My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Girl Can I Touch You?

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Chapter 63: Girl, can I touch you?

Lin Chen just sighed, but suddenly felt a familiar and strange energy fluctuation!

He suddenly startled, turned and looked, urging Zijin Tong; looking at Baili.

In the mountain range after the volcanic lava raged, it is located on a cliff dozens of miles away from Zhenlong Mountain. Two beautiful shadows are reflected in Lin Chen's eyes!

Among them, the purple dress lady among the two beautiful shadows, there is a huge energy hidden in her delicate body. This energy, which Lin Chen is very familiar with, is a characteristic rune!

At this time; the two women have begun to turn away; their body style can be called fascinating, ghosts and gods unpredictable, Lin Chen blinked a little, they have arrived thousands of kilometers away!

If their realm of Zijin pupil is high enough, even their shadows cannot be captured!

"Beauty stay away!"

It's a matter of character runes and its very important. Lin Chen couldnt care about being in the eyes of the public at this time.

He jumped up one step at a time, and the true flame purple phoenix wings leaped into the air, crossed the sky, and turned into a speedy purple light meteor to chase the direction of the two girls!

"God, that Lin Chen flew away?"

"He actually can fly, what the **** is he doing!"

"Phoenix Wing? How could this kid have such a thing!"

"No, that direction is!"

Candidates and mentors all exclaimed, but the dean's attitude changed dramatically!

"Everyone is ordered not to approach Lin Chen's direction and area, and dissolve on the spot!"

The deputy dean shouted abruptly, frightening the candidates with fear.

"Old Joe, what's going on?"

The bald old saw the deputy dean's move almost in a cloud, he asked.

"This kid doesn't know where he is, he seems to be aware of the existence of the two."

The deputy chief said solemnly; the bald old man seemed to think of the certain forces that he said earlier suddenly changed!

"You mean, two Nizi from...?"

The bald old man pressed his voice extremely low, fearing that the third person would hear it. The dean nodded solemnly, he was also terrified by Lin Chen's move!

At this point, the bald elder already knew what to do. He evacuated all the candidates, even the tutors and elders on the spot.

The deputy dean is watching Lin Chen's situation motionlessly.


Lin Chen was catching up with the mysterious second daughter who had been looking directly on the cliff. Although the other party's body speed was fast, it seemed to be hindered by the limitations of cultivation practices, and did not leave the field of vision that Lin Chen Zijin Tong could perceive.

The speed of the True Flame Purple Phoenix wings spread to the extreme, Lin Chen approached them with just a dozen breaths!

"Huh? Sister, that Lin Chen actually found us, and he caught up."

The girl in Tsing Yi turned her head back in surprise; the woman in Purple dress paused, her body stopped, and the second girl stopped by a stream.


True flame Purple Phoenix flapped, Lin Chen stopped and fell in front of the second woman. He looked at the woman in purple with excitement. The first sentence of the mouth was amazing.

"Girl, can I touch you?"

The second daughter was thinking that he was chasing something important. Unexpectedly, she suddenly jumped out of a sentence full of flirtatious and indecent elements!

"Dengtu prodigal son! Just because you still want to tease my sister? I originally thought you were a strange person, but I didn't expect it to be a slapstick!"

Qian Yi, a young girl wearing a veil, glared at Lin Chen with a cold face!

"Oh, little girl, misunderstanding. I've received strict professional training, and I'm generally not easy to be rude."

Lin Chen quickly waved his hand, and secretly glanced at the woman in Ziyi. His exquisite figure and ethereal temperament, like a fairy in the sky, came to the world. It was amazing to someone Lin, so he added a subconscious sentence.

"Unless you can't help it."

The girl in Tsing Yi raised her fortune, and the battle was running; she was preparing to teach Lin Chen a meal, but the girl in Purple stopped her with a wave of her hand, and she slowly moved forward.

"In just two months; you have moved from the Qi Refining Realm to the Spiritual Realm, and you have damaged the sect master of the War Soul Realm, destroyed the entire blood sect with one person, saved the deserted treasurer family, in At the Jianbao Conference, we turned the tide and created a blue dragon bloodline. Your behavior is different and unique. On this way, there should be not many women who meet with you or are attracted to you. Why do you tell a joke, Mr. Lin Chen, I hope you give Ben... give me a reasonable explanation, I can be what you said before."

The woman in Ziyi casually listed Lin Chen's various deeds, scaring him to step back several steps in a row, with a look of horror.

"Wow, this fairy, although I am very handsome, it is well known all over the world, but you dont need to like me if you like it. This hobby is not good at all. You make me go back to the toilet three times at night. what."

"Bah! Do you have to be shameless, my sister will like you ordinary people? You have to be brazen and shameful too!"

The girl in Tsing Yi was stomped by Lin Chen; the girl in Purple was calm and calm, smiling as if she were not affected.

"You are really interesting, but you have not answered my question just now."

Lin Chen stunned, shrugged, and smiled shamelessly.

"My person is such a hobby. I see beautiful women and want to touch it~ Miss Fairy or not? Any position, even hair! I guarantee it by my personality, just touch it! You can pay whatever you want, because someone in Lin is still a pharmacist."

Lin Chenliang showed her identity, and the purple eyes of the woman in purple clothes were slightly squinted. "Are you still a pharmacist? Well, I want the seventh-order elixir. If you can take it out, I will consider your conditions."

Lying trough!

How many times did Lin's eyelids jump wildly? This is not enough to sell him to the duck's nest!

Where are these two grandmothers?

"Here, the seventh-order elixir is a bit difficult. It would be no problem if I could pay the debt."

Lin Chen rubbed her hands, and the girl in Ziyi smiled uncommonly.

"That's no talk?"

"The fairy's request is a bit too much, no matter if I have to talk about it or not, today I am sure!"

Lin Chen's expression appeared serious, since the other party did not have the mind to discuss, the soft one would come hard!

Pure men, they should be soft and hard!

This woman has fluctuations in characteristic runes and is stronger than the previous two. It must be a strong characteristic rune. Lin Chen only needs to run the rune energy at the moment of touching the other body. Chance to get the characteristic rune!

"I think you owe five elements!"

The girl in Tsing Yi's tone became colder and she rubbed her hands.

"Wrong! This handsome man is an underestimate of the five elements! And it's a special beauty!" Lin Chen said, patting her chest.


Seeing the rare appearance of a girl in Tsing Yi eating purple, the woman in Zi Yi covered her mouth and chuckled, then she said again.

"Oh, I will give you a hundred rounds. With your strength, if you can touch me, then let you touch."

In the elegant and ethereal laughter, there is more confidence to calm the situation and calmness to control the whole situation!

Lin Chen stared at the pupil of Ziyi's pupils and suddenly shrank!