold their breath!

Oh my god, what's the madness of this man!