My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Beauty Class Teacher

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Chapter 68

Lin Chen was about to put his hand back in his pocket, only to find that his hand was stuck! The palms of both hands are completely open!

"Don't be pitted!"

At the time Lin Chen secretly called the blunder; a dozen figures appeared at the seat at the head of the square!

Above the stage are elders and senior mentors in the college.

Out of a dozen people, there is an old man with a straight eyebrow, and his old face turns a pair of falcon-like sharp eyes.

After all the students are assembled; the word eyebrow old man.

"Two days ago, due to the recruitment of new students, a large number of elders and mentors went out, resulting in an indecent incident of an inferior female tutor in the outer court. After the mentor Xu Ying and her husband were stunned by the mysterious person, Xu Tutor was abducted to the youth outside the outer court. Yuelin, when Tutor Xu was found by other tutors, the clothes were messy and Qingyuelin was scorched a large area. According to our investigation, the outsiders have been excluded. The prisoners are very likely to be hidden in our inner courtyard!"

The elder eyebrow arouses thousands of waves!

All the students in the inner courtyard looked at the people around them with surprise and doubt.

"The two Xu Mentors and their husbands are both terrible, and there are not many people who can stun them and set on fire. There are not many people in the inner courtyard. Class 66 Zhang Yu, you were working from noon to afternoon the day before yesterday. Well."

Elder Brow's sharp gaze swept to the direction of Class 66!

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly. In this case, the name is class 66?

Nearly 10,000 students even looked at class 66, pointing one by one, as if the prisoner was in the class!

"Go back... Elder. I... I was retreating in the inner courtyard, and Elder Gu can prove..."

A brutal young man in Class 66 in the inner courtyard raised his hand violently and said in a huff.

"And... and our cold instructor is... know, although my body and strength are among the best in the courtyard, but... I...I am still a can I be indecent...Mr. Xu..."

Several male students around the rugged youth smirked wildly, and some even burst into tears.

Lin Chen was a little ashamed, and this man was a little straightforward.

Elder Brow swept the tall, cold-eyed woman with long legs behind her.

After Leng Yan woman nodded, Elder Brow asked.

"Class 66 should be bright, what were you doing at the time."

The first white man in the front row of Class 66 was handsome and handsome, and he was among the dragons and phoenixes. When asked, he immediately stood up and calmed down with a calm voice.

"Back to the elders, I was practicing at the martial arts field at that time! Although my man is overbearing, Mentor Zhou knows me. I never do things that force others in terms of men and women."

The young man in white shrugged his shoulders and said, "I like being passive."

There was crazy smirk all around.

"Class 66, Gu Chenfeng, what about you?"

Elder Yimei turned to a young man in red again.

The young man in red is evil and handsome, with a **** smile lingering in the corner of his mouth, and an arrogant sneer.

"Why do you look at me, if I take action; the one who is being rude will be Xu Tuo and her husband."

As soon as this remark came out, the male student in Class 66 stepped back silently...

Lin Chen wiped a cold sweat, what class did I go to...

"It seems that there has been no substantial progress in this matter for the time being. For the sake of Xu Tutor's reputation, we decided to issue this matter in the mission hall at the level of a 4-level task. If any candidate can find a behind-the-scenes hand or provide relevant evidence, All can get mission rewards."

The old brow's words surprised many students present.

"4 level mission, I heard that the highest mission of the college is only 6 level, I am afraid the rewards are very rich!"

Lin Chen touched his chin, his eyes lit up.

Then; the elders of the college came to the stage to announce the revision of the special practice venue, and the day of the next month's open class, the college meeting is the day to announce the college's arrangements and important reports every month.

The college meeting was over; the students dissent while discussing.

After a while, many people and a silver-robed teenager stooped back and forth in the square, picking up against the ground for a while.

"What is this kid doing?"

"A face that I haven't seen before, is it a freshman?"

"Don't come near him! This kid is class 66!"

"Mommy! I entered Class 66 as soon as I switched into the class. Ruthless, hurry away!"

When I heard that Lin Chen was in class 66, a large number of students in the inner courtyard seemed to see the **** of plague and hurried away from Lin Chen.

[The host gains 611 points of spiritual power, 9442 points of fire energy, 12488 points of essence of fighting spirit, 9724 points of spirit of skill, 29974 points of energy of qi and blood]

Lin Chen completely ignored the sound of the discussion around him.

"What is he doing~?"

Lin Linlin, who had previously been guilty of Linchen, looked at him curiously;


Lin Chen had just picked up the attributed light sphere, and the sound of breaking through the shackles came from his body.

[The host enters the seventh realm of psychic realm.

A light screen pops up in the system, and Lin Chen still has time to watch. A pair of white, silky, sleek long legs are presented in front of Lin Chen's eyes, and the woman's fragrance is introduced into the tip of her nose.

Lin Chen looked up; the slender little man was wrapped in a black skirt, and the plump mountains that were about to burst the lining of the shirt made someone Lin subconsciously marvel.

"Really fierce!"

Hearing this, Yue Linlin on one side couldn't help but lose sight!

Standing in front of Lin Chen, Leng Yan woman in a black dress instantly looked like a frost, and her jade hands seized Lin Chen's arm like a ghost!

Brush ~~!

When Yu Yu's hand touched Lin Chen's arm, frost rose, and the cold and icy icy cold froze Lin Chen's entire right arm!

The cold dissipated, Lin Chen's right arm was frozen, but the left arm was gleaming with a gleam of blue light, and he embraced Leng Yan's slim waist.

Even if one arm was frozen by the ice of war, Lin Chen still smiled.

"This beautiful elder sister, she will do it as soon as she comes up, isn't it reasonable?"

Some of the students in the inner courtyard who had not left were stunned. How could this kid dare to play with Leng Yueqi, the deputy host of the Penal Hall? Is he ignorant or bold!

"It turns out that this is your hole card."

Leng Yan beauty said indifferently.

Looking at Lin Chen, Leng Yanjia's expression scolded seriously.

"Don't be big or small, call Leng Yueqi instructor. I am in charge of the 66 class you are in."

It turned out to be the head teacher!

Lin Chen suddenly realized that this one is such a beautiful class teacher, who can stand it!

"Shut up your salty pig hand yet?"

Leng Yueqi looked cold, but Lin Chen laughed and laughed.

"Then you have to wait for your tutor to unblock me."

Seeing Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi confronting each other, he made no concessions.

Yue Linlin smashed it, smashed her lovely cherry mouth, and wondered.

"He is not even afraid of the cold devil, he deserves to be able to enter our class, and he is indeed a monster!"

Leng Yueqi's eyes narrowed, she just wanted to test whether the kid's strength was qualified to enter her class, but she didn't expect to limit herself with one shot!