My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Calm You Down Gobi

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Chapter 60

"I am grass!!"

A whole bottle of green mad bear dung smashed down, and Liu Jianqing burst into curse!

He is already at his limit position at level 3951. It is extremely difficult to run combat and move. When Lin Chen smashed down, he had no chance to escape!


A full bottle of green mad bear dung bloomed directly on Liu Jianqing's head, pouring him all over!

The horrible stench swept the entire sky, and the candidates and mentors urged the war to see the situation above, and they all laughed!

"Hahaha! This Liu Jianqing was poured into shit, talent!"

"Devil! Anyone can provoke in the future, don't provoke this Lin Chen!"

"This taste is simply, Liu Jianqing is afraid of a dilemma. If you step back from above, you will miss the Longwei baptism of Zhenlong Mountain in this life."

"Deservedly, the one who made him attack someone else, the guy who is sloppy!"

On the cliff outside Zhenlong Mountain, the girl in Tsing Yi laughed with flowers trembling.

"Sister, this Lin Chen is really good or bad, hahaha~"

"From the forces and people he helped along the way, he should not be the kind of great evil, but he should be a young man with hatred, and blame him for provoking him."

Ziyi woman pursed her lips and chuckled. This man was not very good, but his style of acting was completely unique.

When everyone shouted freely, Liu Jianqing's eyes were cracking, almost almost staring at Lin Chen with eyes that looked like killing his father and enemies!

However, his hatred and anger had not yet erupted, and Lin held another torch in his hand.

"It is said that the **** feces that have been placed for a long time are easy to ignite or even explode. Please pay attention to it when you play with fire~ Also, explosion is art~~"

The moment Lin Chen dropped the torch, he quickly turned around and skimmed towards the higher order stone platform!

"Damn, this bastard!"

Liu Jianqing immediately turned and jumped down the mountain, but he was still a step slower! When the torch touched his hair, it burned violently!


The mad bear dung poured on Liu Jianqing burned violently and exploded in an instant!

"Quick, run!"

"Blood shit, Liu Jianqing was blown up!"

At the moment when Liu Jianqing exploded, the candidates under Zhenlong Mountain fled in panic and began to defend each other's fighting strength. The'Meteor' that bloomed in the sky fell to the bottom of Zhenlong Mountain one after another!

This explosion almost affected the pond fish, and some of the Tianjiao on Zhenlong Mountain were also harmed. Fortunately, they just caught up with their defense, otherwise they will be reduced to the same end as Liu Jianqing!

Even the instructors stepped back one after another, and were almost splashed by the fireworks that burst into the sky!

"This kid really dares to do it, so he is not afraid to offend Liu Jianqing!"

"Talent, it's really a personal talent hahaha!"

Lin Chen quickly stepped up and stepped into the 4100-step stone platform all the way, Long Wei began to further hinder Lin Chen.

Seeing this scene; the bald elder and the deputy dean at a distance looked at each other, and they were full of doubts!

"No, according to common sense, the Longwei deterrence formed by stone platforms above 4,000 ranks is already very powerful, even if these little guys have a battlefield and a nine-fold realm, it is difficult to travel at all, but the influence of Longwei seems to be for this kid. In terms of being small, its a little weird!"

Seeing Lin Chen rushing past 4,200 steps of stone platform, even the deputy dean and bald elder did not figure out the situation!

By the time he reached the 4270 stone platform, Lin Chen was close to the limit state. This height of Long Wei was enough to suppress his physical strength and spiritual strength, and he could not even share the blue dragon arm.

If you use True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings, you may be able to move forward for a while.

At this time, the vast dragon power that has been rushing forward and rushing in is absorbed by the dragon's arm, and the consciousness hidden in the blood of the dragon begins to awaken the new power gradually!

Boom~~! !

