My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Grilled Gluten ?

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Chapter 55: Roasting Gluten! ?

"Qinglong BloodlineLiberation!"

A turbulent blue light shrouded Lin Chen's left arm, and a dozen-meter-long green dragon arm instantly generated. The outgoing momentum stirred the wind and clouds into chaotic wind!

Lin Chen stepped up, rushed forward, and the blue dragon's arms suddenly burst out, the airflow collapsed, breaking all directions!

Qi Mo Python was caught off guard by Lin Chen's outrageous counterattack, raised his claws in front and Lin Chen banged together!

Bang~~! !

The gusty wind swept through, and the waves were raging! The collision of one person and one python crashed like a meteor, and a violent hurricane collided to destroy everything. It overturned more than 200 candidates at the scene and was flew hundreds of meters away!


Qi Mo Python burst into sharp sorrow and was overturned in Tongxuanhe by Qinglong arm.

One trick overthrew Qiu Mo Python; several attribute light **** were dropped. After Lin Chen picked it up, he quickly started his body and escaped.

Seeing this scene; many candidates spit, staring staringly at the direction of Lin Chen leaving!

"He... Where is he sacred, even a trick to overthrow the fourth-order monster mana?"

Several mentors who were tens of miles away from many candidates were also dumbfounded!

"200,000? No! More than 230,000 tiger power, this kid broke out the pure power of 230,000 tiger power in a very short time!"

"I felt the overbearing dragon's breath on him, this child is really a demon!"

Several mentors and elders sighed, and their faces changed slightly!

"No, the Goblin Python became more violent after being overturned,"

"Shoot, otherwise those little guys will die."

"Unexpectedly, such a dark horse appeared on the first day of the assessment."

Just after Tong Xuanhe left, Lin Chen heard a violent shock coming from behind him, and several powerful battle spirits blew up, suppressing the evil monster python.

"It should be those mentors and elders."

Lin Chen secretly said.

He ran all the way, and after driving out hundreds of miles, he found a clear grass and sat on the floor.

Lin Chen opened the system, and the silver chest he had previously obtained in the Devil's Lair's Den had not yet had time to open.

[The host opens the light silver treasure chest and obtains: 2000 quality dragon grass.

Lying trough!

Lin Chen was frightened and jumped. The hundreds of Dragongrass that he grabbed with all his pains, was 2000 copies as soon as he opened this treasure chest?

"Hahaha! This assessment is completely completed, it seems that I can find opportunities to become stronger in the Tianlong Mountains."

Lin Chen rejoiced and laughed. Suddenly, a roar came from his stomach. Lin Chen was stunned, and there was a feeling of sleepiness in his body. Speaking of himself, he had been picking up attribute light **** before entering the Xuantian City, and had never had a good meal.

"The fighting spirit can break the valley, but it can't fill my appetite."

Lin Chen licked his lips and was about to search for prey, wanting to hit some fierce beasts to fill his stomach.

Suddenly, Lin Chen suddenly looked at the Dragongrass in his hand, showing a smirk.


Late at night; from time to time there are low roars roaring in the mountains.

Three mentors stood on top of a lion, eagle and beast, monitoring the situation for hundreds of miles.

At this time, a crisp and spicy aroma came over, which made the index finger move, and there was another fragrance of refined spirit!

"It smells so good, what's this smell!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhh, old man, I have tasted the delicious food of this hundred cities in the desert, but I haven't smelled such a sweet baby!

"In that direction, go and see!"

The three mentors couldn't help but be curious and flew to the source of the fragrance.

I saw it; when they were near the source, the young man's deep and magnetic voice came.

"The taste of Xiangxiang ~ have you eaten it ~"

"Spicy feeling, have you tried it~"

"Handsome force Lin Chen's singing, have you heard it~"

"The real roasted gluten can be vigorous~~"

I saw a young man in a silver robe with a grill wire mesh on the vast grass, holding a dozen strings of roasted gluten in his hand, and skillfully sprinkled with various seasonings, shaving oil, and turning, all in one go!

"My mother, what kind of food is this!"

"Now the young people still have this craft."

"Or shall we go down and ask him to get some, to solve the greed?"

"Huh, that's wrong! How does the stuff on his skewers make me feel familiar?"

While the three mentors were surprised, they looked at the skewers in Lin Chen's hands more puzzled.

This close look almost scared the souls of the three mentors!

The grilled skewers in this kid's hand are the rare treasures of the Tianlong Mountains, the dragon's grass!

"This young man is actually roasting dragon grass?"

"My mother-in-law said why this thing is so fragrant, it turns out to be Dragongrass!"

"This assessment has just begun the day, where did he get so many dragon tendons!"

"Isn't this the problem! With so many copies of Dragongrass, it's enough to refining how many elixirs!"

The three mentors were thrilled, and the corners of their mouths were rushing!

What a wonderful flower! I even baked the herbs required for the assessment!

When the three mentors are in pain; Lin Chen has finished roasting.

He picked up a string of roasted dragon ribs and stuffed it in his mouth. Between the chews, the aroma was overflowing and the spicy fragrance was flowing.

Combined with the medicinal properties of Longjincao, the soft and spicy aroma flew out for dozens of miles, it is simply not lost to any food!

The three mentors looked like they were slobbering, and this Nima was too tempting!

The crunchy flavor of the sauce wrapped the outer coke and tender, full of chewy dragon tendons. At the entrance, it also penetrates into the sense of taste and smell with the impact of the increasing mental strength; let people experience the taste of the tongue and the brain flying to the sky!


Lin Chen said with amazement, the elimination of a string of two mouths and three mouths made the tutors feel distressed and envious!

"It's too violent! How can we stop and stop him?"

"But the assessment stipulates that we cannot interfere with the dragon's grass in the hands of the candidates."

When the three mentors hesitated, Lin Chen had eliminated more than a dozen roasted dragon tendons.

The mentors shook their heads helplessly, thinking that Lin Chen's farce would end there.

Suddenly, Lin Chen pulled out nearly 100% of Dragongrass in the Naling Ring, and the three mentors were scared to death on the back of the lion, eagle and beast!

If it is said that the previous dozens of dragon grass are just a farce, then the nearly one hundred dragon grass is not a joke!

"He, he started skewering dragongrass again, and he had to bake them!"

"What kind of candidate is this damsel! Hurry up and report to the bald old! This 100% dragon grass is not a joke!"

The three mentors had just left their front feet, and a group of figures appeared in the jungle ten miles away from Lin Chen.

"There is a smell of Dragongrass in this fragrance, the quantity is very large!"

A young man in purple clothing headed by a group of candidates who appeared in the jungle nodded affirmatively.