My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The Heroes Climb The Real Dragon

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Chapter 58

Among the group of people under the mountain, in addition to a more heterogeneous Bai Junhao, the lowest is the five-fold battlefield; its maximum age is no more than 25 years old, and it is a genius wizard born out of tens of millions of people!

At this moment; these arrogant celestial beings all looked at this extraordinary meteorological mountain in front of them with prudent eyes.

"This is Zhenlong Mountain; the legend is as high as 88,000 kilometers and there are more than 9,600 steps. The higher the number of steps on the mountain, the deeper the approval of Zhenlong."

A white man holding a fan and smiling, his eyes shone with a strong fighting intention!

"Lin Zihao, why, can't hold back?"

The young girl behind the white gauze covered her mouth and chuckled; there was an arrogance in the eyebrows that despised everyone.

"Oh, I'm waiting to give it a try. It is said that no one can climb to the top of this mountain. The highest record is 3781. There are nearly two thirds of the distance from the 9600 steps."

"The higher the height, the stronger the dragon power passed by Longshan will become stronger and stronger. Those who can withstand the dragon power can get the true dragon baptism, and then it is the real genius."

Many Tianjiao glanced at each other, ready to move.

The people who can stand here are the top martial arts arrogance in the wasteland.

They don't obey anyone, but they can't fight one by one, so the battle in this real dragon mountain is the ranking division of this top Tianjiao!

Whoever climbs the more steps, who is the first freshman in this song school!

Brush ~~!

Jian Guang was in a vertical and horizontal direction, and a young man in red standing upright with a sword leaped up and fell onto the stone platform of the tenth step.

"It is the first Kendo genius in the South Moon City of the Wasteland, Tian Chi Swordsman, Xiao Yu!"

Many onlookers outside Tianjiao marveled.

That Xiao Yujian walked like a fly, starting from a series of jumps on the tenth step of Shitai;

"Let's go too."

Several Tianjiao rubbed their hands, eager to try. Together jumped onto the stone platform of Zhenlong Mountain, followed by Xiao Yu.

All the wild arrogance jumped on the stone platform; Long Zhengfeng followed and rushed to the true Dragon Mountain together!

This scene has attracted more and more candidates to stop nearby, witnessing this contest which is only the pride of the wilderness!

Thirty miles outside Zhenlong Mountain; one above a cliff; two beautiful ladies wearing a veil, one blue and one purple, do not show the true appearance.

Seeing Tianjiao, they have started to attack Zhenlong Mountain; the girl in Tsing Yi smiles quaintly and curiously; "Hee hee, sister, would you say that the two of us used to climb to the top?"

The woman in purple smiles elegantly.

"Qing'er, don't be rude, everything has spirituality. We have to look at any things in the long term with equal eyes, because every thing has its heritage that has been passed down to this day, and it cannot be underestimated."

"Cut~ How can those crooked melons and jujubes be comparable to my sister and me~ Oops, just let Qing'er go and play~"

The girl in Tsing Yi held the jade arm of the woman in Zi Yi coquettishly.

"Qing'er Momo, this time we must not reveal our identity when we go out. It is already a very good result to allow the deputy dean to open the net for us to visit here."

The woman's advice from Ziyi made the girl in Tsing Yi spit out her lilac tongue and dared not mention the matter again.

"I don't know, the one named Lin Chen will show up. My sister and I came here for this purpose. If he doesn't show up, hum, I will call him personally until I see my sister!"

The girl in Tsing Yi was smart and playful, but the girl in purple had no choice but to shake her head.


True Dragon Mountain; two hours have passed, the mountain climbers have gradually fallen into a bottleneck, and some have stopped at the position of the 1000-stage stone platform, panting and sweating.

Some have climbed to the 2000th tier. Although they have not yet reached the limit, they have also begun to show fatigue and are unable to do so.

Longwei scoured down like a tide, and every step of the stone platform will appear a shocking Longwei, permeable, invading people's flesh, spirit, and even fighting spirit.

Under this repression of Longwei, let alone action, it is extremely difficult to maintain a clear reason.

After reaching the limit, many Tianjiao can only sit cross-legged on the spot and use the scouring of the Dragon Air to help them to temper their fighting energies and make the fighting qi more condensed. It is no longer difficult to break through existing bottlenecks.

There is only one such opportunity, and the second time afterwards, when you climbed the True Dragon Mountain, the effect of Longqi's quenching of combat qi will be minimal.

"Xiao Yu of Nanyue City has already reached the 3500th level!"

"Prince Canglong of the Longyang Empire is only ten steps away from Xiao Yu."

"Ling Girl in the Ice King Palace is also among the 3400 orders!"

Candidates outside Zhenlong Mountain are full of passion. The highest record in history is 3781. This time, there are three top Tianjiao who stepped above the 3,000-step stone platform. Maybe it will result in a new historical record!

When people were paying attention and paying attention to the three silhouettes on the top, a residual shadow sword light turned like lightning, and it surpassed the highly anticipated three in one breath!

"who is it?"

The candidates exclaimed, and even the mentors who watched it couldn't help but be surprised. Longwei, the order of three thousand and five hundred, was already terrifying. How could anyone urge the body to move at such a fast speed?

I saw it; the man in green robe, hanging three feet of green front waist, looked like a star, and looked down on everyone from the top, exuding a kind of peerless murderousness from head to toe, it was dazzling and terrifying!

This man's sword is unsheathed, but he has a peerless edge. If the sword is raised, won't all things change?

"I think of it! Liu Jianqing, a drunk fairy sword village, a peerless genius who came out only half a year ago. He is known as the arrogant of heaven with the blood of the sword king!"

The two young examinees seemed to recall something in horror.

"Sword King Bloodline?"

Hearing this name, the candidates only had Liu Jianqing looking up at the sky, and even had no irrational thoughts in their hearts.

Liu Jianqing's whole body is like a thousand swords, and even one hair glows like a sword blade, similar to the battle spirit of the same level. I am afraid that he does not even need to draw a sword. World Sword Art!

"A group of ants. I'm going to come to the real summit of this wasteland!"

Liu Jianqing despises the princes Xiao Yu and Canglong, who are next to him, and then jumps into the sky to jump to the higher stone platform again!

"Dare to talk so rudely to Prince Ben, after waiting for this real dragon mountain, Prince Ben will want you to be good-looking!"

Prince Canglong was extremely unwilling to scream, and Xiao Yu was solemn. They had been very difficult after reaching the 3570th order. Didnt expect Liu Jianqing to be at ease?

In the end, Xiao Yu stopped at level 3605 and failed to break the record. Prince Canglong is 15 steps behind, only sitting on the stone platform, seizing the time to rest and rest.

Liu Jianqing ran all the way, like a broken bamboo, under the witness of the candidates and mentors, boarded the 3951 level, which is more than 100 levels higher than the original record, shocking four!

"It seems that in recent years, this wilderness will have another great warrior born."

"Hey, the old man thinks that this little guy is no longer necessary to stay in the outer courtyard. Let's introduce it directly into the inner courtyard."

"Only the old students in the inner courtyard can hold him back."

Many mentors and elders nodded and applauded; Liu Jianqing was very optimistic.

"Oh, this child's talent can only occupy a place in the wilderness. The so-called strongest man in your mouth is just a slightly stronger ants in the eyes of some people."

At this time, the deputy dean sitting above the clouds rarely opened his mouth, and many mentors looked at the dean in surprise.

I saw that the deputy dean murmured deep on the cliff not far away.

"A person who truly stands at the pinnacle of heaven and earth and becomes the strongest has already admired our college."

As soon as the deputy dean made this statement, all the mentors were silent and frightened!