My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 53

Chapter 53: 2. The Second Round Of Assessment.

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Chapter 53, the second round of assessment.

"Teach the instructor Li Ruoli and use combat skills illegally. Candidate Lin Chen wins!"

The referee elders outside the examination room announced loudly that the audience was in an uproar!

Candidates with triple levels of psychic realm are forced to use double-level combat skills!

"Thank you Ruo Lian for your permission."

Lin Chen smiled and arched his fists.

"Why did you use the kind of attack method just now!"

Li Ruoli Dai frowned slightly, sneered coldly.

"Xia Sanchao? If I don't make a difference, how can I survive the ten rounds of the mentor in a psychic realm? It is the so-called warrior, and the truth is that the mentor's legs are very beautiful. ."

Lin Chen smiled, and saw some fledgling teenagers admiring secretly, this one after another; even the mentors dare to tease, this courage is almost nobody!

Li Ruoli was shy and angry, and when he was about to debate, a white-haired old man appeared outside the examination room like a ghost, and he chuckled lightly.

"If Ruian Nizi, this kid has a good understanding, using psychological tactics to make you shake, and then attacking you with his body method, using his physical training advantages to launch a melee fight against you, so that your whip method cannot be launched at the first time, You are forced to use defensive combat skills, and you lose unjustly."

The white-haired old man walked out of the ring, and Li Ruoying Yingying said respectfully.

"Vice dean, since you have all spoken, then if you are pity, you don't need to say anything."

associate dean? Hearing this title, the young people at the scene were looking at the white-haired old man in awe. This is the pinnacle of powerhouses at the top of the wilderness, countless people have a very poor life, and there is no chance to meet this!

"Boy, you seem to be at ease; the old man looks forward to your performance in the second round of assessment."

The vice president smiled meaningfully at Lin Chen.

"Senior, it's really gone. I'm nothing but handsome and a little brute force."

Lin Chen shrugged and shook hands, the vice president shook his head and smiled, turned to look at the two forces outside the ring.

"There are many familiar faces today."

The vice president smiled at the Shangguan family and the Bai family, and the two of them treated him as a junior.

"There are many young little guys, please work hard, talented and hard-working young people. The door of my Tiange Academy will always be open to you. The old man looks forward to seeing you in the second round of assessment."

The vice-president came and went without a trace, leaving only a light and gentle laughter as he walked away.

"Candidate Lin Chen; you have advanced to the second round of assessment, get your invitation letter."

The referee elder returned the invitation letter to Lin Chen, Li Ruoli stared at him fiercely, and went away.

"Friend Lin Chen, congratulations."

Shangguan Yunfan took the two elders of the family and Shangguan Bihan to congratulate him.

"Bi Han also applied for admission exam this year, and I hope that the Linn people can take care of it."

A kind-hearted elder in a yellow robe nodded and smiled; the Shangguan Bihan next to him sighed softly: "The second elder, Bihan must pass by his own ability, how can he trouble the son Chen Chen..."

The elders brought by Shangguan Yunfan this time are relatively open-minded. They can understand Lin Chen's original position, so they not only have no blame, they are still grateful.

"Miss Bihan is already eight levels of psychic realm, who is not necessarily who help."

Lin Chen said half-jokingly.

"It turns out that the Shangguan family also knew Brother Chen Chen!"

Bai Junhao also ran with a group of elders and congratulated Lin Chen with joy.

"Oh? The little brother is the newly born Qinglong bloodline of the Bai family?"

Shangguan Yunfan's superb Zijin pupil realm saw Bai Junhao at a glance, and asked with a dignified and friendly smile.

"Don't dare to do it; Junhao, the kid, has seen all the seniors and Sister Bihan."

Bai Junhao was deeply impressed by Lin Chen's teachings and clung to his fist.

"I didn't expect that Lin Chen would also take the exam at Tiange Academy. It was a fate."

The elders of the Bai family congratulated Lin Chen and wanted to make friends with the Shangguan family. Both of them see each other's potential and weight, so the atmosphere is always warm.

Seeing the sunset city, the ancient family and the chief treasurer family of the wasteland are so polite to Lin Chen, even respectful.

Those candidates who previously ridiculed Lin Chen clamped their tails and left silently...

The test contents of Shangguan Bihan and Bai Junhao are much easier than Lin Chen; Lin Chen passed the exam and is waiting for the second round of assessment.

Someone in Lin He couldnt stand loneliness. He turned around the entire examination room for half a circle, picked up all the attribute light **** scattered in the examination room, and collected a large number of five-element attribute light balls; the pure power broke through 53,000 tigers. .

In the afternoon, all candidates' examinations were completed.

155,000 young talents from all regions of the wilderness, only one day of screening, only 80,000 people left!

Half of the people directly brushed down!

"All of you, next is the second round of assessment of the college, and it will also be the final assessment."

The vice president personally appeared in the height of Baizhang in Xuantian Square; Fu Xu smiled.

"Well, there are still many good young people this year, slightly better than the previous ones. Everyone has listened well. The second round of assessment content: After half an hour, enter the Tianlong Mountain Range from Xuantian Square; in the mountain range, you need Collect the Dragon's Dragongrass unique to Tiange Academy within seven days. The Dragongrass holds more than five plants, and finally reaches the candidates of the Valley of the End. The extra Dragongrass will be exchanged for college credits. The second round of assessment formally became a disciple of the foreign court."

"On the way forward; candidates are allowed to attack each other and **** each other's dragon tendrils, but they must not maliciously injure their lives. The assessment will be followed by 100 mentors and elders, and if the intentional injury is found, the assessment will be cancelled. Qualifications. There may also be powerful fierce beasts in the mountains. If you encounter unresolved dangers, you can give up the assessment qualifications in advance, and you will be protected by the elders or mentors."

"In order to stagger the conflict before the assessment, there are a total of eight channels in Xuantian Square, divided into four test areas in the east, west, south and north of the Tianlong Mountain Range. The number of candidates in each test area is evenly distributed, everyone please confirm your invitation letter The location of the test area on the site."

The deputy chief announced that it was over and went away with the wind; Xianyun Yehe, Xianfeng Roadbone.

Hearing that the content of the assessment was completely different from the past, there was a lot of discussion in the square; some young talents had begun to form alliances with each other and agreed to help each other in the assessment.

"Mr. Lin Chen, Bi Han is in the western part of the examination room. I don't know if he will go together."

Shangguan Bihan talked to Lin Chen, he looked at his invitation and waved it.

"I am the Eastern District, it seems that the fate is not here yet."

Lin Chen's fate didn't come, so Shangguan Bihan blushed and hurriedly explained.

"I am the Southern District, and it seems that I can't be with Brother Lin Chen."

Bai Junhao next to him shook his head helplessly; the people of the Bai family felt a little sorry, because they witnessed Lin Chen's bottomless terror strength with their own eyes...

Bang ~~!

The giant gate started, and at the end of Xuantian Square, the eight hundred Zhangzhang giant gates opened at the same time, swept up with the primitive flood and aura!

"All candidates are asked to depart within half an hour. After the time limit, those who do not depart are deemed to abstain."

The voice of the vice president echoed outside the square again; the voice just fell, a sword flashed through the giant gate, and the top Tianjiao had already set off!