My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Ghost Talent Class Class 66

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Chapter 69, Ghost Talent Class66 Class!

"The power hidden in his left arm has the dragon's breath. I'm afraid I will force him down. He will also fight back in jedi. Hehe, it's interesting."

Leng Yueqi unblocks the cold war on Lin Chen's right arm.

"When do you want to hug."

Leng Yueqi's words are not salty and light, Lin Chen smiled and shrugged: "This is no wonder student me, you are the first tutor to shoot."

Lin Chen quickly withdrew his left arm, converged the momentum of the Qinglong arm, and returned to the harmless smile of humans and animals.

"You are barely a seedling. I will start a special class in the classroom eight days later. If you dare to be late; you will be at your own risk."

Leng Yueqi flicked Lin Chen's cold eyes and walked away with tall, round, snow-white legs. In the direction she left, any student in the inner courtyard pushed away, not daring to look at it.

"Lin Chen, you are so powerful! You are the first person to hold the female devil and be safe!"

Yue Linlin jumped up and down, and Qian Yan glanced at Lin Chen's body with a curious light, full of interest in him.

"I didn't really hug her, I was just on alert. Also, I don't want to play with you."

Lin Chen waved his hand and decisively ignored Yue Linlin and lifted his foot away.

"Don't ~~ people finally find someone who is willing to talk to me!"

Yue Lin Lin Lian moved, keeping up with Lin Chen's pace, Lin Chen always kept a distance of more than three meters with her.

Seeing this Nizi has been following himself, Lin Chen asked casually.

"Why the other students ran as soon as they saw us."

"You still don't know about class 66?"

Yue Linlin was very surprised. She smiled and put on a flower next to Lin Chen, whispering softly.

"Class 66 is a heterogeneous class in the entire inner courtyard. Those who can enter this class are considered to be the most troublesome and quirky students of the college, and also have the top talent! Known as the ghost class!"

Yue Linlin's explanation made Lin Chen's mouth twitch slightly, feeling that he was judged as the most troublesome type by the deputy dean and bald elder!


A mass of red dust was ignited in the void by Lin Chen's fire fighting spirit, and counterattacked on Yue Linlin's body.

She was frightened, when was the "Hundred Flowers Dust" she secretly used discovered?

Dust makes people very itchy, and is one of the treasures she often tricks others without knowing it. But the method of release is insignificant. Once infected, it needs special medicine soaking to release

"Yue Linlin, I said, I don't have time to play with you. Just tickle slowly~"

Lin Chen smiled lightly, and directly urged the body method to get rid of Yue Linlin.

The girl was stunned, stomping her feet vigorously, her teeth gnawed, and she was about to catch up with Lin Chen, her body tickled, and her pretty face was suddenly angry and flushed.

"Huh! Lin Chen, Miss Ben remembers you! You will be teased by you! One time~ Itchy~"


Lin Chen went to the mission hall of the college; there are a large number of tasks listed on the bulletin board. Each task has a clear level and rewards, and some of the more dangerous tasks are still team tasks.

Lin Chen found the task promulgated by the previous court meeting that was acceptable to all; investigating the case of Qingyue Lin Xu Tutor. Level 4 mission; reward: 30,000 credits.

Every second counts. After placing the identity jade card on the task bar and accepting the task, Lin Chen leaves.

After a quarter of an hour; Qingyue Lin.

Lin Chen found Qingyue Lin according to the college map; he was not a brainless act. He was certain of finding out the truth about this incident!

"Pingsheng Zidian!"

Lin Chen urged Zijin pupil, the world's scene changed greatly; in the half-burnt Qingyue forest, the air was still filled with char and ash energy.

Several silhouettes flashed in Qingyue Lin, students from the inner courtyard also came to investigate. Lin Chen ignored them directly and concentrated on finding clues that were useful to him.

Lin Chen, who has practiced to the fourfold of Zijin Tong, is above the insight of the treasure master in the entire wasteland. If even he can't find any clues in Qingyuelin, then the hope of detecting the entire event is very slim.

"Huh? This is!"

In less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen was under a charred thousand-year-old tree; his purple gold pupil caught a trace of ash scattered, and the signs of burning here took longer than any other place.

"This is the point of fire. The original criminal is the fire that ignited here. But, strangely, there are no traces of fighting spirit left."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. Generally speaking, this kind of arson would ignite the entire Qingyue Forest. The original criminal must be the fire fighter, but he did not find any trace of the use of fire fighters here!

"Is the reason for arson to hide people's eyes and ears? What is it trying to cover up?"

Lin Chen continued to search; in the burned edge area, which is also the central area of Qingyue Lin, he has made new discoveries!

There are traces of ice fighting in this area!

Under the raging fire, even the powerful Tiangang Realm can hardly find the remaining ice fighting spirit, but under Lin Chen's Zijin pupil; at a glance!

"This ice-based combat spirit extends all the way out of Qingyuelin, and the footprint of this ice-based combat spirit is very petite and light, and it seems that it is not left by men."

Lin Chen unfolded his body and followed the end of the ice fighting spirit all the way.

At the end of the ice combat, there is an ice valley, which is a special training site belonging to the academy. Only by paying credits can you enter to practice. It has the auxiliary function of rapid progress for students who practice water and ice.

"There are too many students in the valley who are practicing ice combat, and even if they find it, it is difficult to distinguish them completely with my current Zijin pupil."

Lin Chen frowned, and this clue was lost here.

Lin Chen, who was about to lift Zijin Tong, was about to sit down and rest, and at this moment, his eyes suddenly lit up!

He pushed away from the burnt dead wood on the ground, and inside the ashes, a pendant with a bright light appeared.

Lin Chen picked it up, this is a blue crystal earring; the crystal hexagonal refraction crystal is very beautiful.

"You can't be wrong! This earring has the man's fighting spirit! It was the original criminal at the time!"

The flash of light in his eyes, Lin Chen's mouth faintly outlined a confident smile!

"This result is really amazing!"


The next day; a shocking news came out of the inner courtyard, the college was about to hold a second meeting!

The academy will only be held for more than a month. This is the first time in history!

Inner courtyard; Baiyu Square.

More than 8,000 students gathered at Baiyu Square, and some students failed to arrive because they went out to perform tasks or practice.

The elders of the previous eyebrows, the bald elders and the deputy dean who were in charge of the examination were all present.

There are more than a dozen mentors and senior elders who also stood on the stage without knowing their faces; while standing directly in front of the mentors and elders was Lin Chen!

"Thank you very much for our deputy president to hold this second meeting temporarily. I have found a real prisoner about the case of Tutor Xu."

Lin Chen stood on the stage, facing the students of the school, with a confident smile, he made a thousand waves!