My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 62

Chapter 62: A Spicy Man

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Chapter 62

Among the candidates, someone couldn't help but applaud.

"Ling Mou's wire flew east wind in the front, and Lin's volcano grilled gluten in the back. Shao, Shao."


"It smells good~~"

On the edge of the cliff outside Zhenlong Mountain, Qingyi girl's pink and tender nose sniffed the spicy fragrant wind, and her eyes were bright and full of splendor.

"The pureness of the spiritual power is integrated into this fragrance, so it seems to make the index finger move."

The woman in purple dress smiled gracefully, and the tender and soft cat fluttered the lavender spirit out of thin air, protecting the girl and herself.

After turning a few times, Lin Chen withdrew the steel sign; when he smelled the extraordinary fragrance, he couldn't help it anymore and enjoyed it.

Looking at Lin Chen who was engulfing, everyone at the scene was dumbfounded!


The instructors under Zhenlong Mountain tremble their teeth and swallow a few saliva.

Use dragon grass to make a barbecue, and use the crater as a grill. There is a second person in history! ?

In this world, apart from this Lin Chen, I am afraid there is really no second person who can do this kind of subversive thing!

The mentors and elders of the refining medicine department are lost, and their faces are pale. The value of these thousands of dragon's grass is not less than a volume of green-order alchemy fingerprints!

"There are such strange men in the world..."

Shangguan Bihan concealed her red lips with both hands, her beautiful eyes shone brightly!

"He, he is still moving forward!"

Some candidates found that Lin Chen continued to sprint upwards, and could not help but be horrified!

5000, 5200, 5500 steps!

Lin Chen carried his super-long roasted gluten, ate and climbed the mountain all the way, and finally disappeared into everyone's field of vision.

"He, climbed up to the 6000th level..."

Even the deputy dean's face was full of dignity, and he was breathing air-by-word!

True Dragon Mountain is 20,000 feet high;

A young man's figure flashed in a vertical direction and landed steadily on the stone platform.

Lin Chen carried thousands of roasted dragon muscles, singing all the way, unstoppable, and rushed to the 8000th stone platform all the way!

"There must be some treasure on the top of this mountain. Is it another characteristic rune?"

Excited and excited Lin Chen opened his mouth to bite a few strings of roasted dragon tendons, Long Wei collapsed again, and he swept to the top of the mountain at full speed!

When sprinting to the 9500-step stone platform, Lin Chen's roasted dragon ribs had all been eaten, someone Lin was satisfied with a hiccup, and then his eyes narrowed!

"Zhenyan Purple Phoenix Wing, come out!"


A pair of wings with burning purple flames appeared in the air, Lin Chen jumped into the sky, like a meteor breaking through the sky, rushing up to the stone platform of more than 9600 steps in one breath, high-end summit!

The top of Zhenlong Mountain is a steep slope.

Here, the might of Longwei is filled with a strong spiritual pull, conveying the will of the great dragon, supreme, Yuwei is still there!

Here Long Wei is tyrannical, even the deputy dean and bald elder dare not dare to easily pass the grade, but Lin Chen stepped here without pressure.

Lin Chen was waiting for him. When he urged Zijin Tong, he found that there is an energy similar to the fluctuation of life on the top of the mountain, but this energy is too weak and too small to be neglected.

Walking to the other side of the mountain slope; a white light group suspended in the void reflected in Lin Chen's eyes, and beside the white light group, a banner was pulled away.

The subtle undetectable fluctuations in life are emitted from the white light mass.

"What the **** is this?"

Lin Chen frowned, and repeatedly determined that the light group did not seem to be a creature, and would not pose a threat to himself. He slowly approached and put his hand on the white light group.


A sound of energy flowing through the ears, this white light group even merged into Lin Chen's body through his left arm!

Boom~~! Kaka~~

A pure spiritual energy, like the return of the dragon to the sea, merged into Lin Chen's whole body. His mental power burst into an eggshell-like broken sound. After a rupture, a mental wave that was several times stronger than before appeared!

[The host gains 20,000 spiritual energy, and the spiritual realm has broken through the spiritual state.

"My spiritual power has broken into the spirit realm!"

Lin Chen Yixi, this white light group turned out to be pure spiritual energy?

When I picked up a lot of spiritual attribute light **** from the treasure meeting of the Wanling City, Lin Chens spiritual power was very close to the spiritual realm. This time, with the help of the spiritual power in this white light group, he stepped into the spiritual realm. !

Suddenly, a huge pain that ripped through the body spread from Lin Chen's Dantian to his whole body, Lin Chen fell to the ground instantly!

"Hiss~~ It hurts! What is this!?"

