My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 74

Chapter 74: All Disabled

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Chapter 74

The whole class goes together? Is this serious?

Song Qingheng's smile gradually solidified and became cloudy.

Many people think they have heard it wrong!

They are not the 66 classes in a mess, dozens of people join hands, and under the premise of swarming, even the few students with the strongest internal school power, they are completely unknown to them!

"I think you are not only crazy, but also lost your ambition!"

"Fuck! What kind of stinky fish is your kid, dare to single our entire class?"

"Student's mouth is quite crazy, I hope you will get crazy later!"

The old students jumped up and instantly flooded more than forty people to jump onto the ring!

Lin Chen was startled, and then shook his head.

"Why are there more than forty people! You are in two classes? Then the two classes come together!"

The sound of discussion in the entire arena quieted down instantly, and everyone stared at Lin Chen in the ring in disbelief!

Heads-up two inner courtyard classes?

This is crazy!

The students in the inner courtyard are all geniuses. There are more than 100 people in the two classes on site.

It is impossible for anyone to single out all of them at the same time and look at the entire inner courtyard!

The fifteen students in Class 66 who are so proud as ghosts can't help but change their face slightly; this is no longer a question of whether they are crazy or not.

"Interesting, I want to see how you singled out the two students in the inner courtyard!"

Song Qingheng smiled angrily and waved his hand decisively!

"If you get him done, I will double the reward just now!"

Song Qingheng's wealth is thick, and a wave of hands makes the students more excited!

Two figures hidden in the dark of the arena emerged quietly; they watched the audience.

"Will some old guys in the refining medicine department make too much trouble, and there is that Lin Chen who wants to single out two classes. Is this a lunatic?"

"Well, let's be ready to take action at any time. The bald old man told me to give this boy special care."

The two whispered and then escaped into the dark.

Brush brush ~~!

All of them jumped onto the ring, and two classes, as well as dozens of old students from other classes, jumped up to the ring.

"Since you are dying yourself today, no wonder the seniors are cruel!"

More than a dozen old students took the lead, fearing that others would take credit, and surrounded Lin Chen in one breath. The distance between the two parties was only within a kilometer!

Those old students who didn't have time to go to office regret it. More than a hundred old students are facing a new student. Isn't this something within reach?

As long as you come to power, you can also run a third-order panacea!

"Dear seniors, have you been prepared? Prepare again if you don't, and don't say I attacked and bullied you later."

Lin Chen's relaxed freehand laughter is nothing but everyone's ridicule, so who is bullying!

"It's over! I finally found a brother who can play with me, is it going to be planted here?"

Yue Linlin covered her eyes directly, as if unwilling to see the scene where Lin Chen was beaten.

When everyone was looking forward to it, the fifteen people in Class 66 were the first to show a shocking look!

"Blue Dragon Bloodline 10% Power Liberation!"

Lin Chen suddenly screamed, and a blue dragon arm was born in the sky!


A violent dragon's breath resuscitated like a dragon, and he came to the world!

"Slow Rune Corrupt Rune!"

One green, one white! Two stuns that have frightened the ancients have emerged from the air; the emanating waves envelope the entire ring!

The actions of more than 120 old students suddenly stagnate!

At the same time as the two Fulu flashes into the void, there is also a phoenix whining for nine days. Fierce waves like a typhoon transit across the arena instantly!

Everyone can only see a purple light blazing through the sky, followed by the explosions of gas explosions running through all directions!

Bang Bang Bang! !

The fierce and gigantic Qinglong arm was smashed and danced, and the entire ring was broken instantly. Lin Chen was alone and rushed into the inner courtyard student group to sweep the thousand troops!

When everyone reacted, dozens of old students were beaten into the sky, like a falling star, and they were beaten to the auditorium!

Lin Chen's slow rune only delayed one-fifth of his breath, and all the old students broke free from the characteristics of the rune!

But this time, it is already too late!

Lin Chen has already reached the center of all the old students, and all of them are within the attack range of the Green Dragon Arm!

The Qinglong arm rolled through the mountains and rivers and cut off the rivers, just a wave, and beat dozens of old students out of the ring!

10 into the bloodline strength, Lin Chen's left arm strength reached 520,000 tiger power at this moment!

If this pure power is to fight in close combat, it will not dare to look down upon it! Not to mention these old people who only stayed in the early stage of the terrible realm and the nine-fold battlefield!

Such a powerful pure power matches the speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings; Lin Chen can easily fight at close range!

"Grass! This kid is a demon! Rewind!"

Seeing Lin Chen's magnificent, fierce and fierce blue dragon arm, some old students were panicked, urged the body one by one, hated his parents and gave birth to two legs!

The green dragon claw was caught in the ring, Lin Chen suddenly raised his hand!

The power within the blue dragon's arms rolled like a horse galloping! Turn over half of the large ring directly!

Lin Chen shoved his hand like a demon god's hand and slammed the raised platform floor into those old people who tried to escape!

boom! Bang ~!

The ring floor pushed dozens of old students horizontally, crushing them fiercely on the auditorium and exploding the gravel!

"Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger! This kid is hiding so deep that we are all counted by him..."

Lin Chen backhanded again and grabbed it horizontally. The old men's defense was fragile like a tofu block and instantly collapsed!

The airflow collapsed, exploding a wave of air to form a mushroom cloud! The 520,000 tigers destroyed and destroyed all the last forty people in the sky!

Their fighting attack bombarded Lin Chen's green dragon arm, and the dragon scale's indestructible defense made them feel desperate!

The rest of them joined forces and couldn't even break the defense on Dragonscale!


Cut the galaxy with one palm, and beat more than forty people three or four times, flying all over the sky; no resistance or backhand!

The sky seems to be full of colorful'Meteor Shower'. This heavy rain can only be seen by Lin Chen himself, because all the bright lights falling on the ground are attribute light balls!

The battle began with less than ten breaths, and the entire arena, howling and wild, **** sky!

Unlike the battle in Class 66, Lin Chen was merciful to the people in the same class and only repulsed them.

But for these guys, Lin Chen should fight the disabled and the injured, there is no taboo!

Some even have to lie in bed for a few months to convalesce, which is a life-threatening and seriously injured body.

Therefore, the value of the attributed light ball they dropped is higher than that of the previous 66 classes!