My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 7

Chapter 7: I Will Abuse Your Mother Not To Know

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Chapter 7, I will abuse your mother not to know!

Shenwuzong Neizong area, a towering mountain, surrounded by clouds, like a fairyland.

There is a canyon in the mountain, filled with disciples of Shenwu Sect on both sides. Today is a biennial ranking competition for disciples of Neizong, which will be the biggest event of Neizong!

In the middle of the canyon, dozens of acres of ring are unfolded. In front of the ring, dozens of young men and women are imposing and enter one by one!

"It is the fifty strong disciples of Nei Zong!"

"I'm optimistic about Sister Zirou in this ranking competition. Her set of waves and wind breaks the mountains. You can retreat more than a dozen of our disciples in Qi Refining territory with just momentum."

"Cut, Brother Tang Feng has a sword in his hand, and he has reached the top ten in the last time he participated in the ranking competition. I think it has entered the top three this time."

"Brother Zeng Yunhai has been able to maintain the first place for two years. I don't know if any disciples of Nei Zong can shake his position.

"Speaking of Kendo, I still like Liao Jianhua. Although this person is unruly, but his qualifications are really against the sky. He could fight dozens of rounds with the elders undefeated half a year ago. Obviously, he already has the top ten levels of internal sect."

"I heard that he is also practicing medicine, which is really a demon, people are more dead than people!"

The disciples of the outer ancestors on both sides of the canyon watched the ranking competition excitedly.

At the lowest level of the canyon, the disciples of Zhongneozong who participated in the ranking competition sat at the designated position.


At the entrance of the entrance, a gust of wind rolled up. The participants were young men in their 20s, with white clothes and swords, sword eyebrows and starry eyes, and cold and arrogant. If the whole person was riding the wind, the pace was floating and floating, and the official admission caused some The screams of the female disciples.

"Jianhua, you are here."

A wonderful young woman sitting in a specific seat is glad to stand up. Her face is closed, her pretty eyes are like water, and there is a charming temperament hidden under the seemingly gentle appearance.

"Well, Qing'er, thank you for picking medicinal herbs for me this time, so that I can go further."

Liao Jianhua arrived at his specific seat and hugged Su Qing'er, squeezing the latter's exquisite and delicate body like anyone else, and said with a smile.

"Hey, Liao Jianhua, I heard that you little girl is a foreign sect disciple, and Lin Chen's old friend is good. The one named Lin Chen is not easy now, and he has seriously injured Sun Changyan with a punch. You may be in trouble now. "

Liao Jianhua's black armored man in the back seat laughed, and Su Qing'er in Liao Jianhua's arms changed slightly, but he quickly converged and giggled.

"Lin Chen's son is just an abandoned baby adopted by my uncle, a mere mortal, even if it is a little adventure, how can it be compared with my Jianhua."

Su Qing'er smirked and covered her disgust at Lin Chen in her tone.

"It's just a waste of opportunity. He dares to show up. Ben Shao only needs a sword. This time the first place of the internal sect is none other than myself."

Liao Jianhua said carelessly.


"Is that Liao Jianhua?"

Lin Chen walked through the back row of the auditorium on both sides, and when Liao Jianhua entered the stadium, his eyes narrowed and his chance passed by.

Then, Lin Chen picked up an attribute light ball around him and absorbed it into the body.

He looked around and found that apart from the disciples at the level of Refining Realm, there were no attribute spheres around the disciples in the quenching physical state.

"It seems that cultivation is too weak for me or too strong for me, there will be no attribute light ball."

Looking at the elders and the Sovereign Sovereign of the Emperor Wu on the high platform, there was no attribute light ball around them, Lin Chen knew.

Lin Chen, who was immobile, calmly picked up the attribute light **** of the auditorium on both sides, ready to go.


"Is this Liao Jianhua elaborately cultivated by Elder Lu? Well, he is a good man with a strong sword and a strong sword. He is a good seedling."

Sitting outside the hillside bench at the end of the canyon, a Tsing Yi man nodded approvingly.

"Oh, Sect Master, this time Jianhua may bring you an unexpected surprise."

A white-haired old man beside him smiled and looked very proud.

