My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Shit You

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Chapter 59

Liu Jianqing was born out of nowhere, pressing against the heroes without any suspense.

When all the onlookers thought that the clash of the freshmen of this year would come to an end; a ghostly young figure appeared under the mountain!

"It turned out to be a mountain, I thought what baby was born."

The silver robe boy shook his head in disappointment and sighed. All the candidates were suspicious. Who is this guy? When did you get there?

"Isn't that the perverted mentor Li Ruoli's mentor?"

"I depend, really!"

"Pervert, get out! Don't insult Zhenlong Mountain as a sacred place."

"Get out, get out!"

Lin Chen hasn't figured out what the situation is. Candidates outside the real Dragon Mountain despise that Lin Chen is shouting away, making him puzzled?

"This year, so handsome is so jealous?"

The Tsing Yi **** the cliff outside Zhenlong Mountain exclaimed.

"Sister, it's him, he's really here!"

The purple girl smiled gracefully and nodded.

"There is the blood of the green dragon hidden in the left arm, the foundation of the physical training is strong, and the cultivation of the psychic realm is exactly the same as the information provided by the owner of the city of Wanling. It seems that it can't be wrong."

The team of candidates who had been killed by Lin Chen was looking at Lin Chen in fright. How did the devil find this place?

The bald elder who is in charge of the entire assessment is a shining eye!

It turned out to be this kid, the demon of the three genius characters fighting alone!

"Oh? It turns out they didn't want me to be close to here, they wanted me to get away. You don't let me go, I'm on the top!"

Lin Chen smiled, his toes vacated, several turns in the air, and fell into the stone platform of the 30th order!

At the moment when he set foot on the stone platform of Zhenlong Mountain, Long Wei was destroyed by a pervasive hurricane, Lin Chen felt a sense of invisible oppression suppressed on his head.

Roar ~~!

This sense of oppression has just surfaced. Lin Chen's left arm Qinglong tattoo came with a low roar, forming a vortex, and actually absorbed these dragons into the Qinglong arm!

Lin Chen's pressure suddenly diminished. With the absorption of Longwei's breath, Lin Chen found that his green dragon arm began to wake up a vague memory!

"Huh, this Longwei actually gives my Qinglong Arm a sense of sublimation!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, Lin Chen was overjoyed, but he didn't expect this strange mountain peak to have this kind of adventure!


Lin Chen exerted his power seriously this time, and the power of his feet suddenly erupted with terror!

With the flexibility of his body, he instantly rushed to the stone platform of the 500th level, and the lightning-like turning and changing direction all the way. The speed was fast, and many mentors were surprised!

The green dragon arm releases the vortex-like suction, swallowing all the dragon power and dragon energy, Lin Chen is like a broken bamboo, and rushed to the 1000th level in just ten breaths and came to the position of the first batch of wild territories!

"Five psychic realms? What's going on with this kid?"

The five Tianjiao in the position of the 1000-stage stone platform were stunned. Lin Chen's speed flashed past the stone platform beside them, heading higher!

"Bald old, what a monster is this kid!"

Some mentors sat on the lions and eagles, and the bald elder standing in the air laughed.

"It's nothing unusual, but this kid is able to single out hundreds of candidates and defeat three top wild arrogances in the wilderness. If he doesn't even have this speed, then he will be punished."

Hearing the answer of the bald old man; some of the mentors who first saw Lin Chen appeared unbelievable, could they single out hundreds of candidates with one psychic realm?

Lin Chen was like a broken bamboo, rushing to the 2000th tier stone platform all the way, and Bai Junhao was at the position of the 2405th tier. He was the youngest among the Tianjiao who climbed the Zhenlong Mountain.

Bai Junhao sat cross-legged at this time, devoted himself, apparently as the blood of the Blue Dragon, he also had some adventures here.

Lin Chen smiled at this, and then speeded up again, even if the speed reached the 3000th stone platform!

"Level 3200, his potential is so terrifying..."

Li Ruoli, the tutor of Li Ruoli, who participated in the proctor exam, shuddered slightly, and her jade hands concealed her lips.

