My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 51

Chapter 51: He Is So Mad

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Chapter 51

At this time, there are less than two days before the entrance examination of Tiange College.

Lin Chen has been waiting for the arrival of many forces on Plain Avenue day and night for these two days. Every group of forces will basically leave a batch of attribute light balls!

Relying on this wave of attribute light spheres, Lin Chen's physical refining level and fighting strength have been raised to a new level again!

In the early morning, Lin Chenpan sat on an edge corner of Plain Avenue, he opened the system.

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: psychic realm triple

Ultimate strength: 49,800 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 23.41 million points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 614 thousand points.

Mental Strength: 18011 points.

Essence of skill: 62428 points.

Mind Method: Five Spirits of Chaos (20%)

Xihui exercises: Tian Ling Hua Dan Pill, Eight Waste Xuan Huo, True Water Gui Yuan Pill (24%), Four Demon Seals of the Devil, Taishi Bible (4%).

Owned items: Seven Star Soul Rifle, True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (7%)

Possess blood energy: Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (761 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points)

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 1, Corrupt Rune Level 1, (Rune Energy 6500 points)

Energy of each element: 142281 points of fire system, 128871 points of soil system, 131125 points of wood system, 135331 points of gold system, 124148 points of water system.

The attributed light ball Lin Chen picked up in two days made his energy of qi and blood explode, and the pure power also increased 10,000 tiger power.

"My pure strength has grown more difficult."

Lin Chen found a problem; before he picked up about 50 points of qi and blood energy, he could increase himself by 1 tiger power, but now he must have 90 points or more than 100 points.

The level of refining the body is the same as the level of fighting spirit. The further back, the harder it is to improve.

"Most of the forces in the wasteland have entered the Xuantian City, and I should go in."

Lin Chen crossed the horse and drove the horse into the city.

Xuantian City; a giant city located within the jurisdiction of Tiange Academy, with a wide location comparable to a small mountain range.

Entrance of Xuantiancheng Square; registration site for entrance examination of Tiange College.

After Lin Chen submitted his invitation letter all the way, after confirming his identity, he entered the Xuantian Plaza.

Many squares and large cages are set up in the square, where violent beasts are confined.

Many candidates choose exam questions here. Due to the randomness and variety of exam questions, they want to pass the exam itself and also have a part of luck.

Lin Chen squeezed into one of the five drawing channels and began to line up.

The tutor announces the content of the exams taken by each candidate in a special channel.

"Xia Feiyu, extract the test content: defeat the third-order beast Xuanyu Leopard. Examination room: No. 176."

"Li Ji, extract the content of the test: take the 10 people fighting test and pass the quota: 5. Examination room: No. 100."

"Yu Guansheng, extracted the test content: under the siege of two third-order silver Ling wolves, they won their feathers. Exam room: No. 51."

The contents of the examinations extracted all the way are all extremely high-quality assessments.

When Lin Chen lined up, he immediately attracted everyone's attention!

Almost ninety-nine of the people who can participate in the assessment are above six levels of psychic realm.

"I said, where will this guy buy the invitation letter from?"

"The psychic realm is threefold, and it is estimated that even a guard with less protection is not as good as hahaha! It seems that there will always be some cats and dogs who want to touch the fish in muddy water."

"It's an insult that this hall is in the same test area as this kind of ninth class goods."

"If there is no college mentor here, I can crush him off with a single stroke."

Many young talents looked at Lin Chen with contempt.

Someone Lin's eyelids shuddered, so why do you have this kind of self-feeling good!

When they were about to give some color to them, the tutor shouted Lin Chen's name.

"Candidate Lin Chen; please come up to extract the exam content."

It was Lin Chen's turn, and he easily let go of the lottery box; he pulled out a roll of jade file.

The bald tutor next to him immediately took it, opened it up, and his expression changed slightly.

The bald tutor glanced at Lin Chen sideways, with a trace of disdain in his eyes, and immediately announced.

"Candidate Lin Chen, extract the content of the test: Under the tutor of Li Ruoli, insist on 10 rounds of undefeated. The tutor should not use any combat skills. Exam: No. 233."

As soon as the bald tutor's words came out, many people's faces changed slightly, and they took a breath of air!

Battle tutor? This is almost the most difficult question!

Any mentor in the Tiange Academy is above the Earth Shake Realm. Even if you dont use combat skills, you must insist on 10 rounds in the opponent's hands, even if the Warrior Realm is ninefold!

Among the hundreds of thousands of candidates on the scene, those who can reach the ninth level of the battlefield can count on one slap!

"Just stick to 10 rounds? It's too simple."

Lin Chen chuckled, took the jade scroll, and left under the stunned eyes of everyone.

"There are really a lot of bragging people this year!"

"Let's go, let's go to see this man too, hahaha! Psychic Realm is simple to the ground, I want to see what this kid is like."

"233 test room, I remember."

From person to person, Lin Chen found the examination room No. 233 based on the mark of the jade scroll.

I saw that the beauties on the ring had white legs and long waists, wearing a whip at their waists. In their 30s, the azure dress showed the graceful and exquisite figure vividly, and the appearance of Shen Yuluoyan always hung with a quiet and elegant smile.

Because the temperament and appearance of this female tutor also attracted many candidates to stop and admired.

"This is Exam Room 233."

Lin Chen came all the way and set foot on the ring.

The onlookers looked at it and couldn't help but stun!

Where is this wonderful flower, the psychic realm is triple?

"Oh? Are you the candidate who took my exam this time?"

The beautiful ladies standing on the stage looked at Lin Chen with great interest.

"You are Li Ruoli's mentor, right, I am the candidate Lin..."

Lin Chen's words didn't finish, his eyes lit up!

On the ground around the beautiful women are scattered a few blue attribute light spheres, which are attribute spheres of water energy, and the high quality is what Lin Chen saw for the first time!

The attribute of water energy, light sphere, is an important energy source for Lin Chen's practice of "True Water Return to the Yuan", which is the most scarce attribute for Lin Chen.

Seeing the attribute light sphere, Lin Chen subconsciously walked over to Li Ruolian and stooped to pick it up.


Li Ruoli was so embarrassed and angry that she stepped back in her long skirt and stared angrily at Lin Chen.


Seeing this scene, many candidates outside the venue set off an uproar!

"Scum! Dirty! Actually I want to see the scenery under the tutor's skirt as soon as I meet!"

"It's so perverted! Can this kind of person come to take the exam at Tiange Academy?"

"Oh my god! This day is bright and bright. How can there be such a person! I have all the lights off!"

This scene of Lin Chen picking up the attribute light ball was judged by coincidence that everyone should see the scenery under the tutor's skirt?

[The host gains 18,000 points of water energy.

Seeing the light screen popped up by the system, he instantly harvested the energy properties of the water system close to 20,000 points, and Lin Chen smiled like a rose flower.

"He actually laughed! He smiled so happy?"

"Too much, such a person should directly discard the exam qualification!"

"Why is he wearing Pinru's clothes!"

"He's so disgusting!"