My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 77

Chapter 77: That's A Fart

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Chapter 77: That's a fart!

The elder Qinghuan nodded in satisfaction, but this is what his disciples gave him a long face!

Song Qingheng's alchemy skills are already very close to the level of some real fourth-level medicine masters!

"I don't know what kind of alchemy handprint that the kid will make; the old man's "Fighting Spirit and Green Soul Seal" is the top green level, and the Ziyang Pill Furnace also has a big bonus to alchemy."

"Don't say students, even the mentors of the college can beat Qingheng's pharmacists by no more than five fingers."

The elder Tian Xuan and Leng Yunting both felt that Lin Chen would overcome the difficulties of Song Qingheng this time.

Whether it is experience, spiritual realm, alchemy fingerprints and alchemy furnace; Song Qingheng wins!

The ten fingers and four corners are folded in half, and the hands form a seal. The blue light and the Qi Qi Dan seal penetrate the fourth-order medicinal herbs in the alchemy furnace;

On the premise of not destroying a trace of energy, Song Qingheng drank abruptly and his fingerprints accelerated rapidly!

Three layers of blue light pill seal around Tiangu blood pear, and it will be merged with ten kinds of prepared medicinal materials!

"Ning Ling Wei Ye! Out!"

The fingerprints changed again, and Song Qingheng instantaneously touched dozens of fingerprints. The essence energy in the medicinal materials began to blend together and became a fist-sized energy essence!

Song Qingheng's alchemy hand prints the clouds and flowing water, making people unable to move their eyes.

On the other side; Class 66 people and a few old students are staring at Lin Chen.

He has lost a lot in the alchemy furnace, the realm of spiritual power has not been known, and the most important alchemy handprint has not been revealed,

Everyone wanted to see what cards Lin Chen had and Song Qingheng challenged him. He walked over to Song Qingheng and showed a bright smile, very coquettish!

Seeing Lin Chen's brilliant smile; all the mentors and elders who participated in the examination and supervision exam had a tight heart!

Oh shit! This kid is going to make trouble again!

That day, when the gluten was baked in the crater and the assessment results were accepted, the kid laughed as coquettishly as he is now!

I saw it; Lin Chen set up the grill and mobilized more than one hundred dragongrass from the system; placed it not far away from Song Qingheng and started firing.

"Dragongrass? This kid is still there, **** it! Your kid was not honest when he was being evaluated. Dare to play the old man!"

Qing Huanqi didn't hit one place, but stood up angrily from the audience and shouted Lin Chen!

"Elder, how can you talk like this. It has been a few days since the assessment. Maybe I bought these dragon grasses; I might have collected them myself~"

Lin Chen smiled awkwardly like you and me, and even put a bunch of roasted gluten in front of the tip of his nose, sniffed intoxicatedly, and exclaimed with a bit of taste: "Well ~ incense, really fragrant!"

"Damn, you kid dare to provoke the old man!"

Qing Huan stared in anger, exposing blue tendons.

On that day, the elders who checked the results of Lin Chens assessment with the elders of the green fantasy or the whole body was surging, and anger may explode at any time!

Lin Chen seemed to deliberately, tasted roasted gluten in their beautiful face, and saw some old students numb their scalp!

"Old man, it is impossible that you want to destroy your disciple's alchemy contest. Now is not the time to evaluate, you have no evidence of grabbing him on the spot; everything is in vain, and now you are in trouble. The trouble is yourself."

Leng Yunting skimmed lightly, pulling the old blue fantasy face, and sat back with anger.

Many old students have read the mystery, what is this operation? Compete with Song Qingheng's alchemy to roast dragon grass?

"It seems that it is true that when the result of admission to the hospital was evaluated; it was true that Brother Lin Chen ate more than a thousand roasted dragon bars! How did he take away so many dragon bars under the review of the elders."

Yue Linlin's curiosity about Lin Chen rose linearly!

Song Qingheng was irritated by the smell of roasted dragon's grass, almost lost his mind and fell short.

"Do you want to use roasted dragon grass to distract me? It's really a savages! Let me teach you this waste instead of the master!"

Song Qingheng kept his mind and continued to practice alchemy.

He can calm down, some old students can't calm down!

"Lin Chen! Do you understand the etiquette, and dare to speak out of disrespect for the elder Qinghuan!"

"Senior Qing Heng, come on! Suck this bad character guy!"

"Yes, Senior Song! Come on, take his 50,000 credits and give him some color!"

Some old students shouted excitedly in the audience.

Among them; there is no shortage of old people who want to succumb to the elders and others.

The elders of the refining medicine department are in charge of the lifeblood resources of the academy, and they can get their appreciation and goodwill. In the future, they will also receive many benefits in the medicine resources.

For a time, the entire auditorium set off a round of condemnation of Lin Chen's momentum and wave!

With the support of everyone, Song Qingheng seemed to be glorious, and sneered proudly.

"Lin Chen, see if there is; this is the essence of my refining medicine department. Maybe you are a refining medicine master, but you are never my opponent. You surrender now and give your fifty thousand credits to me. The master admits his mistakes on his knees; maybe my master is generous and can be blamed in the past.

Song Qingheng warned Lin Chen with a nearly alms tone, and everyone in Class 66 was watching.

They are all curious, with Lin Chen's attitude and person, they will never let others humiliate him; how will he refute this situation?

In the limelight, Lin Chen was eating roasted gluten slowly, and...

"Song Qingheng, Senior! You are gathering soon, come on! Come on! Come on!"

To everyone's surprise, Lin Chen even waved his roasted gluten while cheering Song Qingheng?

What... what is this operation? Someone even cheered for his opponent?

Brother! uncle! Find out the situation!

This is you comparing with others! Are you cheering for others?

Is this your Lin Chenpiao? Or 50,000 credits?

The next scene made everyone stunned, and no one could understand it!

"Yes, it's time to gather spirits! Pull the essence of Tiangu Xueli first, and then shrink the other herbs together!"

"Ju Ling succeeded! Quickly remove the final form of the medicinal materials, and use the third-order beast core to first drive the energy of all third-order medicinal materials, and finally integrate the essence of the fourth-order medicinal materials!"

This Lin Chen even gave Song Qingheng a live guide!

And he shouted with rage and red neck, so hard-working.

If he were not on the stage, who would have thought that he was the opponent of Song Qingheng's alchemy competition?

The most irritating thing is that the mentors and elders of the refining medicine department and even Song Qingheng can see that some of Lin Chen's guidance on alchemy is actually right!

All the students in class 66 can't turn their heads!

They are called ghost class, and they have never done anything bizarre or strange.

But today, compared with someone in Lin, it is a fart!