My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 67

Chapter 67: You Figured It Out?

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Chapter 67

"Really there is no... It seems that this kid should have used up all the dragon's grass in order to board the real dragon mountain."

The bald old thoughtfully said, then with one hand, he took back everything from Lin Chen to his Naling Ring and gave it back to him.

"I said I didn't lie~"

Lin Chen shrugged seriously. The elders in the refining medicine department looked even more convulsive!

This kid is as good as a fox, and just raised his eyebrows at them just now. He must be hiding somewhere!

All the treasure chests and attribute light **** picked up by Lin Chen can be placed in the space that comes with the system.

Therefore, the elders could not find the place where Linchen grass could be hidden on Lin Chen.

"Okay, you old guys, don't make things difficult for others. Look, how honestly they are! A Naling ring has been shown to you. What else do you want."

The bald elder's seriousness criticized the elders of the refining medicine department.

Hearing the word "Honest Child", the eliminated people almost didn't faint! Liu Jianqing next to him was almost so angry that his teeth were crushed! The man who poured **** on his head, is it really called an honest child?

"Xiaowang bastard, when you enter the academy, the old couple want to mess with you, such as pinching maggots!"

The elders of the refining medicine department were so angry that the bald elder personally awarded Lin Chen an identity jade card.

"Candidate Lin Chen, who performed well in the assessment, is specifically an inner courtyard student."

The moment the bald elder announced the result, everyone had a "sure enough" expression.

Lin Chen's face was arrogantly arranged among the seven people on the other side. These seven people were all like Lin Chen, and were elevated to the top arrogance of the inner courtyard!

"Master Lin Chen, congratulations on entering the inner courtyard!"

"I knew that the eldest brother would definitely enter the inner courtyard!"

Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan came and congratulated Lin Chen with joy.

"You also have to refuel, and it's only a matter of time before you enter the inner courtyard with your potential."

Lin Chen smiled and nodded to the two.

Among these people, it is still too early to enter the inner courtyard at the age of the two. Although the two have great potential, they have not yet fully exploded.

"That, son Lin Chen, you have to be more careful when you enter the inner court. Bi Han looks at the elders..."

Shangguan Bihan worries, Lin Chen whistles carelessly.

"You still have to worry about me, Miss Shangguan Bihan has known me for so long, and see when I have suffered a loss."

Hearing Lin Chen's playful and confident tone, Shangguan Bihan covered his mouth and chuckled, charming and charming, as if remembering the two when they first met, their faces flushed.

This year's entrance examination with all their hearts and minds officially ended.

Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan were taken away by the mentors, and the two reluctantly bid farewell to Lin Chen.

Eight of the students in the Jingding inner courtyard were taken to the lion, eagle and beast, and began a long flight.

In order to avoid Liu Jianqing and Lin Chen fighting, the two were arranged on the backs of two lions, eagles and beasts.

Bald old simply introduced Lin Chen to the inner courtyard.

The first is credits, which are the monetary resources of the entire college. They can be shared between elders and tutors. They can be used to purchase immortals, exercises, medicinal materials, special practice venues, open classrooms, and mentor guidance.

The outer court is mainly based on open classrooms and training, supplemented by team training, and the method of earning credits is relatively simple.

The competition in the inner court is quite fierce, and the task of earning credits and the degree of complexity of the danger are many times higher than the outer court!

Also, not all students from the outer colleges can become inner college students.

There are only a handful of students who enter the inner courtyard every year, all of them are strong hands, and some students end up leaving after the ordinary five-year study period in the outer courtyard.

There are more than 90,000 students in the outer courtyard, but less than 10,000 in the inner courtyard. The lowest level of internal school students is also the triple of the battlefield, and all are extraordinary people, the elite of the elites selected from the genius!

The top ranks in the inner courtyard are even prevalent, and even some young mentors are transferred from the inner courtyard to become mentors and continue to stay in the college to teach and practice.

"It turns out that there are so many wonderful uses of credits. There are even special training venues!"

Lin Chen was full of excitement, looking forward to this trip to the academy, I don't know what kind of attribute light ball will be picked up!


Through the clouds, the lions, eagles and beasts brought Lin Chen and his party into a whole new world!

It was already entering the night, but after passing through the clouds, all the arrivals were full of light!

The sky hangs two sun-like dazzling light clusters, such as the sky and the sky, the mountains lingering, and the pavilions. Each mountain has a completely different Aura attribute.

Located in the middle of the mountains is an ancient city, very vast.

"Two suns? No, it's a man-made sun? I rely, this is awesome!"

Lin Chen swallowed, and he finally understood why Tiange Academy was called the strongest genius gathering place!

Cultivating under this environment and background, even the first pig can cultivate something different. Not to mention the geniuses who choose one million and one million.

"Little guys, your identity jade card is marked with your own class, and now you have to rely on yourself to be familiar with the inner courtyard. Remember, you cant fight privately in the college. It happens to be a college meeting today. First find your class with each other."

The old bald waved Lin Chen and others to the lower part of the college.

Lin Chen and others were sent to the center of the city, the square in the center of the city; at this time, there were tens of thousands of students in the inner courtyard, and each class was equipped with a registration card as a standard.

"I depend!"

Lin Chens eyes shine, and the attributes of the entire square are dazzling. The strength of these inner courtyard students is basically higher than that of Lin Chen, but the grades will not be too different, so their side will fall more or less. Property light sphere.

The number of attribute light spheres gathered by tens of thousands of students is no more than the one that Lin Chen obtained outside Xuantian City!

"Calm down first, no one robs me of these attributes, and wait for someone to leave and I will try again."

Lin Chen regained his state of mind and opened his own identity jade card; it was shown above; Student: Lin Chen-Class 66 of the inner courtyard-Credits: 5.

"Inner courtyard class 66..."

Lin Chen looked around, and immediately found that the side of the square was marked with the 66 class sign.

Somewhat bizarrely, there are only 23 students in the 66 classes, which is more than double the number of other classes, and there are no living people within 1,000 kilometers. Seems to be specially isolated?

Lin Chen walked silently to the last row of Class 66.

Seeing Lin Chen coming to stand, the red girl in the back row turned the quirky eyes. Her eyebrows are light, her short hair is soft, her beautiful eyes are like stars, and she is lively and sunny.

The girl smiled and shouted at Lin Chen with a soft and soft gesture of shaking hands.

"Huh, are you a new transfer student?"

"Yes, under Lin Chen, dare to ask the girl?"

Lin Chen gave a friendly smile and shook hands with her.

"My name is Yue Linlin, and I will advise you a lot."

She smiled her face, her palms were soft and warm, Lin Chen was a touch away.

"Huh? Something."

Confused in his heart, when Lin Chen stretched his hand back, he found a transparent sleeve on his palm.

Looking at this appearance, it is somewhat similar to the Du X wire that Lin Chen bought when he was on earth!

Someone Lin was taken aback! Send a set at this meeting?

What do she want to do in broad daylight? I'm a principled male prostitute!

Several male students next to him saw Lin Chen dare to shake hands with this little demon, and he looked like a ghost!

Doesn't this kid not know her name, but is this "Tricky Queen" of Tiange Academy?

"Girl, if you think about it. You can come to me at any time."

Lin Chen was serious and emphasized the word "tong".