My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Ning Qingxuan

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Chapter 65

"Judging from her easy-going movements, even if I was desperate to throw the full force of the blue dragon's arm, it was not easy to break her defense and touch her. What should I do, whether it is mental strength or fighting spirit, I am not as good as her. Unless it is I am accustomed to the Dragon Race supernatural powers that I have acquired on True Dragon Mountain, otherwise even her defense cannot be broken."

Lin Chen shook his head, depressed and took out a few strings of roasted dragon tendons from the space ring, biting a few bites like he was dissatisfied.

Dragongrass can make up for the loss of mental power, and it works faster than the Elixir.

"that is!"

When the girl in Tsing Yi saw Lin Chen take out the roasted dragon tendons, her eyes lit up, and even the girl in purple also cast a curious look.

The eyes of the second woman made Lin Chen think about it!

The plan was confirmed; Lin Chen ate the roasted dragon tendon in his hands in two or three, clapped his hands, and got up and laughed.

"Come on, I have rested this time, and there will be more than 20 rounds, I will touch you."

"You can't do it; you are excellent, but only in this wilderness."

The woman in purple clothes is ethereal, and her beautiful eyes under the veil flashed autumn waves, looking at Lin Chen indifferently.

"Then give it a try!"

True flame purple phoenix flapped, Lin Chen's speed was once again maximized! The blue dragon tattoo on the left arm flashes, the blue dragon's arm crashes out in the air, and pushes across it with lightning!

"Is there only brute force at the end, it seems that I look up to you."

The woman in Ziyi shook her head slightly, her jade fingers lightly, and the transparent fluctuations of the fighting spirit released the pressure to suppress the ages, and instantly suppressed the green dragon arm of Lin Chen!


Suddenly, the sound of blasting wind ignited, and a remnant shadow struck the woman in purple with lightning.

Her mental strength was swept a little, and she couldn't help but stunned. What flew over was a string of roasted dragon tendons that she was interested in?

At the moment when she realized that there was a momentary stagnation; a gray-white Fu Lu popped out of thin air, Fu Lu fluctuates ghosts and spirits, and has the power to seal the demon town demon!

[The host launches a level 1 slow rune, consuming 3000 rune energy.

Lin Chen used the maximum point rune energy that the level 1 rune can withstand in one breath, forcibly prolonging the woman in purple clothes!

It was at this moment that Lin Chen's speed increased by another point, and the blue dragon arm was put away between the electric light and flint! Go to the purple girl!

On the occasion of a sudden attack, the purple-dressed woman's delicate body trembles, enough to delay the slow rune effect of the late stage of the Di Sha Realm!

The moment Lin Chen's fingertips were about to touch her, she instantly disappeared into an afterimage!

In the next moment; the purple shadow of the woman in purple dress appeared thousands of kilometers away, her hair like a waterfall, and she smiled gracefully.

"I really underestimated you. You must have used this trick when you destroyed the Blood Sect that day."

"No, sister, you are still touched by him!"

The Tsing Yi girl beside me suddenly shocked;

I saw Lin Chen fell to the ground and showed a smile.

He raised his hand; when he spread his palms, there was a strand of lilac hair, soft and silky.

[Host gains level 1 rune: Charge Rune. Recharge runes, consume a lot of rune energy to recharge the host, can increase the host's attack power of 110% ~ 200%.

When the system pops up the light screen, Lin Chen's body is shocked. This characteristic rune is much more direct than the effects of the "slow" and "corrosion" runes, directly doubling the attack power of the combat skills!

However; the surprise is not over yet. The strand of hair of the purple-dressed woman is in Lin Chen's hand, condensing a purple light ray of attribute light, which is automatically integrated into Lin Chen's body.


The sound of breaking through the shackles came from Lin Chen's body, and the level of fighting spirit was raised again!

[The host gains 186,000 essence of fighting spirit; has automatically entered the sixth level of psychic realm.

"The number of horrors, just one attribute light ball falling out of a few hairs, gave me more than 180,000 essence of fighting spirit, which is more powerful than the so-called genius candidates before. I don't know how many times more powerful!"

Lin Chen stared at the purple woman in shock, this is the first time he has not grasped the victory of his peers!

There is an absolute difference in strength between the two parties!

"I didn't expect you to come across it. You actually use food to distract me; this trick is not a clever trick."

Bai Nianyu, a beautiful lady in purple clothes, waved her hand.

"The method is not high or low, just useful. Since the girl is interested in it, why not try it."

Lin Chen grinned and got up and clapped the dust on his hands.

The woman in purple clothes hesitated a little, then turned sideways and lifted her veil slightly.

The beauty under the veil made Lin Chen dumbfounded! Lips as cherry red; Hao teeth lightly opened, gently chewing roasted dragon grass.

Lin Chen couldn't help but sigh; the fairy is a fairy, even eating grilled gluten can be so beautiful!

"The taste is unique, the outside is tender and the inside is tender, the crispness is tender and the mouth is tender, it is a very unique cuisine. This is the first time I have eaten such a unique and strong cuisine."

After tasting it carefully, the woman in purple clothing praised her, and the girl in green clothing swallowed subconsciously.

"thank you."

Lin Chen saw the reaction of the girl in Tsing Yi and raised her eyebrows jokingly.

"Why, do you want to eat it too? Come here and let your brother touch it for you."

"Bah! Rogue! Do you still want Miss Liben? Find a fight!"

"Wow! Grandma, how can you do it. Fuck, move your feet too much!"

A girl in Tsing Yi is not as good as a girl in Zi Yi. Her strength is also unfathomable. She came up with a fierce hammer on Lin Chen. Lin Chen couldn't resist a few strokes and had to hand in baked gluten to protect the dog's life.

"Huh. It's your acquaintance! Miss you don't care about your attempt to tease your sister."

The contented girl in Tsing Yi bounced back to the woman in Zi Yi.

"Qing'er, it's not early, we should go."

The woman in Ziyi smiled helplessly, and the girl in Tsing Yi said reluctantly.

"Sister, don't we take this Lin Chen back, how about making this kind of food for us every day?"

Hearing this conversation, Lin Chen was so scared that he squeezed cold sweat!

What is the origin of this girl in Tsing Yi, the opening is to take away himself, completely ignoring his will! Treat your lord as a pet?

"Qing'er, if you make trouble again, your sister will send you back in advance."

The woman in Ziyi was a little serious, and the girl in Tsing Yi immediately retracted her side and spoiled her.

"I said this fairy, who the **** are you? What's your name?"

Lin Chen asked curiously.

"You don't need to know, if you can transcend Tiangang's practice, you will naturally know our identity. However, we may not have the second chance to meet in this life."

"Hey, maybe, you tell me the name and see if I will find you a second time."

"No comment."

"I'll exchange roasted gluten!"

"I said I said! My sister's name is Ning Qingxuan, and my name is Ning Qingxue!"

The method of roasting gluten brought out the girl in Tsing Yi who was excited to answer first.

The woman in purple clothes is helpless; if you go on like this, I don't know how many words this nizi was set by this Lin Chen.

Thinking about it, she fluttered up, carrying the girl in Tsing Yi and fled by the wind.

Lin Chen looked at the second woman's back and muttered to herself.

"Ning Qingxuan, I remember."