"Then let Ben Zong see what other cards this little guy has."

Sovereign Lord Shenwu shook his head with a smile, then stood up.

"Neizong ranking game, now officially! This case is not too much nonsense, all the disciples in the audience will draw lots and compare, and all the disciples will have a challenge to the ranking students in the ranking game!"

The audience was boiling, and many disciples of the Nongzong rubbed their hands, and their fighting intentions were brilliant!

"Top 50 disciples of Nei Zong, draw lots!"

An elder walked out slowly holding the lottery box and announced aloud.

All fifty disciples of the internal sect went out together, drawing lots one by one, and then came to the ring number they had drawn.

Wow~~! !

At this moment, the audience was in an uproar!

On the 7th ring, stood a young man in silver robe. He was a single-handed man with a tiger's eyebrow and a domineering cold.

The first place in the internal sect, Zeng Yunhai!

His opponent turned out to be Liao Jianhua who turned out!

The best dark horse is the strongest against Neizong!

Two high-profile Nejong masters met in the first round!

"Brother Zeng Yunhai is already at the eighth level of Qi Refining Realm, and only Liao Jianhua, who has only five levels of Qi Refining, should not be his opponent?"

Many Nei Zong disciples swallowed their saliva. This battle was a shocking eye!

Zeng Yunhai jumped into Lei Taichung, Liao Jianhua took off, and both of them entered the venue!

"No matter what you are in first place, Ben Shaojian breaks everything."

Liao Jianhua held the sword and said indifferently.

"See the real chapter,"

Zeng Yunhai is neither salty nor light, and suddenly pulls his sword!

Even the elders are very concerned about this battle, it is simply a top ten-level matchup staged in advance!

Knife out, day and night like a sharp edge!

Zeng Yunhai held the knife with both hands, and the blade was like a violent storm, which caused the whole typhoon to surge!

"Kuanglan shocked the knife!"

The tumbling waves smashed a few feet of white awns, killing the sky!

The killing power of this knife is not trivial. Even in the face of the demon worms encountered by Lin Chen before, it is entirely possible to repel it head-on!

One shot is a trick! Zeng Yunhai did not underestimate Liao Jianhua at all!

"Cloud Thunder Sword Technique!"

The sword emerged like a dragon, and the fierce swordmang pierced the white mang of Zeng Yunhai hidden under the sword, and Liao Jianhua urged his body to sweep like a gust of wind.

"Green-level combat skills! Both of them used green-level combat skills from the beginning!"

A group of unranked disciples of Nejong shouted enthusiastically.

Swords and swords, dancing endlessly. The fighting experience of the two is tricky and fierce. Between the collision of eyes, neck, heart, blade and sword tip, there is a killing opportunity, and all the disciples of the inner sect are thrilling!

The shadows are criss-crossing, and the body skills of the two are among the best in the inner sect. Except for a small number of people, many disciples can only see two residual images roaring!

Other battles staged in the ring are far less eager than this one. Everyone is holding their breath and they dare not miss any details!

After squinting his eyes, Lin Chen practiced the alchemy fingerprint, and after absorbing the light ball of the spiritual power attribute, his perception was different from the warriors of the same level many times. Liao Jianhua's movements were under his eyes!

"His skill in swordsmanship is high, but I may not necessarily have no chance to defeat him."

There was a confident smile on the corner of his mouth. When everyone was paying attention to the battle, he had walked into the area of the disciples of the inner clan and picked up a lot of attribute light balls!

Ring 7;

"Thunder crash!"

"Three Thousand Sea Blades!"

When the battle stepped into fierce heat, the shadow of the sky collided with the shocking electric light of the sword, and the entire ring shivered!

The tip of the sword flashing with thunder, as if it had been standing for a long time, it seemed to unload the force, but in fact the blade was hidden, the blade suddenly shook, and once again fired three thick arms with electric arms and swept to Zeng Yunhai!


Zeng Yunhai's face changed slightly, and his body was spinning, he was able to avoid this backhand blow, and then Liao Jianhua's sword spirit was violently destroyed like a rainstorm pear!

Brush brush ~~~!