Within a quarter of an hour, there was a throbbing movement of Lin Chen's blue dragon tattoo on his left arm. The green dragon blood hidden in Lin Chen's body awakened a new memory and transmitted it to Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness.

"AvatarBlue Dragon Soul Claw, condensing the breath of the dragon bursts out the strongest blow of the large-scale dragon breath attack, and it will fall into a weak state after use; when in a weak state, the strength drops by 40% to 50%."

When Lin Chen accepted the fusion of this memory, a ecstatic look appeared on his face!

[The system congratulates the host. The hosts blue dragon bloodline has been awakened by the ancient dragon power to awaken the new dragon race supernatural powers.

A light screen pops up in the system, and Lin Chen suppresses his excitement. This magical magic technique is not a combat skill. Lin Chen needs to practice and master himself before using it.

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong and found that there was a faint and powerful spiritual fluctuation above the real Dragon Mountain!

"Huh? Why is this Long Wei somewhat similar to the breath I have felt before, what is it?"

Suddenly; Lin Chenjing found that Longwei, who tempered the Green Dragon Arm, was a bit like some fluctuations in spiritual power.

This kind of mental fluctuation seems to have experienced a similar breath before?

"I remembered it, it's dragon tendon!"

Lin Chen slapped his thighs, and there was a moment of enlightenment in his eyes!

This Tianlong Mountain Range was originally transformed by the ancient giant dragon. Both Dragongrass and Zhenlong Mountain are tied together; the relationship between the two can be said to be inseparable!

But because of the precious nature of the dragon's grass, no one will use it indiscriminately, it will only be regarded as a precious medicinal material. Naturally no one has discovered this secret!

But this range does not include the alien Lin Chen!


"Rank 4270, this one is much better than Liu Jianqing!"

"The posture of evil spirits has set a record for the Academy for thousands of years."

"When you enter the college, it is estimated that it will be introduced directly into the inner courtyard?"

The tutors marveled at the elders, and the candidates gritted their teeth with envy and hate.

If a five-level psychic realm can enter the inner court out of the ordinary, does it mean that the rest of them are not as good as the five-level spiritual realm?

For the geniuses who have been recognized by everyone since childhood, the blow is not a single star.

"Let's go, let's look at it. We don't have that life. We are still one dragon grass away. Take the time to pass the assessment first."

Some discouraged sighs left, and when they were about to leave, some candidates exclaimed.

"Look! What is that Lin Chen doing again?"

Everyone looked at it, Lin Chenpan, sitting above the clouds, sat on the stone platform, setting up charcoal and steel wire mesh; actually started to fire!

In the other two stone benches near him, there are seasonings and a lot of dragon grass.

I saw that he skillfully stringed all the dragongrass with bamboo sticks, fired, oiled, and sprinkled.

The fighting urged the flames, and the fire increased, and in a blink of an eye, the dragon grass was cooked.

"Grilled gluten, I like to eat it~~"

Lin Chen hummed a little song and stuffed two strings of roasted dragon tendons into his mouth.

"He, what is he doing?"

"It's actually roasted Dragongrass on Zhenlong Mountain? I'm a fairy in my day! He was deliberately delirious!"

"A lot of Dragongrass! My goodness, he even roasted Dragongrass on the fire shelf!"

"Asshole! Outrageous things, outrageous things! I still need a dragon grass to pass the test!"

"He ate roasted Dragongrass? What a crazy thing!"

Candidates who haven't collected enough Dragongrass saw the scene gritting their teeth, violently jumping, and almost spitting blood out of Lin Chen!

Some elders and mentors of the refining medicine department are crazy on the spot!

"Quick! Stop this guy!"

"This kid is crazy, it must be a lunatic! That's Dragongrass, and the annual output of the Tianlong Mountain Range is only a few thousand plants! This boy has lost a dozen in a dozen mouths!"

"We can't interfere with the candidates' use of Longjin Grass, calm, calm, Elder Xing!"

"Am I calming you down, Gobi!"