Lin Chen hurriedly urged the inner view of fighting spirit, his Dantian; in addition to the endless sea of Qi, began to gradually form a pale white ring.

After this ring was formed, Lin Chen's pain gradually disappeared, causing him to squeeze a cold sweat.

After carefully examining the white circle, Lin Chen found that when he urged the blood of the blue dragon, the blood veins would gather in the white circle!

The Qinglong bloodline only filled one-tenth of the white circle, and nothing happened.

"This circle has some connection with my Qinglong bloodline!"

In addition, Lin Chen found no other problems.

Lin Chen inquired about the system, and even the system didn't know anything about the white circle in his Dan Tian; this made him very puzzled.

The white circle in Dantian can't be hurried away, nor can it be destroyed. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse.

Or wait until your blue dragon's blood is strong to a certain extent, and when it is completely filled, you may be able to know what this thing is.

"Damn, it's really uncomfortable to be possessed by such an unknown thing in the body!"

Lin Chen got up and released his mental power a little, and the field of perception was more than several times wider than before.

"The breakthrough of spiritual power to the spiritual realm is not a small gain."

Withdrawing the spiritual perception, Lin Chen stepped forward and opened the banner, a shock appeared in his eyes!

"It turns out, it's a spicy man!"


The bottom of Zhenlong Mountain; after controlling the position and safety of the candidates, the old bald and the dean looked at each other.

"This kid has been up for so long and hasn't come down yet, shouldn't something happen?"

"Don't worry, this little guy has a lot of cards. If something happens on it, there will be a lot of movement, and we will watch its changes."

"The history of the Tianlong Mountain Range is too long, and this kid might not be able to..."

The two are still discussing; a residual image rushed from the top of Zhenlong Mountain, and everyone looked at it, it was Lin Chen!

"Good boy, let you run to the top of Zhenlong Mountain, are you okay?"

The vice president looked at Lin Chen for the first time, and found that the child was full of energy and full of vigor, what kind of person is there.

"Candidate Lin Chen has met the deputy dean and bald seniors."

Lin Chen was neither humble nor overbearing, holding a banner with a fist.

Many mentors and elders also gathered around, and the candidates were looking forward to it, staring at Lin Chen with expectation.

"Little guy, since you are fine, can you tell the old man what is on the top of Zhenlong Mountain?"

The bald old stared straight at Lin Chen and asked with a touch of his chin.

"Mr. Lin Chen, you can rest assured; anything you get on it is your chance. We will not **** it. If you feel that telling us will cause unnecessary trouble, you have the right to refuse."

The vice president smiled gently; he gave Lin Chen a step.

Lin Chen shook his head, indifferent smile, and then passed the banner, shrugged.

"There is only this banner above, and nothing else."

The deputy dean took the banner, and when they opened it, everyone looked at it.

The banner is engraved with four handsome sentences and a small list of instructions.

The deputy dean and mentors, elders, and candidates who saw the banner at first sight read out in unison!

"Handsome to the boundless sky, I am the peak of the mountain. The million handsomes are passed down through the ages, and the stand-alone singles are seeking a defeat. Signature: million singles king, for the inheritance of my handsomeness, please add: four seven nine Five one one four two four."

Everyone's expression changes from surprise to shock!

"It's handsome to the endless sky, and I am the peak when the mountain reaches the top. I am the sky, I am the peak, and I am the highest. This senior is so overbearing!"

"But what is the meaning of the millions of handsomes going on through the ages? What does it mean to stand alone and seek a defeat? Is it possible that the owner of this banner is so handsome that no one can beat him?"

"Fart! What do you know! If you can climb to the top of the True Dragon Mountain, would you emphasize the word handsome? In this banner, there must be hidden mystery."

Candidates and mentors were shocked and amazed; the secret of Zhenlong Mountain has not been completely uncovered by Tiange Academy, and today they took this magical banner on it.

At this time, there is another question that the examinee has in mind.

"This predecessor said that he still has heritage? What does the following four seven nine five one one four two four mean?"

"Don't think about it, this kind of existence is unpredictable, and it is no longer possible for us mortals to figure out!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen coughed seriously, and everyone looked at him.

At this moment; someone looked up at the sky forty-five degrees, and said melancholy and deeply.

"I heard that there are a small number of people in this world. They are so handsome and rare. Only a group of them can find an ancient **** beast penguin to unlock this secret."

The candidates looked forward and anxiously and asked in unison: "How can we find the ancient beast penguin?"

"I do not know either."

Lin Chen suddenly shook his head very lonely, everyone stunned.

Just listen to someone Lin sighed deeply.

"Because, I'm not handsome enough."