My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Heads Up Class

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Chapter 71

"No! I have already determined in advance. The attributes and characteristics of the practice are exactly the same as the owner of this earring. How could it be wrong? Did she change the earring on site? But there is no need for this, someone who knows her well I will definitely know what her earrings look like, not to mention there are so many mentors and elders on the scene."

Lin Chen's mind had crossed all kinds of possibilities, and it was at this moment; the grotesque girl's laughter sounded.

"I know who is the owner of this earring."

Everyone answered, and the people who spoke were in Class 66!

It is Yue Linlin!

"If I remember correctly, Sister Su Lan should have a twin sister, Su Lan. She also wears these refracting blue crystal earrings, and the sister is pentagonal, and the sister's earrings are hexagonal, I am right Right. Sister Su Lan."

Yue Linlin stared at a slender beauty behind Su Lan with a smile and said slowly.

Su Lan's expression changed, and the beauty behind him was about to leave.

"I remember too! The twin sisters of Su Lan's sister, Su Lan's earrings are this!"

When a female student spoke; several instructors outside the field immediately surrounded the two girls!

The woman behind Su Lan has a 90% resemblance to her, her teeth clenched, and Qian Yan glared at Lin Chen.

"It turns out not to be a sister, but a sister!"

When she saw that both sisters were in a terrible situation, Lin Chen suddenly realized!

"Su Lan, Elder Ben asked you, where were you at the time of the incident. Why did your earrings appear on the scene!"

Elder Yimei asked extremely seriously, Su Lan looked panicked and hurried under his eyes, trying to justify.

"No, Elder Brow, not me..."

"How do you explain these earrings! This material is exactly the same as your sister!"

"Elder Brow, don't you blame Laner, this time, I am the principal."

At a critical moment, Su Lan stood up; said firmly.


As soon as this statement came out, all the students in the inner courtyard looked very exciting! It is both shocking and amazing!

It was really a good thing for the two sisters! The female student abducted the female tutor, which spread to the entire inner courtyard because of this!

The most important thing is that many people looked at Lin Chen on the stage with awe.

What the **** is this kid, even when he came to the inner courtyard one day, he broke through the level 4 tasks that the elders were helpless!

"This kid even guessed who the prisoner was in just one day!"

"It's worthy of being able to join the class in the inner courtyard, or the talent who can enter the class 66 of the ghost, it is really abnormal!"

All the students in Class 66 looked at Lin Chen differently, surprised, admired, disdainful, curious, and very exciting!

"Student Su Lan, Su Lan. You have committed the crime of jeopardizing the safety of your instructor. The Lan Gate you set up shall be dissolved immediately without error! As for the crime of the two of you, the date will be decided again! You dare to leave the college one step, and the forces behind you can't keep you!"

Elder Yimei screamed and announced the result. Su Lan's face was eclipsed. Su Lan looked calm and looked at Lin Chen's eyes. There was a hint of unwillingness and resentment in the air!

"This little beautiful girl still glared at me. If you didn't commit this thing, wouldn't you have this kind of thing?"

Lin Chen was about to roll his eyes, and the elder with a brow came; solemnly announced.

"Today, I would like to thank trainee Lin Chen for finding out the real murder case for the inner court! Franchise awards: 10,000 credits, plus mission rewards, a total of 50,000 credits!"

"The little guy climbed to the top of Zhenlong Mountain in the admission examination at a young age. The future is limitless."

Elder Brow's rare kind smile made all the students in the courtyard stunned!

This kid actually climbed to the top of Zhenlong Mountain in the admission examination?

Because of the arrogance and arrogance of the students in the inner court, and the news blockade, no one took the initiative to understand the admission assessment.

After all, it was all about the students of the outer college, and even few students who could be promoted into the inner courtyard out of the ordinary.

In an instant; countless hot eyes projected towards Lin Chen! All filled with war will and contempt, and countless doubts!

"Good guy, this old guy made Brother Chen me the target of all. Anyway, if you come one, I will fight one!"

Lin Chen sneered in his heart and smiled.

"Seniors don't worry about it. It's a trivial matter. It's not worth mentioning. Isn't it a real Dragon Mountain? Eat gluten and sing songs."

a piece of cake?

Hearing this sentence, the mentors and elders in the plaza are all twitching...


On the way to the combat skill pavilion; a bamboo forest trail.

"You actually climbed to the top of Zhenlong Mountain, how did you do it!"

Yue Linlin jumped up and down behind Lin Chen, and her curiously curious eyes asked.

"I just said; I ate gluten and sang songs and went up."

Lin Chen looked at the 50050 credits in the identity jade card and said casually.

"So how exactly did you get up! What is the reason? What's on it?"

Yue Linlin was like a curious baby and asked Lin Chen very much.

"Maybe it's because I look handsome."

After answering casually, suddenly felt a strong breath around him, Lin Chen narrowed his eyes and put away the identity jade card.

I saw, before and after the forest path; a figure of a dozen people appeared.

"What is Lin Chen? There are seven psychic realms in your area. How can He De climb to the top of the True Dragon Mountain."

"Gu Chenfeng, this kid is my prey, don't interfere."

"Your mother-in-law will leave Lao Tzu aside. I want to teach this kid to be the first one."

These people are actually the pride of class 66!

"If you want my signature; please line up if you have trouble."

Lin Chen smiled casually and relaxed.

"Your little kid plays there, the arena is less than five miles away from here, dare to pick one of us freely to compare one game! I want to see if you are really good. Ding Zhenlong Mountain's ability!"

Gu Chenfeng, a blood-blooded young man, sneered; Class 66 has always been at odds with each other, and the internal fighting is fierce.

Now there is another Lin Chen who has climbed to the top of the true Dragon Mountain, and they all set their goals on Lin Chen!

"No problem! Don't mention picking one, even if you all go together!"


The arrogance of Class 66 was revealed with anger! This freshman wants to turn the sky!

Not to mention a freshman, not even one of the colleges students dare to threaten to single out all the students in class 66 who are present!

"Good boy! Species! Let's see you in the arena!"

As soon as the two sides touched, Yue Linlin clapped his hands, exulting.

"I have another good show!"


The arena of Tiange Academy is built in a valley; hundreds of students learn and practice here every day.

Fighting and fighting among the strong are also one of the fastest ways to break through the shackles; the masters of the inner courtyard are like clouds, and no one is willing to refuse this cultivation environment.

However, today's college arena has a strange scene! Stop all students in the arena!

An unprecedented scene appeared on a large ring in the middle of the arena!

Class 66, known as the Ghost Talent Class, has never been united, and no one is convinced of each other, but today, they even converge on the same ring, and their opponent is only one person!

Freshman Lin Chen!