My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 66

Chapter 66: 1. The Assessment Is Over.

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Chapter 66. The assessment is over.

After the second daughter left, Lin Chen put away the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings; after breaking through the spiritual power of the spirit realm, he faintly felt that in the previous battle, he had two eyes locked on himself.

"It must be the top of the academy, maybe the deputy dean. This time I got new feature runes, and it doesn't matter if I exposed some of the cards. I found a place to practice the newly acquired dragon clan magic power!"

Lin Chen urged, disappeared in the dilapidated bamboo forest.


Watching Lin Chen and the bald elder and the deputy dean at the end of the battle between the women in purple clothes looked at each other and was surprised.

"Unexpectedly, this little guy dared to fight with those two nizis, is he also from that place?"

"Hahaha, looking at its essence, he should not have that kind of pedigree and temperament. However, this kid's strength is really terrifying, just put it in our wasteland, enough to be regarded as the unparalleled talent in the sky and the sky! Even if you look at the whole Twenty-four domains, he can be regarded as a top-notch existence!"

"If this kid enters the academy, it will be lively this year."

Neither the bald old nor the deputy dean went into the top of Zhenlong Mountain. After all, they looked at the banner full of mysteries. Both of them thought that the treasure that once existed on the top of Zhenlong Mountain had been taken by the owner of the banner. go

Less than half of the assessment time was left; less than four days passed by in a flash.

Valley of the End; in front of two ancient stone pillars.

The tutors and candidates are gathered here, the assessment is about to end, and today is the time to verify the results!

Some candidates are whispering and using each other's family to buy more from candidates who have extra dragongrass. The mentor ignored this action and considered it as tacit approval.

But there are very few candidates who can actually find more than 5 plants.

Therefore, most of these Dragongrass transactions are those candidates who only found one or two strains of Dragongrass in the assessment. They gave up the assessment and sold it to those who needed it, so that they would not return empty-handed.

"Now begin to accept the Dragongrass, please line up in order. Before the sun goes down today, candidates who have not reached the Valley of the End will also be considered as failed."

The mentors and elders lined up in a row, two people in a group, and began to accept the dragon grass.

"Xia Danyang, 5 strains of Dragongrass. Passed the assessment, and won 50 credits, one jade card for students from foreign colleges."

"Leng Ming, 6 strains of Dragongrass. Passed the assessment, and obtained 60 credits, one jade card for students from other colleges."

Candidates who passed the assessment received one student jade card, and all of them were arranged behind the two stone pillars after the blood was recognized.

After those candidates pass through the stone pillars, they will disappear into a wave and disappear! Not really disappeared, but there is a huge formation behind this stone pillar, through it, you will reach the Tiange Academy dreamed of by countless people!

From time to afternoon; there are only 8,000 candidates who actually pass the assessment, which is only one-tenth of the less than 80,000 people who took the assessment at the beginning!

Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan stood in the crowd and looked around. At this time, Lin Chen's figure was still missing, making them a little nervous.

The evening shrouded, the acceptance assessment results were about to end.

"Is there no one, then this assessment is officially closed..."

"And me."

When the tutor wanted to announce the result, the silver robe boy descended from the sky!

"It's your kid!"

A group of elders and mentors saw Lin Chen as the person coming, and couldn't help but gritt their teeth!

This kid has eaten thousands of dragongrass! Let the college's medicine refining department suffer heavy losses!

Seeing Lin Chen coming, Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan relieved with relief.

"Boy, hand over all the remaining Dragongrass on your body to make up for your previous losses, otherwise don't blame the elders for being rude to your boy!"

Several elders in the refining medicine department threatened Lin Chen in a low voice, and he raised a brow!

Okay! Dare to threaten someone in Lin, Ye Linchen does not mind playing with you.

Those candidates who were downcast and did not pass the assessment saw Lin Chen, and when they saw him, they hated their teeth!

The main reason why they did not pass the assessment themselves was attributed to Lin Chen, who took away some of the dragon's grass in Zhenlong Mountain!

In fact, Lin Chen's dragon tendon grass was taken out of the treasure box he had picked up. It is the same as the attribute light ball, and it has not affected them at all. The mediocre finds a reason!

Everyone saw the mentors and elders in the refining medicine department staring at Lin Chen, and the candidates who were eliminated looked at him happily and stopped at the scene.

And some of the Tianjiao, who had climbed the True Dragon Mountain, also stayed at the scene and waited, looking at Lin Chen with the eyes of a good show. And Liu Jianqing, looking at Lin Chen's eyes as if to kill him!

"Candidate Lin Chen, please hand in your Dragongrass numbers in full."

The mentor of the refining medicine department is not salty.

Unexpectedly, someone Lin Lin scratched his head and grinned.

"Oh, oh, fortunately, I have struggled to find a circle again in the past few days, and finally got enough dragongrass for the assessment."

Lin Chen digs out of his arms and digs down. Finally, he took out five dragon grasses and placed them in front of the mentors and elders.

The corners of their mouths smoked fiercely!

There are only five strains? This **** had eaten more than a thousand before, and now there are more than a hundred strains no matter how bad it is!

"Shy boy, you dare to play us!"

Several elders opened their eyes in anger, Lin Chen stepped back in horror, and looked shocked like a child who made mistakes.

"Elder... Elder, I really don't have any more, so there are so many dragongrass on me."

Ghost letter!

Not to mention the elders, even the eliminated candidates rolled their eyes. When you bake it for more than a thousand, now there are only five?

"Dare to play an old man, just hit it today, and then search your body!"

The two elders stood up and Lin Chen shouted quickly.

"Hey, what do you want to do, Tiange Academy is a big bully! Don't come here, come again, I will call people!"

Seeing Lin Chenwei's wonderful and beautiful acting skills, the bald elder and the deputy dean laughed out loudly. They knew that the kid's strength was not afraid of the general elders and mentors.

"Okay, boy Lin Chen, according to the assessment regulations, you have to hand over all the dragongrass. The college will purchase it with you in the form of credits. You can buy any resources you want in the college. If private Once discovered, the Tibetan Dragongrass was directly disqualified from assessment."

The bald old came out and laughed at the round, Lin Chen spread his hands.

"But I really don't have it! If you don't believe me, I will open the Naling Ring to show you."

Lin Chen lifted his spiritual imprint and handed over his only two Naling Rings. Even the bald old is stunned!

Is there really only five plants left?

The elder of the refining medicine department on the side rushed up and took his naling ring, opened it directly, and released everything inside.

I saw; some medicines and medicines falling out of bottles and jars, besides, are some seasonings for barbecue and some weird things, as well as some books.

The content of the book cover is unsightly and very hot.

Like "My Widow's Sister-in-law", "Eighty-eight Hidden Pose", "What to do if it takes too long to do", "Single King Novel Collection", "Pin Ruo's Correct Placement of the Wardrobe" and so on Swallowed, the female blushed.

"Really there is no dragon grass!"

Several elders of the refining medicine department looked at Lin Chen in disbelief, only to find that Lin Chen smiled badly at them. My heart suddenly tightened!

Finished, this kid is afraid to pit them!