My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Grilled Gluten My Favorite Food

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Chapter 56

"Hey, Brother Tang Feng! Is that boy with Longjin grass!"

Dozens of candidates immediately discovered the location and situation of Lin Chen.

"His! So many dragongrass!"

"It's at least almost 100%?"

"No! Brother Tang Feng, that kid is the freak who just repulsed the evil monster python in Tongxuanhe!"

Some sharp-eyed candidates immediately recognized Lin Chen's identity and exclaimed again and again!

"It turned out to be him, no wonder you will find so many dragon grass. Everyone will not move, Li Zheng, you go to notify the other two candidates team, and then call the nearby Yin Xiaochou and Sunflower son, we go together, put All his dragon tendons are taken!"


In the east of Tianlong Mountain Range; in a dead wood forest, the indifferent young man stood up with a gun.

The two young talents were as glorious as the light, and appeared in front of him, respectfully with a fist.

"Yin Xiaochou, our big brother Tang Feng has a cooperation to talk to you urgently."


In the eastern part of the mountain range; on the edge of the lake, a voluptuous young lady in sunflower robe powdered her jade dais, tilted her orchid fingers, and looked at herself carefully in the lake, intoxicated.

Beside him, there were two candidates standing fidgeting.

A moment later; the enchanting younger brother showed a smile and giggled.

"Hundreds of dragongrass? Repel the fourth-order beast? Interesting ~"

Brush ~~!

Orchid refers to a flick, and the voluptuous son disappears ghostly in place!

Besides Lin Chen, he already knew that he had already ambushed three teams of candidates around him, and packed himself up to a hundred people. Each persons cultivation level was no less than the seventh level of psychic realm!

"Since you want to wait, then I will wait with you and play slowly."

Lin Chen picked up ten spicy roasted dragon ribs and enjoyed it.

Since the moment when monitoring Lin Chen started, all the candidates' teams have been shocked!

This product is actually baking such an important medicinal material, and it is also the key medicinal material that passed the examination, Longjin grass!

If it were not for fear of Lin Chen's strength, they would have rushed up and grabbed a brain!

"He is actually roasting dragon grass, my goodness!"

"Where is this madman, this is a precious medicine that can be exchanged for credits!"

"Fucked an egg, he has eaten more than 20 skewers! He has eaten the four shares that passed the assessment!"

"Simply let's hit it directly! The trick that he repelled to the Devil Python might be a life-saving card, and he may not be able to show it now!"

Every time Lin Chen eats a string; the team ambushing him has a heartache. When he eats more than sixty strings, he just wants someone to be able to bear it quickly.

The light of the Naling Ring flashed, and Lin Chen took out hundreds of dragongrass grasses, completely letting all the test takers team be stunned!

This Nima, why did he do so much dragon grass?

Are we taking the same assessment? Is it possible that he can pick up a lot of dragon grass?

"They didn't lie to this boy, your kid really has a lot of dragon grass."

The leaves were falling one after another, and the night breeze languished.

A hundred steps away from Lin Chen, a voluptuous young man stood with his sword, looked at Lin Chen with great interest, and looked at the dragon rib grass beside the grill, a glance of greed in his eyes!

"It is the top ten swordsman of the rookie in the wilderness, Sunflower!"

The morale of many candidates started to show up.

"I want 30 copies of this boy's dragon grass."

After the hurricane hurricane, the young man stood upright and walked with a gun. He was cultivated to be similar to Sunflower, and he was a master of the five-fold battlefield!

"Yin Xiaochou, I didn't expect you to come."

Sunflower giggled and crossed her eyes in fear.

"Thank you both for being here. Today's Dragongrass, I hope everyone will sell me a face and share it with my friends."

Tang Feng took the last team of candidates and walked out slowly, smiling with a fist clenched.

"Tang Feng, who has three hands in blood, let's just sell you a face and take this kid off first."

The two looked at each other. Among the young talents on the scene, only Tang Feng was qualified to sit on equal footing with them.

These three great arrogances are considered top-level in the entire wasteland; the so-called Bai Shaohui's flow, in front of them, does not even have the qualification to lift shoes!

"I said, have you all been allocated. I'm just full and want to warm up, I thought you would squat until dawn."

Lin Chen slowly put away all the Dragongrass grass, hooked his fingers at the headed three, and laughed jokingly.

"You know we ambush you, and dare to be so calm! Find death!"

Tang Feng roared with laughter, preemptively, the blood-colored combat palms that were condensed into substance protruded like hook claws; Lin Chen attacked!

The battle spirit realm; the fighting spirit in the body is transformed into the crystal of the battle spirit.

"Force him to use the hole card!"

Tang Feng drank coldly, and hundreds of young talents urged their combat skills. The momentum was awe-inspiring, and the situation was changing within a few dozen miles!

"Condensation sword trick!"

"Soul Extinguisher!"

Yin Xiaochou and Sunflower have two great skills, the sword light gun is like a panlong pointing at Lin Chen, the ground is cracked, the mountain is destroyed and the forest is destroyed, but in a breath!

Such a complicated attacking torrent is no less than the mighty power of the fourth-order beast, and even more!

"Wait for you to shoot! You have something to do today!"

Lin Chen's blue dragon tattoo flashes on his left arm, as the blue dragon arm of Qiulong came out, swept through the eight wastelands, crushing all the fighting attacks that were close to him!

The strength of the blue dragon arm reaches 200,000 tigers, crushing all the attacks!

Qinglong's arms turned over and volleyed down angrily, blasting out Tang Feng, Sunflower Son, and Yin Xiaochou standing in the front row!

"Isn't this his kill card, how can he use it with ease!"

Tang Feng looked terrified when he vomited blood, at this time Lin Chen had already put away the blue dragon arm, and the seven-star soul grabbing gun was in his hand. He turned into a wind and thunder fire and killed many young talented candidates!

"Driving Soul Gun Rain!"

The needle-like sharp edge is like a rainstorm pear blossom, and dozens of people flew in a stroke. Several people were seriously injured by Lin Chen's guns, and they were beaten and rolled off in only one face, unconscious.

"Changyin Broken Sword!"

More than a dozen young talents joined forces to form a besieged sword formation, and the gleaming snow and silver swords strangled to block Lin Chen's retreat!

"Fighting Demon Fire King Seal!"

There was a violent battle in the palm of the hand, with 50,000 tiger-powered fingerprints on the face, and the slap of the sword array was shattered, and the dozen young talents were retreated!

With a single round of Lin Chens own pure power, he is enough to break the ground with his wrist. With the top-level green skills, he is almost invincible in the crowd, and no one can stop it!

Although the talents of these candidates are high, but at most they are twofold in the battlefield. Most of them can't even make a move in Lin Chen's hands!

Hundreds of candidates were beaten by Lin Chen alone; a large number of attribute light **** fell crazy, piled on the ground, colorful and dazzling!