My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Lava Flow Grilled Gluten

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Chapter 61: Lava Flow Roasted Gluten~~

When the elders and mentors of the refining medicine department rushed up, the deputy dean Shen Sheng said.

"According to the assessment rules, no one can interfere with the candidates' use or acquisition methods. Or do you not want to mix up in the college?"

As soon as this remark came out, the elders and teachers of the refining department gritted their teeth and sighed deeply.

Lin Chen lay down on the stone platform, sat down, ate sideways, and ate the roasted dragon tendons in a variety of patterns. That way, he could enjoy the comfortable appearance. !

Nima, more than a hundred strains of Dragongrass, was eaten as a snack by this kid! Prodigal, waste!

One strain of Dragongrass can become the main medicinal material of the third-order spirit elixir, and five strains are essential herbs for the fourth-order spirit elixir.

If these more than one hundred strains go down, you will eat the main medicinal materials of more than one hundred third-order psychic elixir!

This is a top priority for any force on the top of any wasteland!

Three mentors who saw Lin Chen also roasted more than a hundred Dragongrass a few days ago saw the elders in the refining department feel so distressed and secretly laughed.

Let your gang of old guys put a high shelf on weekdays. If you know that this kid has grilled more than 100 skewers a few days ago, are you still mad?

"Sister, what is he doing?"

The girl in Tsing Yi on the edge of the cliff outside Zhenlong Mountain asked curiously.

"It seems to be eating a rare treasure of heaven and earth. It seems that it is still the medicinal material required for this assessment, so they are so nervous."

The woman in purple dress smiles with interest, this person is really unique, the style of action is completely unpredictable.

True Dragon Mountain

Lin Chen, who had eaten hundreds of roasted dragon ribs in one breath, found that Longwei on Zhenlong Mountain reduced his sense of oppression!

"Sure enough! This dragon tendril and Zhenlong Mountain are in the same vein, I really guessed it!"

While everyone was still distressed and angry, Lin Chen rose into the air and started to attack the higher position of Zhenlong Mountain again!

Tiers 4270, 4350, 4495, 4761!

This speed makes everyone stunned!

"He actually rushed up to the 4800 stone platform!"

The bald old man who walked in the air said with some trembling, 4800 steps stone platform, this child's potential is not alone in the wilderness?

Candidates who were still annoyed and mad just now looked at Lin Chen above the clouds, how could this guy suddenly run into a dragon and walk more than 500 steps of stone platform!

"I get it! Dragongrass! Dragongrass can resist the dragon power of Zhenlong Mountain, so that this child can walk briskly in Shitai of Zhenlong Mountain!"

The well-informed deputy dean immediately clapped and suddenly realized!

Reminiscent of Lin Chen's behavior a few days ago, the bald old man also patted his head!

No wonder this kid can rush up to the 4800 stone platform, it turned out to eat a lot of dragon grass!

Lin Chen, who is located on the stone terrace of 4801, stood on his heels and wiped his sweat.

"It's reaching the limit again, and I have to roast another batch of Dragongrass. It's really troublesome. I just ate it all at once and rushed up!"

Lin Chen was about to set up the grill again, and suddenly there was a violent vibration on the ground!


The earth roared, and a force to reverse the terrain came from the mountain next to Zhenlong Mountain.

"No, the volcano is about to erupt."

The bald old eyes narrowed, flashing and moving around the Void Instructors.

"Bald old, do you want to suppress the volcanic eruption? There are so many candidates near here."

A mentor suggested that the bald old shook his head.

"At the same time of suppressing the volcanic eruption, it is also necessary to prevent the volcanic rebound from endangering the candidates. This requires too much manpower, and it is not appropriate to act at the moment. You can join forces to defend the war, evacuate the candidates, and stay away from a distance."

"The test takers on Zhenlong Mountain?"

"True Dragon Mountain is sheltered by Longwei, plus these little guys are not simple generations, the power of the volcanic eruption will not affect them too much, don't worry."

The old bald waved his hand and began to command the manpower.

Lin Chen, who stood on the stone platform of Zhenlong Mountain, overlooked the crater that is several miles away from Zhenlong Mountain. The violent fire energy is brewing and is about to erupt.

"It turned out to be a volcanic eruption, eh? Wait a minute, the volcanic eruption! I have a bold idea!"

Lin Chen suddenly had a plan, clapping hands!

On the other side; the mentors and the elders fell into the ground in an orderly manner, standing in front of the many candidates, and spreading a bowl-shaped combat barrier to cover everyone.

Candidates heard the mentors announcement and learned that the volcano next to Zhenlong Mountain was about to erupt, and they began to evacuate gradually and retreat to a farther location.

"Master Lin Chen..."

Shangguan Bihan stared worriedly at Linchen on Zhenlong Mountain among the candidates, and the power of the volcanic eruption was concentrated in the high place, which will inevitably affect Linchen!

Sudden changes in the wind and cloud, the temperature of the hot and dry air rises linearly, the smoke is billowing, and the hot wave sweeps all over the place!

Suddenly, some candidates exclaimed in shock!

"Look, what is that Lin Chen doing?"

Everyone was stunned, and then looked at Lin Chen's direction again, and all took a breath!

I saw Lin Chen holding a silver steel sign several tens of meters long, stringing together countless dragon bars; placed directly above the crater!

Not to mention the candidates, I saw that the dragon's grass is not less than a thousand parts; even the elders and bald elders twitched their lips!

Seeing him suspending the dragon tendons in the air, all the mentors and elders were shocked!

They invariably came up with a horrible and crazy guess!

Thousands of Dragongrass! That is the equivalent of two hundred candidates passing the assessment!

Lin Chen ignored it completely. He held a 100-meter silver steel tag and stringed more than a thousand copies of Dragongrass, and covered the surface of the silver steel tag and Dragongrass with wood and water. Avoid scorching when the temperature is too high.

Seeing this scene, the candidates had numb thoughts!

"He, he put thousands of dragon grass on the crater..."


Many candidates even burst into tears and burst into tears at the scene, as if their hearts were cut by countless blades!

Even if these dragon grasses are sold to them!

That is the golden key to the first step of martial arts passing the Tiange Academy exam!

How many days did it take to lose this first step, and there was no chance to take off!

"His mother, there are more than a thousand copies of Dragongrass! The old man can't control so much, and the old man must be crazy if he let this kid go on!"

Several elders of the refining medicine department have been unable to control it, wanting to ride the lion, eagle and beast, and wanting to grab Lin Chen's dragon muscle grass!

Bang~~! Bang ~~!

The earth-shattering explosion shook the mountain and shook a large number of lions, eagles and beasts back.

A turbulent flame storm erupted from the crater; like a round of hot sun, countless lava fires fell and fell.

The moment the crater erupted, all the dragon grass was burning in no time!

Everyone will never forget this moment!

At the moment when the volcano erupted, Lin Chen held four or five seasoning bottles with one hand and threw them into the air. After being hit by the first wave of high temperature, the jade bottle suddenly exploded!

The sky-long seasonings were scattered on the string of giant roasted dragon muscles, making it sizzling. Then, after the volcanic eruption blows, the spicy and fragrant wind of roasted dragon grass sweeps across Zhenlong Mountain!

Time seems to freeze at this moment!

The teenager grabbed the stone platform with one hand and stood sideways on a height of thousands of feet, holding a silver steel sign, flipping the steel sign on the crater, and grilling dragon tendon grass!

"Volcanic lava flow roasts gluten, get it done!"