My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 70

Chapter 70: What Is The Rollover Scene? ?

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Chapter 70 ?

"Shouldn't it be nonsensical? Even the elders of the Tiangang Realm didn't catch the prisoner in person, but the wild boy who came out."

"Hey, this kid seems to be a freshman in class 66?"

"It's actually the ghost who is in class 66. Is this kid really telling me?"

Many doubts, comments, and disdain came from the audience.

The students in Class 66 also cast a curious look. This freshman has just arrived yesterday. They have not really understood who he is.

As part of the ghost class, they were also curious about Lin Chen's unique potential and ability!

"You can't do it. For such an important thing, let this boy Hu come to hold a conference. If you don't find a prisoner, wouldn't it be an oolong?"

On the stage; Elder Yimei gave a serious message to the vice president and the bald elder.

"Hey, rest assured, a brow old ghost, I tell you; treat this kid, you never want to see through him completely. Give it to him with confidence, he is an unprecedented young man who climbed to the top of the True Dragon Mountain."

The old bald man laughed strangely, and the old man looked at Lin Chen's back in amazement, and there was a shock in the old eyes. This young man even climbed to the top of the mysterious True Dragon Mountain?

"Today, my detective Linmou will lead you to reshape the scene of the crime scene."

Lin Chen put on his self-made sunglasses and talked with laughter.

"The first is arson. There are causes and motives for everything. At that time, it was found that the spread of the fire was already the most rapid. But Xu Tutor who was in Qingyuelin did not suffer any damage because of the fire. This proves that There are other reasons for setting fires, not for destroying corpses."

Lin Chen pushed his sunglasses and then said.

"Secondly, the tutor Xu Ying was found to have messy clothes when he was found, but there was no direct evidence of indecent assault by men. In order to take care of the psychology of Tutor Xu, I will not go into the details here. We just need to know that no one can It proves that a male had molested Tutor Xu at that time."

Talking about here; Lin Chen looked in a certain direction, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

"Let's go back to the most primitive and strange place of the question. Who can stun the two mentors and take away one person, we overthrow the original idea, if this person is a woman? Then the whole college There are multiple female students who can do this."

Lin Chen can't be said to be astonishing and endless. This remark made the students and elders in the inner courtyard look surprised and incredible!

Female students go to molest female tutors?

This one-of-a-kind bold speculation, nobody really dares to think about it!

"Could it be that?"

Class 66's Yue Linlin's eyes are brighter and brighter, as if to think of some characters and things!

"Everyone will talk nonsense, but you have been talking for so long, and everything is still your personal speculation. Do you have any evidence or clues to prove your speculation? I think you are just fart and want to cheat credits! "

The two white-haired elders leaned on crutches and treated each other with cold eyes, sneering at Lin Chen.

"Oh~ Don't worry, the elders of the refining medicine department, I just ate more than a thousand strains of dragon's grass. What a big deal, as soon as I rushed to wear small shoes."

Lin Chen glanced disdainfully at the two elders, their faces flushed with anger, and they were about to debate.

"Okay! Don't talk nonsense, student Lin Chen, come up with your exact evidence and clues, otherwise don't blame the old man to handle you according to the rules, dare to hold a private meeting, but you are the first!"

Elder Yimei raised his sleeves, slightly dissatisfied.

The two elders of the refining medicine department ridiculed Lin Chen with a sneering glance and stepped aside.

"Since I dare to stand on this stage, I will give everyone a truth. Returning to the topic just now, how many people in our college can stun two mentors and take away the female students of Xu."

Lin Chenyi reminded that all students subconsciously associate with no more than five female students in the inner courtyard who can do this!

Suddenly, some female students' faces changed slightly!

"You don't have to guess among the few people, I will give you a certain clue."

At this moment; Lin Chen spread his palms, a delicate and delicate hexagonal blue crystal earrings appeared on his fingertips, all the students present could only see the appearance of the earrings with a little urgency.

"Below is a treasurer. I picked it up at the crime scene using my treasurer's method. It was determined that the original criminal left it at that time!"

Lin Chen's sight suddenly locked on a woman in the crowd!

"This, isn't this sister Su Lan's earrings?"

As soon as the blue earrings appeared, all the students looked in the direction of a certain class, and their eyes fell on a beautiful lady in a light blue dress.

Her eyebrows are beautiful, her eyes are like jade, her figure is exquisite and delicate, her skin is like gelatin, and her delicate and full appearance is before her. The temperament is quiet and indifferent, such as hibiscus out of water, blooming jacaranda, dusty and elegant.

The beautiful lady's white jade neck looks like an elegant swan, and the delicate ear tips hang a blue earring that is very similar to Lin Chen's hand!

"I heard that the Lanmen established by Sister Su Lan has regulations to recruit all kinds of beautiful women."

"I remembered that there were often rumors before; some girls said that Su Lan had the habit of loving beautiful women."

"I think of it too. It seems that Sister Su Lan also often abets the school girls not to make boyfriends and don't believe men..."

Many ups and downs of horrified discussion echoed; even the mentors and elders couldn't help but hold their breath!

"This elder sister's practice is terrible, and her strength is one of the few that can stun the presence of two mentors. Secondly, the arson is also to cover the traces of the ice attribute fighting spirit that the elder sister left on the scene. The elders in Tiangang Realm found that the remnants of war were very dangerous, weren't they."

Lin Chen pushed his sunglasses and suddenly pointed to Su Lan!

"There is only one truth! Sister Su Lan, you are the original criminal!"

Lin Chen is so beautiful, 30,000 credits are available the next day he enters the inner courtyard!

Under the public attention, Su Lan's elder sister was on the verge of trouble and raised a smile of grace.

"This student's analysis and reasoning is almost perfect, admire, admire. But did the student forget something, my earrings are pentagonal refracting blue crystals, not hexagonal."

Sister Su Lan gently took off her earrings. Everyone compared them carefully. Although the two earrings were 90% similar, the earrings of Sister Su Lan belonged to pentagonal blue crystal, and Lin Chen took out the hexagonal blue crystal !

Isn't the original criminal Sulan Xuejie?

After Lin Chen looked closely, he couldn't help but twitch his mouth slightly...

Lying trough, isn't it! Brother Chen, I still have a day in the waves?