My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 54

Chapter 54: 3. Assessment Content: Longjin Grass

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Chapter 54. Assessment content: Dragongrass

Many young talents were unwilling to show their weakness, and immediately followed, the eight giant gates immediately began to flood a large number of candidates!

"Let's say goodbye to the Valley of the End!"

Lin Chen waved to Shangguan Bihan and Bai Junhao, jumped forward, and entered the entrance of the eastern part of the Tianlong Mountain Range!

Thousands of people sent together, and many young talents started their own ways, and the scene was magnificent!

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, and the aura changes between heaven and earth, so that he instantly pinpointed the location of possible treasures of heaven and earth under the vast mountainous terrain.

Leaving the mainstream crowd, Lin Chen urged the body all the way; successive flashes.

After the candidates who passed the first round of assessments left, many accompanying servants and family members left the square, looking forward with emotion.

The deputy dean lay in a pavilion on the south side. Suddenly, his dignified expression appeared for the first time!

The two beautiful shadows were light like blue waves, floating in the sky, and quietly fell into the pavilion of the deputy dean.

"Unexpectedly, my desolate Tiange branch will greet such a rare guest, two; there is a distant welcome, I do not know what is the so-called thing about my visit to Tiange Academy this time?"

The vice president got up and gave a solemn punch.

"We are here for one person."

In the two beautiful shadows, the people in Tsing Yi spoke indifferently.

Hearing this remark, the dean of the dean's eyes swept a touch of light!


Late at night; east of Tianlong Mountains.

A whole body gleaming with silver light, finger-sized, root-like mushrooms grow under a towering tree, and were uprooted in less than a moment.

Lin Chen pulled up the dragon grass and narrowed his eyes.

"It's too inefficient to go on like this; now I have found two Dragongrass plants, and I need to find a height position where my Zijin pupil can fully display."

Suddenly, Lin Chen sniffed the dragon's grass at the tip of his nose, his face intoxicated.

"It's so fragrant! If this Dragongrass is for me to grill the little prince for cooking, it is definitely a first-class ingredient!"

The Tianlong Mountains are said to be the remains of a giant dragon in ancient times.

Here, the dragon blood nourishing and baptism produces many unique herbs; Dragongrass is one kind, which has the effect of calming and calming. If it is used in a large amount to refine the panacea, it can also be used to nourish mental energy, and it is an excellent medicinal material.

Although this thing is fragrant, Lin Chen is now reluctant to eat, but this is related to his test scores.

Putting up the dragon's grass, Lin Chen continued to move forward. He mainly looked for the high-lying hills and cliffs; in order to facilitate the use of his purple golden pupil.

A quarter of an hour later, Lin Chen arrived at a hill as high as several hundred meters; he looked around and urged Zijin Tong with all his might!

The scene of the whole heaven and earth became very different in his eyes. Purple electricity was engulfed, the spirit was foggy, and the potential of a branch of the road was captured by Lin Chen.

Wisps of silver aerosols rose in the void, and the location of those silver aerosols was the place where the dragon's grass existed.

I saw that in the northwest direction, there is a strong and sturdy silver cyclone standing in the air! Its size is ten feet, Lin Chen's sight quickly locks the specific position of the silver cyclone!

"So much? Is it all Dragongrass?"

The wind and thunder struck, Lin Chen hurried away to the position of the silver cyclone.

Half an hour later; Lin Chen came to the position of the silver cyclone, a dilapidated valley.

Lin Chen was lying on top of a dilapidated old tree, the valley was filled with anger, and the grass was sprouting, apparently lying a terrible beast!

Lin Chen found that a large python was lying among the large amounts of hay, and his rank had reached the fourth rank!

In a large amount of hay weaving nests, Lin Chen saw hundreds of dragon grasses stacked together!

The most important thing is that there is a silver treasure chest suspended on the piled Dragongrass!

"Sure enough, it's Dragongrass!"

Lin Chen hidden in the tree lit up; he sprinkled a lot of powder on his body to eliminate his breath, carefully approaching the nest.

One step, ten steps, one hundred steps. Lin Chens Zijin pupil was observing the giant python under the dry grass at all times; it seemed to be still in a state of deep sleep and cultivation, and the energy in his body was wandering and did not wake up.

Walking to the lair, Lin Chen opened the Naling Ring and put all the Dragongrass into the Naling Ring. At the same time, he grabbed the silver treasure chest suspended in the void with one hand.

[The host opens the bronze chest; obtain...]

Roar ~~!

The light screen of the system has just popped up, Lin Chen hasn't looked up yet, and roared to tear the sky of the night sky!

"Oops, the big guy woke up!"

Lin Chen's scalp was numb; no matter whether it was three, seven, twenty-one, the true flame purple phoenix wings spread at a rapid speed, and turned into a burst of purple flame meteors under the night sky, flying towards the sky!


The earth shook the mountain, and a giant tens of feet was born. It stood on three feet, with a horn on its head, and a giant tail sweeping, smashing the nest! If Lin Chen took another step slower, he would be photographed as a meat sauce by this big guy!

"It's a monster python that is about to evolve into a dragon!"

Lin Chen took a breath! This big guy seems to be in the early stage of Tier 4, but its combat ability is not much more than the five levels of the ground!

Qi Mo Python's bloodthirsty and violent eyes stared at Lin Chen in the sky. The huge python body rose into the sky and shattered the ground in all directions; he rushed towards him like crazy!

"Am I wiping?"


Tianlong Mountains, Tongxuan River.

There are several teams of candidates here camping in Anzhai; there are more than two hundred people.

Night is a frequent period of fierce beast activity, and they all intend to act during the day.


Suddenly, a meteor shot from the horizon fell into the Tongxuan River, and the sky was filled with water. The candidates who were closing their eyes and raising their minds immediately woke up!

"What's going on? What happened!"

"Is there a fierce beast!"

"Or did the opposing team attack us?"

Many candidates immediately warned, and saw a wet figure standing beside the river, panting like a cow. Hundreds of candidates looked at him staring blankly.

"Damn, this big guy is crazy!"

Lin Chen wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth. He didn't expect that Qi Mo Python wouldn't even give him the chance to lift off, so he rushed directly!

Roar ~~!

The monstrous mongols attacked all the way to destroy the mountain cracks, crashed the mountain of Tongxuan River, cut off the river, and were born in front of all candidates!

The appearance of this worldly beast made all the candidates' faces pale and scared!

"Four...fourth order beast?"

"Three-legged mongolia, this is a mongolia that is rapidly morphing into a mongolian dragon! It is comparable to the powerhouse of more than five levels!"

Some well-informed candidates exclaimed in shock, staring at Lin Chen in amazement, what the **** is this person, and even provoked such a domineering beast!

In a jungle a few tens of miles away, the figures of several mentors were revealed, looking at the direction of Tongxuanhe in shock.

"What's the situation with this sudden young man, and how to provoke this big guy!"

"What should we do now, do we want to take action now. With the strength of these little guys, maybe the Shangqiu Python will be completely destroyed."

"Shoot, eh? Wait a minute! Take a good look!"

In Tongxuan Hanoi, Qiu Mo Python screamed, his claws waved, and he rushed towards Lin Chen!

"Since you can't escape for a while, then you have to face the battle!"

Lin Chen took a deep breath and urged the blue dragon tattoo on his left arm!