My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Qi Refinery Return To The Sect

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Chapter 6, Qi Refining Realm! Return to the sect!

[The host gains 894 points of blood energy, 465 points of wood energy, and 289 points of combat skills...]

Lin Chen resisted at first, but was quickly overwhelmed by huge surprises!

Qi and blood energy is not only suitable for quenching the body realm. After entering the gas refining realm, the human race is the right way to practice combat energy, but the stronger the blood, the stronger the strength of the body refining itself, and there is no upper limit!

The feces left by Baoshan Colossus can be more than one, and Lin Chen is now anxious that it can pull a few more. The above attribute light **** can all be babies!

"Frightened me, I didn't expect to encounter Baoshan Giant Elephant in Qingxia Mountains..."

At this moment, several figures gradually emerged in the Red Peak Forest, which were the seven former disciples of Nei Zong!

Their faces still had lingering fears on their faces, but when they looked forward, they could not help but stay in place!

They even saw Lin Chen scratching at the sloping dung of Baoshan Colossus?

"Lying trough... ruthless, even touching the shit? Is it possible for this brother Lin Chen to refining the meat shell in the quenched body to practice stupidity?"

"This guy might have a sick brain..."

"How did he touch that...poop..."

Cheng Yan frowned.

Lin Chen, who had not taken into account a few people, unscrupulously picked up the attribute light ball, and even picked up a black iron treasure chest!

[Open the Xuantie treasure chest, the host obtains the green-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint "Tian Ling Hua Dan Ju".

It turned out to be the alchemy handprint?

Elixir is a precious resource for the cultivation of mainland Kyushu people, and it is a refining pharmacist who is qualified for refining the Elixir of Innate Spiritual Power different from ordinary people who can cultivate the extremely difficult alchemy fingerprint.

The preciousness of each volume of alchemy handprints is the lifeblood of the alchemist, which is more precious than the elixir of elixir!

"Hahaha! Cool, cool!"

Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh from the sky. This green-order alchemy handprint is precious enough to compare to a large city!

Even the alchemy handprints included in the sect of the Shenwu Sect are only the top of the Yellow Order, and the superb alchemy handprints of the Green Order exist, and even the Sovereign of the Shenwu Sect has no capital to bring a volume!

However, this scene of Lin Chen's giggling laughter saw several Nei Zong disciples stunned and stunned.

Isn't this kid crazy?

Why is it so happy to hold a dump of dung? Still shouting coolly? This is not too sick!

"As long as I break through the realm of refining gas, I can also try to become a refining pharmacist!

Lin Chen suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, bent down again to pick up a few attribute light balls, and returned all the way to the area where the Baoshan giant elephant had previously passed.

"Crazy, it must be mad, let's not provoke this madman. In a few days, it will be the ranking race of Nejong. I don't want to be targeted by this madman."

"Let's not see it..."

The black armored man carried the young man in white and wiped his sweat.

"Hey, a good boy, why is he crazy?"

Cheng Yan sighed very regretfully.


On the other side, Lin Chen even touched and picked up all the lightballs of the attributes left by Baoshan Colossus!

Immediately, he turned back, took a shower, and returned to the devil's lair, because in this dangerous Qingxia mountain range, only there is suitable for him to retreat to attack the gas refining environment.

Inside the Devil's Nest; the water curtain paddling.

Lin Chenpan sat on a dry bluestone and turned on the system.

[Host: Lin Chen.

Cultivation: Ninth Peak of Quenching Body Realm.

Ultimate strength: 185 tiger power.

Qi blood energy: 12561 points.

The essence of exercises: 1992 points.

Mental Strength: 172 points.

Mindset: None.

Skills for learning the meeting: Split Wind Leg (Complete Level), Breeze Step Dust (Complete Level), Starfire Gun Method (Complete Level).

Owned items: popular shoes, Tian Linghua Dan Jue, Zhenshui Guiyuan Jue

The essence of fighting spirit: 1228 points.

Possession of Bloodline: Blue Dragon Bloodline (45 points)

Energy of each element: 785 points of fire. Water system: 1545 points. Gold system: 1027 points. Wood Department: 1452 points. Soil system: 1041 points.

Lin Chen devoted himself to the state of meditation, and his flesh-shell body began to fall into a strange state of thunder, as if connected to this world!

Faintly, Lin Chen felt that there were some faint white mists floating in the air, his body instinctively craved these white mists!

"Is this the aura that permeates the heavens and the earth, come to me!"

Lin Chen's momentum was shocked, the whole body burst into a thunderous blast of bone, and the entire flesh shell turned into a vortex with super suction.

Heaven and Earth Aura enters the body, Lin Chen forcibly suppresses them into his own Dantian, all the flesh shell strength is like a volcano that erupts together, transmitting a powerful and terrible momentum, suppressing the ingested Heaven and Earth Aura!

The harder the foundation of the quenching body realm is, the easier it is to impact the gas refining realm. Lin Chen has 185 tiger powers in the quenching body realm of Jiuzhong. Not to mention the Shenwu Sect, even if it is placed in some real eternal sect, it is a genius. A column!

Under the suppression of Lin Chen, all the heaven and earth spirits were compressed into Qimang, and they were incorporated into Dantian through the meridians.

The moment when Lin Chen began to temper his original fighting spirit, the 1279 points of the fighting spirit essence in his system began to be automatically converted into his fighting spirit cultivation behavior, which led to an unprecedented fast breakthrough speed!

Two hours later; Lin Chen sitting on the bluestone suddenly opened his eyes!


Two substantive puffs turned into a thumb-sized piercing shot, slashing a wall in the cave, leaving a half-meter-long crack!

In Lin Chen's Dan Tian, a white sea of air was suspended, flowing continuously.

His overall strength is more than five times stronger than before! This time, the introduction of heaven and earth aura to transform the combat gas quenching body, his pure power exceeds 925 tiger power!

No matter how strong the body is, it is nothing but a reckless man. But the Qi Realm cultivates the Qi Quenching Body, but the flesh shell strength itself can crush the Quenching Realm, not to mention the release of the Qi Fighting, and all aspects of the warrior's ability will undergo qualitative transformation!

"The Qi Refining Realm is now complete. Cultivating the Alchemy Handprint!"

[The host cultivates "Tian Linghua Dan Pill" and consumes 1,000 points of spiritual power and all spiritual power, and is integrating for the host.

[The host practiced "True Water Return to the Origin", consuming 992 points of merit, 1545 points of water energy...]

For three days in a row, Lin Chen was diligently practicing the Dan fingerprint, and there were many medicinal materials in the nest of the Devil's Boa for him to squander and practice.

The alchemy fingerprints and combat skills of the mainland of Kyushu are divided into six levels, four levels, yellow level, green level, green level, blue level, purple level, orange level, and each level is divided into low level, intermediate level, high level, and top level.

If the complexity of the green-order alchemy fingerprint is not systematically helped, with his own qualifications, I am afraid that he will not become an alchemist after his entire life!

On the fourth day, until all the medicinal materials in the Devil's Lair were exhausted, Lin Chen ended the closed alchemy practice.

"Tomorrow is the ranking match for Nei Zong's disciples, it's time to get everything back!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed a cold awn, like a swift cheetah, and a torn image disappeared.