It is impossible to imagine the potential and combat power of being able to ascend to the 3,000 ranks of arrogance. Even Li Ruoli has not been able to win them with enough confidence.

Doesn't this mean that Lin Chen could easily pass his own assessment even if he didn't make those tricks?

"This is a guy who is a big kid and hides so deep..."

In a twinkling of an eye, Lin Chen had already surpassed the Canglong Crown Prince of the Longyang Empire and the second-ranked Xiao Yu, and the speed began to slowly slow down at the 3,700 stone steps.

At this time, Longwei had begun to reach the limit that the Green Dragon Arm could resolve. Lin Chen had to rely on his flesh shell and fighting spirit to repair and even resist the Dragon Dragon Arm that the Green Dragon Arm could not resolve.

"He surpassed Xiao Yu, is he going to break Liu Jianqing's record?"

Candidates held their breath, staring straight at the number of stone steps Lin Chen leaped, even counting silently in their hearts.

"Just kidding, this seat has been planned to start in this real dragon mountain, overlooking all the arrogance of the wilderness, how can a good boy break my good deeds."

Liu Jianqing, who is located on the stone platform at the 3951st floor, opened his eyes, and he was overbearing, his sword was awe-inspiring, and his sword was glowing!

When Lin Chen was close to the 3942-step stone platform, Liu Jianqing used his fingers as swords, and it was one of the few to use combat power. His **** were concurrent. A touch of pale blue finger light flashed across the void and pointed to Lin Chen away!

Surprise attack? This Liu Jianqing is also too ill-made, with a narrow measure!

When Liu Jianqing shot, the candidates and the instructor all had the same idea in mind. Although there is no explicit rule that they cannot fight on Zhenlong Mountain, the fact of sneak attack is a vile act!

"Dare to attack your brother Chen? I'm not going to provoke you, you will die for yourself!"

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, his toes fell from the cliff stone platform like a dragonfly, and the cornice walked the wall, even three or four times, and turned around, easily avoiding the blue sword marks.

"Hey, I can't beat, I'm angry."

Lin Chen and Liu Jianqing passed by, and even gave him a middle finger.

He finally stood on a stone platform higher than Liu Jianqing's first order, and also showed a space step with ease, just over Liu Jianqing's sixth order stone platform.

Lin Chen was at the top of Liu Jianqing's head, with a distance of only about 3 meters.

"Damn, this kid has a lot of cards, and he can still make that kind of action under such a powerful Long Wei."

The angry Liu Jianqing could only sit back and gritt his teeth.

However, Lin Chen never played according to the routine!

He stood above Liu Jianqing's head, revealing a childlike naive smile!

"Your Excellency just finished attacking this handsome man, but you can still sit back and practice calmly. Such a cheeky face is really admired, admired."

The smiling Lin Chen took out a pair of masks and special gloves from his Naling Ring.

After wearing gloves and masks, Lin Chen took out a bottle of green-brown bottle from his low-level Na Ling ring under the eyes of many doubts.

The low-level Na Ling ring obtained from Shen Wuzong is Lin Chen's "Baby Library", which stores some terrifying worldly "Gourmet"!

Seeing something in his hand, Liu Jianqing's heart showed a bad hunch!

When the green-brown bottle was uncovered, a horrible stench swept through the sky like a storm, frightening those lion, eagle and beasts dedicated to the instructors and elders.

Even the Linghe, which occupies thousands of meters above the ground, was frightened and turned away!


"This kid has the feces of a high-level blue bear!"

"He actually carried a bottle of **** with him?"

Lin Chen looked at the bottle in his hand with great satisfaction and introduced it carefully.

"Hmm~~ In 1982, the blue wild bear Xiang, the essence extracted from the omnivorous beast. Look at this color, look at this humidity, look at this softness, it is simply a good baby."

There was a chill in Liu Jianqing's heart, this kid wouldn't want to...

After the introduction, Lin Chen took the bottle of "Baby" in his hand and smashed it directly towards Liu Jianqing!

"Shit you!"