My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Jin Entered The Battlefield

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Chapter 75

"Second, second kill?"

"One freshman singled out two classes, 128 old students, turned out to be the second kill of freshmen!"

"It's terrible! In the inner courtyard, I've never seen such a brutal and terrible guy!"

Many old students swallowed madly, scaring their teeth to tremble and breathing air!

The 16 people in Class 66 are proud and arrogant. Lin Chen convinced them with absolute strength!

"This guy is really a freshman this year? He had just hidden so much power in the fight with us!"

Gu Chenfeng, who has always been lawless, revealed the fearful look for the first time!

If Lin Chen used the green dragon arm just now, there is no doubt that the fifteen of their 66 class today must be carried away from this arena!

Facing the remaining more than 700 old students, Lin Chen stepped out and shouted!

"Which one is not convinced, come up!"

Just a sentence, standing in the top genius academy in this wasteland, no one dares to fight against Lin Chen!

Even the two elders hidden in the dark; they were all stunned!

No wonder this kid can be alarmed even for bald elders. His old man specifically ordered to take care of this student. With this kind of qualification, he might be able to open up a sky for their wasteland in the future!

"There is no doubt! This little brother Lin Chen can have a place even in the Lingzhou General College in the 24th domain!"

Staring at Lin Chen's back, Yue Linlin's beautiful eyes were colorful.

"This boy is so powerful?"

Song Qingheng was uncertain, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

"I still have you.

Lin Chen raised a brow, Song Qingheng stepped back and forth again and again, and Nei Lian chuckled.

"Wait for me, a distinguished pharmacist, and you are not at the same level as a mortal, and it is not my field to kill."

Song Qingheng had a chest full of superiority; Lin Chen snapped his fingers.

"Since you think you are very noble, then let's shut you up, and the old things behind you, with the method of a pharmacist."

Lin Chen smiled coldly, Song Qingheng was stunned!

Not only did Song Qingheng froze, but even Class 66 and the vast majority of the old students stayed in place!

"He, is it also..."

Yue Linlin concealed her red lips incredulously, her eyes became particularly eager and expectant!

"You and I are fighting with alchemy skills. The loser will obey the winner's request; and pay the opponent 50,000 credits. How about it, dare to take it!"

Lin Chen's domineering waved his hand; one opening was to press up the 50,000 credits of all his net worth!

"You are also a refining pharmacist? Interesting, interesting! Hahaha! I'm 8 years old learning alchemy fingerprints; at the age of 14, I became a formal pharmacist, at the age of 17, I was a second-order pharmacist, and at the age of 20, I entered the Tiange Academy. Pharmacist! Boy, what qualification do you compare with me! Since you want to send me credits, then you are welcome!"

Song Qingheng laughed in the sky!

Refining medicine? In the entire Tiange Academy, except for some senior elders, among many students, no one can match him!

"Now that you are so confident, you will be in this arena at noon the next day; each of you is ready for credits, and you and I will win!"

"Okay! I will teach you instead of the master; let you see clearly, in the college, who is the king! Who is the person who controls the lifeline of the entire college! Dare to offend the refining medicine department, no one can go up. Climbed!"

The two of them bet on a hit, and the old students gasped hard!

In Tiange College, credit resources are particularly precious, and the price of a top-level green-level top combat skill is only between 4000 and 7000 credits.

The two of them shot 50,000 credits! This handwriting can be called a gamble!

"While he is proficient in all kinds of combat skills; will he still make medicine? Is this still human! Is it fake?"

Everyone in Class 66 looked at each other, revealing the horrified look of the monster.

"There will be a good show tomorrow! Song Qingheng confronts freshman Lin Chen, or refining medicine competition!"

"Hey, Song Qingheng made things difficult for Lin Chen. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 is because he ate the Dragongrass when he entered the exam."

"What? Eating Dragongrass? This one is worth more than one hundred credits, who will eat it directly!"

"You don't know, this kid eats Dragongrass as a meal! I heard that it is roasted more than 1,000 strains of Dragongrass!"

"Crazy! More than a thousand plants?"

The old students talked with delight, some people had left the arena, waiting for tomorrow's good show.

Those old people who were beaten to death by Lin Chen can only leave under the help and arrangement of the elders who manage the arena.

Song Qingheng sneered and walked away with the old students of the refining medicine department beside him.

However; the next scene left everyone puzzled!

Lin Chen began to bend over and scramble to pick up on the competitive ring; a large number of attribute light **** and even several treasure chests suspended in the void were picked up by him.

[The host gains 15,000 points of essence of war energy, 11,000 points of essence of power, 39,000 energy of qi and blood, 947 points of spiritual power, and energy of fire department]

[The host obtains a bronze chest, open the chest to obtain: 7500 rune energy.

[The host opens the crystal treasure chest to obtain; the water system energy is 150,000 points.

[The host opens the fine silver treasure chest and obtains: Fourth-order Danfang "Tian Po Zi Qing Dan".

[The host gained a total of 900,000 points of essence of war energy, 7.71,000 points of blood energy, 387,700 points of merit, 16,000 points of mental power, gold energy of 98,000 points, wood energy 99,000 points, water system energy 80,000 points, fire system energy 81,000 points, soil system energy 91,000 points.

[The host enters the Ninefold Psychic Realm and is absorbing a lot of essence of fighting spirit.


Lin Chen's whole body of fighting spirit fell like a small flower, blooming around him, forming five fighting lotus flowers with attributes corresponding to each other; gold, wood, water, fire, earth, five kinds of energy!

The entire arena was instantly turbulent and gusty!

"The spirit of war is psychic, and the soul is condensed. He is a sign of breaking through the realm of war!"

Yue Linlin exclaimed, looking at the five Lotus flowers hovering around Lin Chen inconceivably.

Five lotus flowers of lotus burst into an abyss-like suction, which absorbed the heaven and earth spirits of the arena, forming a huge funnel shape.

"His fighting spirit can have five attributes at the same time, so strong fighting strength, what level of mind is this Lin Chen practicing!"

There was a shock in Gu Chenfeng's eyes. His breakthrough momentum was extremely strong, but compared with Lin Chen, it was a little witch!

"No! When he fought with us, it was the eightfold level of psychic realm! How long did it take to start advancing into the realm of war!"

Less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen's five lotus flowers turned into life in the air, turning into substance, brilliant and prosperous. Incorporated into Lin Chen's Dan Tian.

At this time; the air sea suspended in Lin Chen's Dantian has been condensed into a refraction crystal similar to the crystal type.

"Is this the battle spirit realm, the fighting spirit becomes the substance, and it can fight in kind."

Lin Chen felt his morale cultivation behavior; he found that it was more than ten times stronger than before!