My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Qunying Brilliant Fengyunjihui

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Chapter 50

Even the three elders of the Bai family were trembling and sweating, a digger of the blood of the blue dragon, a peerless demon who stunned the world, they could not imagine the energy and origin behind Lin Chen, if he was angry...

"Brother, what else do I do not do well enough..."

Bai Junhao looked at Lin Chen's head, lowering his head to admit that he was wrong, but only asked Promise.

"I have specified that you have two tricks to deal with these couples of dogs and men before. Why did you use seven tricks? You have lost all your face in an indisputable thing. How can I teach you how to be a Muggle? !Do you want to be angry with your elder brother!"

Lin Chen shouted, everyone in the audience was almost shocked by these words!

Bai Junhao's decisive performance in battle is completely beyond his fighting mentality at this age.

In the eyes of the older generation of powerful people, this is already perfect. In the mouth of the grandfather, the arrogant of heaven was even called "Muggle"?

It's not letting people live anymore!

"Yes, yes, Jun Hao disappointed Brother Lin Chen's expectations, and he will definitely redouble his efforts and do better!"

Bai Junhao's attitude also made many people's mouths twitch...


Night; Baijiahoushan.

The Bai family ordered the closure of the mountain, leaving Lin Chen and Bai Junhao on the back of the mountain.

"To attack the eldest brother? Brother, what does that mean."

Bai Junhao and Lin Chen stood opposite each other. Bai Junhao asked Lin Chen in amazement when he heard Lin Chen's request.

"Relax, with your strength, I can't hurt me. Moreover, I am ready to leave here."

Lin Chen waved at random.

In fact; the light ball of the blue dragon bloodline attribute dropped on Bai Junhao has little improvement on himself!

During this time, the attributes of the Green Dragon bloodline that Lin Chen obtained beside Bai Junhao have exceeded 500 points!

Further up, there is already a huge bottleneck, and the improvement is minimal.

Because there is not much improvement to Lin Chen itself, Bai Junhao's bloodline attribute light ball is also getting fewer and fewer.

If Bai Junhao's bloodline energy is increased by two grades, it may be able to help Lin Chen to improve.

But that is not something that can be achieved in a short period of time. Perhaps it is years or even ten years later that Lin Chen may not have so much time with Bai Junhao.

Therefore, it is time for Lin Chen to leave the Bai family.

"Brother, are you leaving?"

Bai Junhao was shocked, and his eyes were full of reluctance.

"Yes, I have something to do. It was an accident when I met you. Now I have little time left."

Lin Chen smiled casually, and then said seriously.

"Junhao, you still have naivety in your eyes, you are not ruthless enough. Don't you ever think about it, am I approaching you with a purpose, what would you do if I were to kill you."

Bai Junhao stunned, his eyes firm.

"Brother Lin Chen has a feeling of knowing how to meet me, and the grace of reinvention. Without Brothers action, I might die and no one will collect the corpse. It is even more impossible to have strength and dignity. If Brother wants my life, I can return it to Brother !"

Bai Junhao's answer made Lin Chen shake his head and sigh.

"This is your innocence. The blood of the Blue Dragon is your own. It is only a matter of time for the blood to wake up. It is not what I gave you. I hope I hear you can resist my answer."

"You have to go the next way; you can rely on yourself if you can transform. You must remember me; you must be ruthless enough. No one but you must believe. Let me see you to your limit. ."

In the tone of Lin Chen's disapproval; Bai Junhao took a deep breath.

"Then please enlighten me!"


The domineering deterred the mountain forest. Bai Junhao's blue dragon spirit made the whole back mountain bird and beast roar, crawling under Longwei!

Gathering momentum, Bai Junhao fisted like a dragon, pure power penetrated the airflow, destroyed and withered, and formed countless tornadoes. Wherever he passed, countless towering trees were uprooted!

Lin Chen's expression appeared a little serious, Hu Bu stomped, palms of both hands reached, blocked Bai Junhao's full punch with a full force, and even retreated three steps, the trace of each step was as deep as a foot!

"Your ultimate strength is around 31,000 tiger power, and the defense will also be increased when the blue dragon bloodline is activated. As long as you don't encounter the ninth level of the battle spirit, you can basically be undefeated, but you still need to hone more exercise. Combat skills will accelerate the growth of blood."

Bai Chenhao remembered Lin Chens evaluation. When he reacted, Lin Chen had already walked down the mountain.


"Don't catch up! If we are destined, we will see you again!"

Lin Chen scolded, and Bai Junhao stood staring blankly, then knelt down suddenly in the direction of Lin Chen's departure, tears flashing, and he threw a head!

"Thank you Brother Lin Chen for his renewed grace, Jun Hao vows to die unforgettable!"


After leaving the Baijia Mountain, Lin Chen put on his cloak, bought a good horse, and left the sunset city late at night.

Five days later, it was noon; the sun was high.

Lin Chen galloped on a gallant horse bought by heavy gold on a vast avenue comparable to the plain.


The earth vibrates, and all kinds of strange beast mounts appear on the plains!

The earthly rhinoceros with a gigantic shore, the pearl-colored five-colored deer, the two-headed stalking green spirit python, the chilling ice lizard, the flying hundred feather spirit crane, and the domineering heavenly barbarian elephant!

The owners of these mounts are all from the forces that shocked one side, and Lin Chen was dazzled!

Among these forces, there is more than one young Tianjiao in it.

Some stand on their swords, standing alone and proud.

Some have a knife in hand; domineering side leakage.

Some play piano to paint, elegant and elegant.

Some sink fish and goose; the dust is good.

Some are talking and laughing, Zhizhu is holding, and between Meiyu, they are all pointing at Jiangshan's self-confidence!

These are the top-level geniuses, ghosts, and wizards selected by the middle-level population of more than 10 billion people in the wasteland!

Their young age is the ninth level of psychic realm cultivation, and some of them have reached the spirit of war. All of them are dragons and phoenixes among people, standing proudly on top of millions and millions!

They all went to Tiange Academy to sign up. Lin Chen was amazed at the show alone!

"Grandma, this is the card!"

Lin Chen glanced at his fierce Jiao horse, but he couldn't help but be ashamed.

Many powerful mounts took their own pride of heaven to an ancient city at the end of Plain Avenue. There is Xuantian City under the jurisdiction of Tiange Academy!

These are the top geniuses, and some are inferior to the seventh and eighth level of psychic realm, at least in the same rank as Bai Shaohui of that Bai family.

"It's a real meeting!"

Lin Chen sighed, was about to speed up the horse, and entered the ancient city earlier, but found a property light ball scattered in front of a place not far in front, colorful and bright!

"Lying trough!"

Lin Chen looked at the entire Plain Avenue, where the powerful beast mounts passed, all left behind were a dazzling array of attribute light balls!

"Lao Tzu made a big profit, ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen galloped his horses and grabbed various attribute light **** on Plain Avenue!