My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Qingjie ?

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Chapter 78 ?

"This, what's going on?"

"Lao Tzu really opened his eyes today!"

"This is more than a wonderful flower, this is simply an ancient flower in the wonderful flower world!"

"I serve! I really serve! Cow batch!"

"Hahaha! Even if Lin Chen lost the game today, I will call him Big Brother!"

The ghosts and talents of Class 66 all gave thumbs up to Lin Chen!

In contrast, Lin Chen, he was not idle to do Song Qingheng as a medicine refining guide.

The higher the speed and efficiency of Song Qingheng's refining medicine, the more spiritual lightballs he drops!

So far, he has dropped nine mental power attribute light balls.

Lin Chen closed all orders, and his spiritual attributes skyrocketed by 9000 points!

This speed can be hundreds of times faster than practicing "Tai Chi Bible"!

With this benefit, how can he not cheer on the speed at which this attribute is improved!

Lin Chen even wished to cheer for Song Qingheng on the spot!

"The guidance he gave me was right?"

Song Qingheng is even dumbfounded. What's going on?

Your own opponents guide yourself? Cheer yourself?

Is this suggesting that his alchemy standard is higher than his own?

The old students have not been relieved by Lin Chen's series of actions; he took out a violin again!

At this moment; someone laughed!

He laughed coquettishly! Bring waves in Sao!

At this moment; the old students were shocked!


What does he want to do?

"Friends who have not sent flowers, please send a wave of flowers to Senior Song Qingheng. Friends who have not applauded, please give Senior Apprentice Song a warm applause. Give a song to the seniors! To express my admiration and admiration for the endless stream of the seniors in my heart."

Everyone's heart crossed a crazy idea!


"How invincible is, how lonely~~ how invincible is, how empty~"

The violin is pulling; a loud and loud voice runs through the arena, and everyone's mouth is pumped fiercely!

"Alone in the summit, the cold wind continually blows ~~~ My loneliness, who can understand me~~"

"Crazy, crazy crazy! This guy must be crazy!"

Many old students are dumbfounded! How can there be such a person in this world?

Its okay to cheer for your opponent. Why do you even give him a song? The key is that its quite heartfelt and nice?

"It seems that this time the bald elders still looked away, Lin Chen, but so."

Elder Leng Yunting in the back row of the table shook his head and smiled, and was about to get up in disappointment.

"Oh, things are not that simple. Lao Ting, you are also confused."

The old man in gray shirt, Tian Xuan's eyes shone brilliantly, and looked at Lin Chen with great interest.

"Huh? This kid seems... wrong, look again, look again!"

Leng Yunting seemed to perceive something and immediately sat back.


"Maybe he doesn't care about these 50,000 credits at all? After all, this kid can even eat more than a thousand strains of Dragongrass."

"It can only be explained like this! Half of this alchemy time has passed. He hasn't done anything except an alchemy furnace."

"Hahaha, I guess he sees how powerful Song Qingheng's senior alchemy technique is. I don't think it's a chance."

Song Qingheng himself was dumbfounded!

He also thought that Lin Chen wanted to engage in any kind of mental attack or the like, which scared him to be ready to call the elders at any time to prevent Lin Chen from messing around.

Didn't expect that he really just pulled a piece of music?

"How lonely is Invincible, so nice...!"

Yue Linlin looked at Lin Chen admiringly, and Qian Yan flashed an unprecedented strong emotion!

Perhaps it was the girls intuition, she probably knew what kind of person the teenager on the stage was, and as long as the contest was not over, no one knew what he would do!

"My loneliness ~ endless loneliness ~ ~!"

After the song ended, the scene really started to applaud! I don't know if I applauded for Lin Chen or Song Qingheng.

"How lonely invincible is, this song really matches Song Qingheng's seniors!"

"Since the seniors entered the academy, alchemy has been invincible, indeed it deserves the word invincible!"

"Hey, Lin Chen, now that you have recognized the gap between you and Song Qingheng's seniors, you might as well rush to admit defeat!"

Some old students shouted; even Song Qingheng himself was very helpful, and his heart was dark and comfortable: "Well~ this kid doesn't look so annoying, this song fits my identity, I like it~"

"Hey, it's crazy for people to laugh at me. I laugh at others. I am really a group of Muggles!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, seeing Song Qingheng still hung a very useful smirk; Lin Chen teased his eyebrows and said: "You laugh, fart, you are talking about this Muggle!"

"what did you say?"

Song Qingheng returned to his original state in a second, staring at Lin Chen somberly, he really hated this guy! Just go to death!

Lin Chen picked up the last light ball of spiritual attributes from Song Qingheng and absorbed it, and walked towards his alchemy furnace.

With one hand, dozens of kinds of treasures appeared, Lin Chen took a picture, and put a dozen kinds of third-order medicinal herbs into the alchemy furnace!

With both hands folded, Lin Chen's spiritual power suddenly broke out!

Afterglows continued, Lin Chen's hands were sealed at a rapid speed, but four fingers were docked. Hundreds of red seals passed into the alchemy furnace.

The miraculous immortality that spirals around all the medicinal materials is like a spiritual spring, washing away many medicinal materials thrown into the alchemy furnace again and again!

While touching the handprint, Lin Chen swiped his fingertips, and the Qidan Danyin smoothly removed the impurities of the stem bark of some medicinal materials, which was handy and easy to put away.

"This, this is?"

"Good skill, how can a teenager have such a skill!"

"What is this little bastard!"

The three elders of the refining medicine department were simultaneously silent!

The mentors of the refining medicine department also appeared dignified and horrified; until Lin Chen shot, no one thought he could compete with Song Qingheng!

"Eh, Xiaoying, what are they surprised by?"

Yue Linlin leaned beside a girl in the refining medicine department and asked curiously.

Although the girl was afraid of Yue Linlin, she still explained it seriously.

"It is the familiarity with alchemy handprints. This new alchemy handprint has reached the point of fascination. It takes at least tens of centuries to soak an alchemy handprint to have this state!"

Lin Chen at this time, the system showed that his mental power attribute has reached 812,000 points.

The spiritual realm alone is already the pinnacle of the mid-term spiritual realm! Song Qingheng and Lin Chen are not at the same level!

Lin Chen began to invest in two Tier 4 celestial treasures at the same time, and his fingerprints changed suddenly. His mental strength soared, which was several grades higher than before!

An obscure and mysterious pill of immortality was injected into Lin Chen's second-order alchemy furnace with a hot temperature, and the temperature suddenly rose!

Along with the temperature, there are the looks of three elders too!

"The top green level? No, it's more than that, is it the green level?"

The old face of Elder Green Fantasy shook violently a few times!