My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 57

Chapter 57: True Dragon Mountain

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Chapter 57: True Dragon Mountain!

"Crazy Demon Gun!"

A dim blood line was torn in the air, and the blood line was extremely fast, like a thunder! Instantly split a thousand-year-old towering ancient tree along the way!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; the five fingers turned, the Soul Gun turned around and reversed, and a shot was shot from the volley!


The two guns confronted each other, and Yin Xiaochou's gunpoint and Soul Retrieving Gun collided with the thorn. Lin Chen's fighting strength was far worse than Yin Xiaochou's, but he blessed him with strong pure power and shocked him back!

"Sunflower Three Swords!"

Having just repelled Yin Xiaochou, Tang Feng and Sunflower Boys left and right, outspoken Lin Chen; in the sky full of blooming sunflower phantoms, each phantom hides 100 kinds of killers, and there are a lot of sword qi strangles to disillusion!

"Fatally kill souls!"

Lin Chen threw a seven-star soul gun with one hand, changed into a meteor, and flew through the sky of sunflower sword gas, bursting into a starlight!

"Ten consecutive blood hands!"

Tang Feng raided Lin Chen on the left, the palm of his five fingers was like a blade, and the vast magical murderousness was rolling, straight to the heart of Lin Chen!

"Do I stick to you?"

Left fist is like a giant hammer destroying the mountain, rushing out, Lin Chen slightly urged the blood of the blue dragon, and the strength of the left arm skyrocketed to 90,000 tiger power! Suddenly hit the front of Tang Feng's hand knife!

Bang~~! Click~

The sound of the bone bursting was horrifying, and Tang Feng, like a kite with a broken thread, fell to the ground.

"Ah! My hands!"

Tang Feng clutched his deformed arm and rolled in pain.

Lin Chen fell to the ground, the audience was wailing everywhere, many young talents were lying on the ground; they lost their ability to move.

Yin Xiaochou and Sunflower Boy, after being repelled by Lin Chen, immediately escaped and disappeared without a trace.

Three top arrogances in the wasteland; Sunflower, Yin Xiaochou, Tang Feng. One injury, one escape, one disability!

In addition, even more than one hundred candidates are fighting alone; these results have fallen into the eyes of many candidates, and they are all terrified. This Lin Chen is simply as powerful as a monster!

Lin Chensui looked at the audience. No one dared to look directly at him. Many candidates were frightened. Would the devil kill them?

Although the assessment stipulates that it cannot kill, who would use common sense to speculate about this guy's actions! He is a monster who even eats dragon's rib and grass!

I saw; Lin Chen began to bend down to pick up many attributes of light balls, and was simply too lazy to ignore the candidates lying on the ground.

[The host gains 185 spiritual power,]

[The host gains 7985 points of merit.

[The host gains 12576 essence of fighting spirit.

[The host obtains the top-level green combat skills: Sky Seal Sword Skills.

A large number of attribute light spheres were taken into the body by Lin Chen, and a series of falling treasure chests.

These attribute light **** are dropped from the candidates, and most of them are based on the essence of fighting spirit and skill; this is also one of the important reasons for Lin Chen to fight them.

Most of the attribute light **** that are dropped by killing beasts are based on five-element elements or qi and blood energy; the essence of skills and spirit of combat are few.

While Lin Chen practiced mysterious spiritual power exercises, the Taishi Bible requires a lot of skill and spirit to practice higher.

In addition, his cultivation for the realm also requires a lot of quintessence of fighting spirit. The appearance of these candidates just fills the vacancy of his cultivation!

The level of cultivation of these candidates is higher than that of Lin Chen, and the mentality of their practice is not bad. The essence of the falling combat energy is different from ordinary people, and the value is very high!

[The host gained a total of 116,000 merits, 240,000 points of essence of fighting spirit, 254,000 points of gold energy, 29,800 points of wood energy, 34,100 points of water energy, 2.77 Ten thousand ignition system energy and 231,000 soil energy.

[The host absorbs all the essence of fighting spirit, and advances into the psychic realm fourfold and the psychic realm fivefold.

Numerous candidates lying on the ground stared at Lin Chen stunned. He stooped and flicked into the air; even one breath broke through the psychic realm?

Absorb all the attributes of the light sphere; the realm of true water return to the Yuan Jue to a higher level. Xiu Wei broke two levels in a row. Lin Chen patted the dust on his body with satisfaction. When he was about to leave, he saw Tang Feng's vicious and resentful eyes!

"It seems that you are very dissatisfied. Although I broke through and cultivated for your blessings, your previous claw was for my life."

Lin Chen walked to him and said with a smile.

Tang Feng grinned wildly.

"Boy, dont be complacent, this assessment cant kill! My cousin and cousin are both in the inner courtyard of Tiange Academy, and they are all big names. If you give Longjin Grass as much as you want now, I might as well No blame in the past, if not, when you enter the college, I have a hundred ways to kill you!"

"Oh? A hundred ways to kill me?"

Lin Chen pretended to be frightened, and then there was a sensuous smile.

"You're afraid you don't know, I can have a hundred ways to abolish you now!"


The sound of broken bones sounded again, and Tang Feng's screams echoed all over the area for more than ten years!

Until Lin Chen left, all the candidates were cold and their teeth were trembling.

Early in the morning; a dozen mentors and elders arrived from the sky in a lion, eagle, beast, saw a large number of candidates fell to the ground, and the shocking traces of fighting, all looked at each other in shock!

The headed bald old man came from the air, and when he landed on the ground, the old eyes narrowed slightly, as if spying on the fierce scene of the previous battle here.

After a moment, the bald old man was amazed.

"The killing of hundreds of candidates with one person's strength, and the young talents with three talents alone, still achieved an overwhelming victory. It's not easy, it's not easy!"


On the second day of the assessment; Lin Chen began to rush to the central area of the Tianlong Mountain Range. He had already collected the Dragongrass needed to complete the assessment. The many natural materials and treasures of the Tianlong Mountain Range were his goal. He had to search for it. For use in alchemy in the future.

With Zijintong and other secret techniques in his body, Lin Chen's search for the treasures of heaven, earth and earth is as simple as extracting things from his pocket.

In just two days, he put a lot of high-end medicinal materials in the Eastern and Southern Districts into the Naling Ring; when everyone was looking for Longjin grass, he had already made a lot of money!

Early in the morning on the fourth day; just as Lin Chen was planning to go to the western part of the mountain to grab herbs, he observed that in the center of the Tianlong Mountains, he raised a majestic dragon spirit, entrenched for nine days, condensed!

"this is?"

Lin Chen was shocked, and when he urged Zijin Tong, he found that he could not see through the things hidden in the Dragon Air.

"Is there any wonder in the world? Go and see!"

Lin Chen turned to the center of the Tianlong Mountains.

At noon; in the central area of the Tianlong Mountain Range, a mountain peak rushing to the sky resembles a dragon, standing between the heavens and the earth.

It is extremely steep, the mountain is vertical, and there are only a few steps to stand on. The top of the mountain has pierced the sky, and the peak can not be seen.

In addition; beside this mountain, there is also a magnificent small volcano, which emits hot fire energy.

Under the steep mountain peaks; gathered many figures, most of them only retreat beyond the bottom of the mountain, watching with amazement.

There are dozens of people standing on the bottom of the mountain; there are men and women, all of whom are candidates for the assessment.

They have extraordinary momentum; the weather is accompanied by dragons and phoenixes, Qi Yuxuan, and arrogant arrogance and disdain.

These dozens of people basically gathered the most top group of martial arts Tianjiao in the four test areas in the east, west, south and north of the Tianlong Mountains!