The wind breaking sound screamed, and Zeng Yunhai's body appeared light blood marks one after another!


Jianguang flipped, a mighty strength came from Jianfeng, and a sword bombarded Zeng Yunhai!


Blood spilled into the sky, Zeng Yunhai was blown by a sword, like a broken kite, fell to the ground, blood stained chest!

Many foreign sect disciples stood up one after another! Is it going to be a big hit today?

"Your sword technique has actually reached the realm?"

Zeng Yunhai's mouth is **** and incredibly disappointed!

Transmigration is the ultimate in combat skills training. Combat skills move with your heart, as you wish, and with your thoughts. In this state of unity between man and nature, not even the elders of Shen Wuzong reached this level!

"You are nothing more than an extension of a mortal man, and Ben Shao is a real genius. Give you a chance to roll off the ring yourself, otherwise Ben Shao will abandon you on the spot!"

Liao Jianhua Jian Feng pointed away from Zeng Yunhai, and the terrifying confidence and disdain showed in the eyebrows, he didn't put him in the eye!

"I, I admit defeat..."

Zeng Yunhai gritted his teeth fiercely, bowing his head extremely unwillingly.

On the combat skills, he believes that even if it is not as good as Liao Jianhua, it will not be too far away, but if the opponent's swordsmanship is turned into a realm, then he has no possibility of victory!

"Brother Zeng Yunhai actually lost?"

Neizong disciples in many battles all looked sideways, and Zeng Yunhai, Neizong's strongest, actually lost to Liao Jianhua, who was only ranked forty years ago.

"Hahaha, good, good, good! Sword Art of Transmigration, since more than forty generations of my disciple Wu Shenzong, there has never been a disciple who can comprehend Sword Art of Transmigration in his early twenties. This Liao Jianhua is indeed the first genius of Shen Wuzong what!"

The Sovereign of the Sovereign Sect Emperor Wu Xu laughed and appreciated Liao Jianhua, and all the elders immediately flattered and congratulated.


Just as everyone was still in shock, the crisp applause sounded through the audience!

"What a good swordsmanship, I wonder if Liao Datian is interested in playing a game with me?"

Everyone heard it, and a black-shirted boy came slowly to the rest area of the disciple of Nei Zong, with a self-confident smile drawn from the corner of his mouth.

"Little guy, who are you?"

The referee elder asked in doubt, he did not have the disciple of this number in his impression.

"Foreign disciple, Lin Chen."

Being neither humble nor overbearing, Lin Chen talked and laughed and clenched his fists.

Wai Zong disciple? Not only the referee elder, but also the tens of thousands of disciples off the court were shocked!

"Lin Chen? Actually it was him, he was promoted to the Qi Refining Realm?"

Su Qing'er's body trembles, stunned, and stands up to stare at his back.

"A foreign sect disciple wants to challenge Liao Jianhua, who has just defeated Nei Zong's strongest? Lin Chen, are you serious?"

The referee elder frowned, questioning his tone.

Although it did not violate the rules, this kind of behavior is undoubtedly a dead end!

"He is that Lin Chen?"

"Haha, I remembered the goods. It is said that when Su Qinger came to Liao Jianhua, he chased into Neizong with tears and sweat, and laughed at me."

"I remember that if Brother Liao Jianhua was not going out to retreat, he would be able to shoot him with a slap, hahaha."

"It's estimated that it's a broken pot. It's funny to hit the stone with an egg."

The disciples outside the court laughed, even Liao Jianhua shook his head and laughed.

"I'm wondering if you are crazy, you are not even qualified to meet the heel of Master Ben. Still, this woman is really so important to you."

Liao Jianhua raised her eyebrows and looked at Su Qing'er teasingly and Lin Chen.

"Why don't you kneel down and call Grandpa now, maybe I will tell you with compassion how she feels in bed, hahaha!"

Liao Jianhua was full of enthusiasm, laughing in the sky!

Lin Chen was not surprised; Youya laughed.

"It's not what it used to be. This kind of merchandise is now in my eyes. It's not even suitable for me to lift shoes. Of course, there is you, Liao Jianhua."

There was a sense of murderous murder under the childish face!

"I will torture your mother not to know!"