My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Lin Chen Vs Mysterious Woman

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Chapter 64, Lin Chen VS Mysterious Woman!

"Oh? Since the beauty has given the opportunity, you must make sure that you don't touch important parts."

Lin Chen touched the tip of his nose, his expression gradually becoming serious.

This fairy-like woman is very strong!

This is almost intuition and instinct to tell Lin Chen the fact!

The most important thing is that she is only a battlefield, but she has not dropped any attribute light balls, proving that there is an extremely terrible gap between the opponent and herself!

"Qing'er, please step back."

The woman in Ziyi waved her ethereally, and the girl in Tsing Yi nodded cleverly, and immediately looked at Lin Chen with a playful look.

How powerful is her sister, no one knows better than himself!

The direction of the bottom of Zhenlong Mountain;

"This kid actually wants to fight those two?"

The deputy dean walked out of the air; the pupil trembles, and the scene is terrifying!

If the other party has any losses, it is not comparable to the branch of Tiange Academy opened in the wilderness!

After arranging all the candidates and mentors to leave, the bald old man also came to the side of the deputy dean without opening, and there was a loud explosion in the distance! Lin Chen took the lead in action!

Bang~! Boom~~!

The ground shattered; the air wave exploded, purple flames skyrocketed, and rushed across!

Lin Chen didn't even plan to keep his hands this time, keeping the state of true flame purple phoenix wings superimposed, the speed was several times faster than before!

Purple flames filled, burning fierce air, and the younger white palm of the younger boy was rushed towards the chest of the purple girl!

"Shameless!" The girl in Tsing Yi saw Hao teeth clenched, but the girl in Purple was not surprised.

Lin Chen intends to copy the previous strategy to deal with Li Ruoli, first disturbing the other party's state of mind, and then calculating the other party later!


The green onion and jade fingers of the woman in purple dress lifted slightly, and a transparent wave of fighting spirit popped out of thin air!

Sigh~! Boom!

All directions were instantly shattered by the turbulence of the fighting spirit, and the violent force will lift Lin Chen on the spot!

"Great fighting spirit! But, still in my expectation!"

Lin Chen's volley twisted his body, and when the real flame purple phoenix flapped, his entire body changed into a streamer afterimage, almost instantaneously coming behind the woman.

Lin Chen shot with lightning, five fingers have a little bit of residual shadow to attack the purple clothing woman's waist long hair!

"Left, right, right."

The woman in purple dress turns lightly, and if she is astonished, the changes are endless, and the perfect slim waist with a sturdy grip instantly flashes all the assaults of Lin Chen!


Lin Chen didn't believe in evil, and Zi Jin Tong urged the state of "Ping Sheng Zi Dian"; the spiritual power was released to the extreme!

The two are superimposed, and even the trajectory of the women's hair in purple clothes can be accurately detected!

Lin Chen slammed his waist, and the woman in purple seemed to predict Lin Chen's actions in advance, like a dragon leaping from the dragon;

Under the premise of Lin Chen's palm, Zhang Xianxian holds Lin Chen's back neck collar, and the purple-clothed woman spins in the air, throwing Yingying, Lin Chen's entire body is suddenly fell to the ground!

The ground was cracked, and the wind was rolling in all directions. Lin Chen was shocked and bloody, and his face was incredible!

Not self-prediction, but his actions were successfully counter-predicted by the opponent, and they were broken one by one!

"Is her mental strength higher than mine? Or does she have a more powerful treasure-treasure secret than Zijin Tong? Do I have to offer a slow rune now?"

Lin Chen, who had thousands of thoughts in his heart, was still unbelieving in the end, and he gritted his teeth!

"As long as you have enough power and speed, even if you predict my action, it's useless!"

"Qinglong BloodlineLiberation!"

Slow Rune is Lin Chens only hole card. The opponents origin is extraordinary. If the first time is unsuccessful, there will be no second time! Lin Chen intends to stay first!

Roar ~~!

A roaring dragon roared through the sky and the fierce and violent green dragon arm appeared. Lin Chen decisively released 80% of the power; 400,000 tiger power!

"This rogue's strength is so powerful that it is a bit stronger than the mortals that my sister and I have seen."

The girl in Tsing Yi commented silently.

"Phoenix Winged Dragon Arm, it's a strange fit. How can a mortal body accommodate these two very different forces."

The woman in Ziyi was surprised in her heart, and Lin Chen's green dragon's arm slammed into it!

The force of 400,000 tiger power bursts in the dragon arm, destroying all obstacles, breaking the river!

The destructive strong winds rolled up the water in the stream and spilled all over the sky!

The woman in purple dress still does not change her face, the beautiful eyes under the veil are turning the dignified light above all!

"Hundred flowers flurry."

The jade hand reached the front, and countless flower shadows flew in a flurry; if floating light glanced, swirling on Lin Chen's huge green dragon arm, the terrifying rotation destructive force blowed Lin Chen's entire person and his green dragon arm into the sky!

"Just kidding, I have liberated 80% of my blood, and can I still shed all my strength?"

Lin Chen, who was spinning extremely fast in the air, was turned a little dizzy, and there was a shock in her heart!

The power of this palm has just reached the level of the late Di Sha Realm, even the seventh and even the eighth strong of the Di Sha Realm can't do it with such an understatement!

Lin Chen was even more reluctant; Zhenyan Purple Phoenix flapped, turned into a residual image in the air, lifted the blue dragon arm to shoot around the sky, and hit the purple woman on the ground!


The veins of the Qinglong arm collapsed, and the four sides were broken! The deputy dean and bald elder were shocked!

They were shocked by Lin Chen's strength. The cultivation of this son's psychic realm could explode the destructive power of ordinary masters who have no ordinary realm!

At the same time, they were even more afraid that Lin Chen would hurt the purple-dressed woman!

If this hurts the aunt's grandmother, the whole academy will find out!

But under the attack of the green dragon arm in turn; the girl in purple clothes did not touch any points! Lian Bu leisurely escaped all attacks, surrounded by transparent fighting spirit, and bounced off all the splashing stones!

The Qinglong arm fought wildly, and Lin Chen tried his best to detect the opponent's actions; after dozens of fights, there was already a sign of exhaustion of mental power and exhaustion of qi and blood.

With his current physical refining strength, it is not enough to support the firepower of the Blue Dragon Arms for too long.

"Wait! Intermission!"

Lin Chen gasped for breath, withdrew the Green Dragon Arm and the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing, fell to the ground, simply sat on the ground, and stopped halfway.

"Hey, how can you be like this!"

The girl in Tsing Yi stands in front of the woman in Zi Yi, and Xiu Yi stares at Lin Chen slightly.

"Forget it, Qing'er, follow him. Seventy-five rounds have passed. It doesn't matter if I take a break. After all, my cultivation is higher than him. It is true that if he is too harsh on him, he will not. fair."

The woman in Ziyi saved the girl in Tsing Yi. The latter wanted to speak and saw that her sister insisted that she only retreated.

"It's really possible that I can't even touch her if I go on like this. How can I meet her. Should I bet on everything and use the 10% strength of the slow runes and the blood of the Blue Dragon?"

Lin Chen shook his head in discouragement, the opponent's strength was unfathomable, and even the fighting strength was simply another dimension level!

The same is the battle spirit realm; the battle spirit realm that Lin Chen has encountered before is compared with this woman; the gap is simply the difference between Firefly and Haoyue!

Even if you use slow runes, you cant get close to each other with 100% certainty!