My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Refined Medicine Showdown

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Chapter 76

The same combat skills, now Lin Chen releases again, may be nearly a hundred times stronger than the self of psychic realm!

All this is due to the breakthrough of the realm and the breakthrough of the mind, and now Lin Chen's "Chaos Five Spirits" is really entering the realm of Dacheng!

[The host enters the battlefield.

At this time; the system's light screen pops up; Luo lists all the information of Lin Chen.

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: A heavy battlefield

Ultimate strength: 68,500 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 359.2 thousand points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 18.94 points.

Spiritual strength: 67.2 thousand points.

Essence of exercises: 752 thousand points.

Mind Method: Chaos Five Spirits (55%)

Xihui exercises: Heavenly Spiritualization Pills, Eight Wastes Xuanhuo, True Water Guiyuan Pills (37%), Four Demon Seals, Taishi Bible (5%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (8%)

Possess blood energy: Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (761 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points)

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 1, Corrupt Rune Level 1, Recharge Rune Level 1 (Rune Energy 15,000 points)

The energy of each element: 331,000 points in the fire system, 288 thousand points in the soil system, 290,000 points in the wood system, 280,000 points in the gold system, and 454 thousand points in the water system.

"System, I will use two-thirds of the exercises to cultivate the Taishi Bible."

[Consumption of 500,000 merits and deeds is being integrated into the "Tai Chi Bible".

A large amount of spiritual memory poured into Lin Chen's mind, and his method of controlling and practicing spiritual power was further improved!

At the same time, he found that the Taishi Bible is not simply a secret of spiritual training, which also includes defense methods and attacks on spiritual power!

Lin Chen, who is integrating the Taishi Bible, sat directly cross-legged on the ring, and everyone was confused.

The kid was so energetic for a while, and then there was no movement. Acting completely unpredictable!

Several hours have passed, and it is equivalent to one night in the outside world, but in the Tiange Academy; there is no day and night, and it is in a very diurnal state.

Lin Chens proficiency in practice has soared again, and this time the proficiency of the Taishi Bible reached 20%.

Activating spiritual power, Lin Chen reads the formula, a snow-white flying sword is suspended in front of him.

"The spirit flying sword formed by this spiritual strength can be used as one of my attacks."

This time, Lin Chen was very satisfied, and his overall strength has risen more than a few times!

After Lin Chen put away the Spirit Flying Sword, he spent 80,000 points of merit and fusion of the newly obtained fourth-order Danfang "Tian Po Zi Qing Dan"

Lin Chen just stayed in the ring until the time agreed with Song Qingheng.

There are more and more people gathered in the entire arena, and there are more than 3,000 old people alone.

This top-ranking alchemy test can be hard to come by, and it may not be possible to meet once in the courtyard for two or three years!

This time even the mentors and elders of the refining medicine department were present.

"Old man, rare, even you are here."

A kind-hearted old man sat on the arena of the arena with a cane.

"This is a contest held by my personal disciples. Why didn't I come?"

The old man in the green shirt next to him smiled and smiled; when he looked at Lin Chen, there was a trace of coldness in his eyes.

"I heard that Lin Chen has engaged in some big things in the assessment to provoke you old guy?"

Another old man in grey shirt spoke, and the old atmosphere sitting in their front row did not dare to breathe!

Leng Yunting, Qinghuan, Tianxuan. The three elders in charge of the refining medicine department were shocked by the competition of refining medicine by two students!

Lin Chen opened his eyes and stood up to look around.

"It's all here."

Seeing the elders and mentors of the refining medicine department who were being evaluated a few days ago, Lin Chen's mouth outlined the expected smile.

"In other words, how many cards does this kid still have, will he appraise treasures, be a master, and refining medicine?"

The deputy dean entrenched in the high altitude of the arena holds the investigation materials about Lin Chen in his hands, which is surprising.

"This child's mental strength is deep and restrained, and it seems to be more profound and unpredictable than Song Qingheng! Hahaha, this group of old guys can be regarded as iron plates."

The bald old man took a sip of fine wine, sat on the cloud, and looked playfully under the arena.

Today's Song Qingheng, dressed in a white robe, frowning and dancing, looks graceful and handsome, attracting the charming eyes of girls.

Seemingly feeling the admiration from the outside, Song Qingheng confidently patted the chest of a red-dressed girl in the audience and smiled with determination.

"Lin Lin, I will let you see this time; I am Song Qingheng who is worthy of you!"

Outside the field, Yue Linlin rolled his eyes suddenly, then the eccentric waved a small powder fist, and shouted with a smile: "Brother Lin Chen, come on! Kill the narcissist!"

Seeing that the woman she admired cheered for Lin Chen, Song Qingheng gritted her teeth.

He grinned and waved his palm, which was full of a huge purple light furnace.

"Even the elder Qingyang's Ziyang Dan furnace was taken out, it seems that Song Qingheng is going to do his best this time!"

"In other words, will that freshman make alchemy?"

As soon as the Ziguang Pagoda came out, some old students looked dignified, while the students of the refining medicine department were envious.

Lin Chen took out an ordinary second-order alchemy furnace in the Naling Ring at random, and almost did not make everyone in Class 66 laugh out loud!

"Should this kid play us?"

"The ghost knows that there is an elder's testimony today. If he loses, 50,000 credits will have to be handed in."

Class 66 is a rare collection of the whole class. Those who did not participate in the battle with Lin Chen last time are also curious. Is this new student really as terrible as the legend?

Above the ring; instructors from the refining department attended.

"In this medicine refining competition, Danfang prepares its own materials. Refining time; five days. Subject to the efficacy of the Dan medicine grades refined by both parties, the higher the rank or quality will win! The loser will meet the other partys requirement. And pay 50,000 credits!"

The tutor in the grey shirt standing in the middle of the ring glanced at the two; both sides nodded, and the tutor immediately declared, "If there is no problem on both sides, then start immediately!"


At the moment when I shouted, a spiritual hurricane erupted throughout the ring, and the stadium was clearly audible.

Song Qingheng's eyes were fast, and he collected more than forty third-order medicinal herbs and three fourth-order heavenly materials from the Naling Ring.

"Heaven and Earth XuanhuangQuan Kun Dou Ling!"

The ten fingers are rapidly changing, and the spiritual power is transformed into countless spiritual thin envelopes on many heavenly treasures!


Song Qingheng patted his hands on the stove top of the alchemy furnace; the condensed spiritual power of the alchemy handprint urged into the alchemy furnace, and the medicinal materials began to fly into the alchemy furnace in sequence!

A series of fighting spirit Danyin accompanied by the catalysis of spiritual power, just torn the root bark of the green spirit sunflower, blood water chestnut, and then removed the energy of the colorful impurities, all in one go.

In the alchemy furnace, the most essential part of the medicinal materials is preserved, and no energy is wasted or spilled.

"Sure enough, it is the old man's "Fighting Spirit Blue Soul Seal". This skill is already a little bit like the master of refining medicine."

Elder Xuan Tian, one of the three elders sitting in the back row, applauded rarely.

Many medicine refining instructors are ashamed, astonished, and even applauded.