My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 73

Chapter 73: I Am A Fair Person.

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Chapter 73, I am a fair person.

Yue Linlin, who did not participate in the battle outside the ring, slightly covered her red lips, and Qian Yan shuddered slightly.

Even if she is well-informed, it is the first time!

Lin Chen defeated the field of 15 students in class 66 with his own strength. Does this mean that he has the talents in all fields of the class of ghost talents?

"This is too terrible! This is not a talent at all! How old is he?"

Yue Linlin's shock also represents the ideas of other veterans. They really saw that an unprecedented Tianjiao is rising!

On the ring

"I...I surrender..."

Qin Xiaofeng surrendered without any war!

If it were not for the some people in the class to force him to come, he would not participate in such a fight at all!

Qin Xiaofeng's figure trembled and disappeared instantly.

Even Lin Chen was amazed by such a strange body method, and looked a little. This person's body might have to sacrifice his own real flame purple phoenix wings to be able to surpass him.

In terms of combat skill reserves, Lin Chen was not worried at all. The combat skills dropped by the many candidates he defeated in the admission examination were all excellent choices.

Now for Lin Chen, apart from the blue-level combat skills, nothing can attract his combat skills.

[The host obtains 30054 points of essence of war energy, 41,000 points of energy of blood energy, 12041 points of ignition energy, 15412 points of merit, two bronze treasure chests,]

Lin Chen picked up the attribute light spheres that fell on the ring. The attribute value of each light sphere was unprecedentedly high!

[The host opens two bronze chests and obtains them separately; 6000 Runic Power and 8000 Spirit Power.

[The host gained a total of 440,000 points of essence of war energy, 55.8 points of energy of blood and energy, 281 thousand points of essence of power, 11,000 points of mental power, gold energy of 76,000 points, wood energy 69,000 points, water system energy 70,000 points, fire system energy 71,000 points, soil system energy 59,000 points.

[The host enters the eightfold psychic realm.

This harvest is beyond Lin Chen's imagination!

In particular, a large number of five-element attribute energy points have been obtained, so that his chaotic Wuling formula has been improved by one or two grades, and the strength of the fighting spirit has skyrocketed!

Zhenshui Guiyuan stopped running, and Lin Chen's injury recovered as before.

One person singled out class 66, Lin Chen didnt hurt at all. On the contrary, he felt that everyone in class 66 was very strong!

But the fatal flaw is also very obvious. The seemingly violent scuffle just now is that everyone in class 66 is fighting alone, completely in a mess, and there is really nothing to say.

Not to mention cooperation, sometimes even dragging on each other.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; his mind was thinking.

"If the fifteen people can be unified into a team just now, the difficulty of combat will increase more than ten times. These young Tianjiao are really terrible."

"Fantastic, wonderful. It's really wonderful. One person singled out 66 people in 15 classes. This freshman is really not good."

At this moment, a burst of applause spread from outside the venue.

Seven students in luxurious costumes stood on a height overlooking Lin Chen. The person headed by him, with three purple-gold lines engraved on his chest, was noble and luxurious.

"Actually Song Qingheng, so powerful spiritual oppression, I am afraid his spiritual strength has already entered the spiritual realm?"

"Spirit Realm? Wouldn't it be possible to represent the Academy to participate in the refining medicine contest in the Wasteland!"

The students in the surrounding inner courtyard looked at a handsome young man headed by seven people in amazement.

Although the clothes of these seven people have not been seen by Lin Chen, it is not unknown that they are all students of the refining medicine department.

"Lin Chen, right, don't think you are a little talented and think of yourself, dare to offend the teacher, let me know today, but here is the Tiange Academy, there are people who are stronger than you, there is a tiger, you have to lie down, you are a dragon, you Its also necessary!"

A handsome young man headed by a condescending contempt, Lin Chen, flicked his nails and said lightly.

He had a bang in the middle, a pale face, and a soft temperament.

Lin Chen could not help but sigh when he saw his first glance.

This hairstyle, this temperament, is another talent who sings and plays basketball.

"Who can go up to knock this **** freshman to the ground, let him crawl away from the arena, I Song Qingheng can refine ten third-order top medicine or two fourth-order lower medicine for me. "

As soon as Song Qingheng opened his mouth, the students in the court of the audience suddenly became upset!

Ten top-level third-level elixir or two fourth-level low-level elixir!

Moreover, it is also the pharmacist who produces the medicinal herbs by himself.

Finding a refining pharmacist to make the designated panacea itself will have to pay a high price, and you need to prepare enough medicines for the refining pharmacist. This condition of Song Qingheng, no one at the scene is unmoved!

"He dare to speak the fourth-order elixir, that is to say, Song Qingheng this guy has already entered the spiritual realm of spiritual energy."

Yue Linlin's eyes appeared a little surprised.

Seeing Yue Linlin, Song Qingheng immediately appeared a smile of admiration and self-confidence.

Fifteen students who were injured in class 66 were sitting on the rest seats. They looked at Lin Chen and the students of the refining medicine department in amazement. How could this guy get into people in the refining medicine department? This is the most troublesome and troublesome force in the inner court!

"Oh? Do the old guys in the refining medicine department send their minions to mess with me so quickly; if they want to make trouble, then they will be turned upside down. I can't ask for it, Brother Chen."

Lin Chen's mouth outlined a smirk, facing the inner courtyard students who were all about to move; he stepped out and announced.

"Life and death are bearish, it's my attitude to life. If I don't accept it, I'll do it. It's my performance art. Since the seniors of the refining medicine department want to play, then today I am Lin Chen, I will accompany the end! I will fight until you serve!"

Lin Chen embraced his chest with both hands, with a provocative and domineering speech, which caused a huge wave from the scene!

"Life and death bearish attitude towards life, performance art if you refuse to accept it. Interesting, interesting! Freshman Lin Chen, I will meet you later!"

"Interesting, freshman Lin Chen is more crazy than when I was admitted!"

"Oh, since everyone else has spoken, then let's go to the whole class together, and use the wheels to kill him!"

"How can such a wheel war be less than our 47th class."

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The momentum was fierce, and afterimages swept from the auditorium; when counted down, there were more than a hundred people!

There are more than 100 students in the inner courtyard, the peak of the battlefield and the arrogance of the ground are everywhere!

If you form a team, it is enough to sweep the second-rate forces in any wasteland!

"Hahaha! Freshman Lin Chen, eight of our class members are here. Fighting on wheels, you can kill you, and I hope you wont be a tortoise!"

Several inner courtyard students couldn't help but laugh with their heads raised, but Lin Chen sighed and shook his head.

"No, my person is more fair!"

Everyone was shocked! This kid was more crazy than anyone just now, why is it that the fairness is suddenly shouting now?

"Oh, okay? What fairness do you want?"

Song Qingheng sneered a sneer, shouting Lin Chen across the sky.

"The wheel battle is too much trouble. For the convenience of all of us, let's go together with the whole class!"

All the students in the inner courtyard who stood out were instantly dumbfounded!