My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Is This Kid Crazy?

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Chapter 5 Is this kid crazy?

"Death! Sanhua Jian Qi Jue!"

The long sword was drawn out of the waist, the young man in white pulled out his sword, and a silver and white sword flower was pulled out of the tip of the sword, flying Lin Chen to throw the flying dragon gun!


At the moment of flying the dragon gun, the evil spirit like a fierce dragon came, and the young man in white was scared.

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation!"

Lin Chen's left arm was raised, and several pale blue scales appeared on his wrist. The green tendons were exposed, as if transformed into Qinglong arms!

Lin Chen's fist is like the hammer of the mountain, and it hits the chest of the white man in anger!

The disintegrating airflow shows the terrible power of this punch, which is no less than the attack of some Qi Refining Realm!

With the sword in front of him, the young man in white was still blown out by Lin Chen with a punch, like a broken kite landing on the ground. Six disciples of the inner sect clearly heard the sound of his bones breaking!

"Huh, I absorbed the Dragon Blood Vessel I just obtained, and I can roughly control the power output of the Blood Vessel when it is urged. Let my arm already have a sign that it has been transformed into the Arm of the Blue Dragon. I wonder if I will become a humanoid blue dragon."

Lin Chen shook his hand, his eyes full of bloodthirsty excitement. Step up and pick up the five attributed light **** dropped by the white man.

[The host gains 200 points of essence, 41 points of mental power, 704 points of energy of qi and blood, 277 points of essence of power, and 79 points of gold energy.

"Who else is dissatisfied, stands up."

Patting on the shoulder, Lin Chen's domineering side leaked and announced coldly.

Domineering, cruel, cruel!

All six disciples of the inner sect were shocked and sluggish, and a small disciple of the sect of ancestors would have such a fighting strength and courage that he would strike at the disciples of the sect of one word if he didn't agree.

"You are not convinced?"

Staring at the disciples of the twins, Lin Chen narrowed his eyes and sneered.


The two dared not to speak out, Lin Chen's decisive decisiveness completely deterred them!

"Well, there are still a few days of ranking competitions for Nei Zong's disciples, there is no need to conflict with this kid..."

The two thought in their hearts, and then vigilantly Lin Chen stepped aside.

The strong man in black armor quickly lifted up the young man in white, and a fear appeared on the painful face of the latter!

"If next time, I will kill you directly."

Lin Chen glanced indifferently at the young man in white. Killing him here would cause unnecessary trouble. Just that punch was enough for him to lie in bed for more than two months, and it was difficult to make progress.

After finishing talking, Lin Chen turned around and picked up the silver-lined dragon gun. He pulled a layer of scales on the head of the devil, and resisted leaving on his shoulders.

Looking at the back of Lin Chen's departure, Yue Ying was grateful and in awe, and Cheng Yan's beautiful eyes shone with a different kind of splendor, and secretly marveled.

"If this little teacher becomes a disciple of Neizong, he will surely become an overlord!"

The energy of qi and blood obtained after the killing of Mozong has made Lin Chens flesh and shell strength ascending, and he is already qualified to impact the Qi Refining Realm!

The quenching of the realm is just to lay the foundation, and the cultivation of the human race is the beginning of cultivation.

After tempering the flesh shell body to reach sufficient strength, it begins to perceive the heaven and earth aura, and then lead the heaven and earth aura into the Dantian, and cultivate it into its own original fighting spirit!

The stronger the foundation laid in the quenched body, the higher the chance of impacting the gas refining environment.

There are only a few hundred disciples of Shenwu Sect who have truly broken through the realm of refining gas and passed the examination to become disciples of Nei Sect!

Once the strength of the practiced shell is not enough when quenching the body, or the quenching state is not enough, and the age of the best practice of fighting strength is missed, it will be difficult to enter the realm of Qi for life, and it is destined to be a mortal!

"I have gained more than 900 points of fighting spirit, and the strength of the shell is still rising. I should find a place to shut down and attack the gas refining environment!"

Lin Chen set the scales of the green scalp washed with clean water, picking up the attributed light spheres left on the ground.

The scales of the magic green anaconda are not tough, and they have good defensive ability. It is one of the most important parts of the magic green anaconda.

Just as Lin Chen was alerting the surroundings, while picking up the attributed light sphere in the Red Peak Forest, the ground suddenly shook and shook!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The vibration is very stable, not an ordinary earthquake!


A long scream like a sound wave came, the blood heat wave rolled, and a behemoth nearly 100 meters high appeared a few kilometers away from Lin Chen, let him take a breath of air!

"Is it Baoshan Colossus?"

Baoshan Colossus is an extremely rare beast.

It is better to call it a beast than a beast. They have a gentle personality, but they have powerful defense capabilities and physical advantages, and they also have a sense of detecting treasures!

This kind of treasure beast only eats top-level medicinal materials and natural materials and treasures, and has a natural sense of treasure exploration!

In each mountain range, there may be one or two Baoshan giant elephants. They are all treasures, but they are also very difficult to kill. They have the defensive power and destructive power over most of the fierce beasts!

Lin Chen, the giant elephant in Baoshan, is at least the second-order peak! On Xiuwei is already the ninth level of psychic realm, and the warrior of the same level may not even break its defense!

The giant elephant has a bronze color, which releases the ancient oppressive feelings of the wilderness. Wherever it passes, it destroys trees and cracks the earth's crust.

Even Lin Chen couldn't care too much, and immediately retreated aside; even if Baoshan Colossus was not as violent and fierce as other fierce beasts, he could shoot him into pieces by just pulling a tail!

The ground shook and the ground shivered.

Lin Chen hid in the back of the Gundam mountain until the giant elephant of Baoshan, which was more than thirty feet tall, gradually disappeared.

"Unfortunately, if I have enough strength, maybe I can follow this Baoshan giant elephant to find the treasures of heaven and earth and take advantage of the opportunity."

Lin Chen shook his head and regretted that he was still too weak.

"My strength has reached 117 tiger power, and the realm has touched the pinnacle of quenching the body's Jiuzhong!"

After calming down, Lin Chen was preparing to find a safe place to attack the gas-refining environment, but the dazzling light several kilometers away caught Lin Chen's attention!

A large number of extremely high-quality attribute light **** are piled up together, and Lin Chen is dazzled. The light emitted by these attribute light **** is higher than the quality of the Nei Zong disciples!

"Is that the giant elephant of Baoshan?"

Lin Chen jumped up excitedly, ecstatic, the breeze spreading out, and turned into a residual image.

However, when Lin Chen approached those attribute light balls, he couldn't help but twitch!

These dazzling attribute light **** are all piled on a pile of teal feces!

Baoshan Giant Elephant devours all the top celestial treasures. Even the excrement it sheds is still the energy residue of many celestial treasures. The quality of the attributed light ball cannot be underestimated!

"Damn, fight! The warrior cultivates fighting spirit, which is not walking on the tip of the knife, which is nothing compared to those who were born and died!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, squeezed his nose and bent down to pick up these extremely high-quality light balls!