My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 79

Chapter 79: 8. Bahuang Xuanhuoshocked The Whole Hospital

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Chapter 79: Eight Wastes XuanhuoShocked the whole hospital!

"Fortunately, when I participated in the assessment, I collected a lot of natural materials and treasures, otherwise now I am really a chef who can't cook without rice. However, the recipe for "Tian Po Zi Qing Dan" also came just right!"

Lin Chen was secretly glad; he originally planned to have only a fourth-order elixir, and its quality may not be able to match Song Qingheng's elixir.

However, as long as the newly obtained "Tian Po Zi Qing Dan" is successfully refined, the opponent will be crushed steadily!

Lin Chen's anomaly flashed on the ring, only a few pharmacists on the scene could notice!

His alchemy fingerprints are unpredictable, sometimes lightning fast, and sometimes switching the attributes of combat, dazzling everyone!

"How old is he? How can he have such a high level of proficiency in an alchemy handprint? My "Green Soul Fighting Spirit Seal" has not reached the level it is today after ten years of silence. In the process of handprinting, you can switch the refining order of medicinal materials freely. Can you melt dozens of medicinal materials at the same time?"

Song Qingheng, who has already begun to step into Ning Dan, couldn't help but shake his palms, his eyes flashing, and he kept thinking.

"The gap between the refining medicines is not so easy to close, even if your alchemy handprints are at their peak, but at most they are green-level advanced, plus your alchemy furnace and my Ziyang red furnace have heaven and earth, I see How do you fight this final result with me!"

After confirming that Lin Chen's alchemy handprint did not exceed his level; Song Qingheng was relieved a little.

But the three elders on the auditorium are different!

They are all the top pharmacists in the wasteland, and have already touched the threshold of the fifth-order pharmacist indistinctly. It is impossible to notice the alchemy handprint that Lin Chen just changed suddenly!

"You can't be wrong. The alchemy handprint just converted by this kid just now is definitely not the spiritual coercion that ordinary green-level top handprints can release!"

"But it's impossible! A hairy kid who is not full at the age of 18, and not to mention how he got this alchemy handprint, how could he succeed in practicing the Qingjie handprint so easily!"

"Every kind of alchemy fingerprints needs to control the spiritual power and fighting strength are completely different, unless you are practicing the two alchemy fingerprints to the extreme, otherwise you can switch between alchemy without authorization, ranging from injury to injury, and mental damage, permanent Sexual mental injury!"

Leng Yunting and Tianxuan glanced at each other, both of which saw each other's shock and difficulty in self-confidence.

Elder Qinghuan was gloomy like a pool of stagnant water.

"Qingjie alchemy fingerprints, I don't have this kind of collection in the whole academy, the old man doesn't believe that a wild kid can come up with this kind of heritage; maybe he just used some special secret method to temporarily increase his spiritual strength."

Front row of auditorium;

"I didn't expect that he would actually practice alchemy. Perhaps in our class, he is the strongest unprecedented existence!"

Yue Linlin looked at Lin Chen expectantly, the splendor in her beautiful eyes became stronger and stronger!

Time goes by; Lin Chen refines the fourth-order elixirs with "Heavenly Spiritual Pills", without any difficulty, even without a single mistake!

Two thirds of the competition time passed; Lin Chen entered the Ningdan step.

More and more old people gathered in the arena, starting to reach more than 6,000 people, most of them are directly looking at the results.

When entering the Ningdan step, there is almost a 90% chance of refining the Elixir.

At this time, people with clear eyes could already see it; from the level of alchemy skills alone, Lin Chen had already defeated Song Qingheng!

The same is the refining fourth-order elixir. The former uses the green-level top alchemy handprint and the fourth-order quality alchemy furnace. The latter uses only the green-level intermediate handprint and the second-order alchemy furnace. This gap has already been judged!

"This Linchen genius evil spirit, if resources are not limited, I am afraid he has surpassed Song Qingheng!"

"How old is he? Now he is still a freshman. In the future, he will only surpass Song Qingheng in two or three years!"

"Well, this kid is good. Even if he loses the contest, I plan to accept him as a disciple!"

Many mentors in the refining medicine department were very optimistic about Lin Chen, above the Baizhang height of the arena ring; the sky condensed into a small cloud of Danxia!

A strong danxiang haunts the arena; Song Qingheng pats the dan furnace, and a panacea with a light blue brilliance rises into the sky!

"This is the Dan Yun when the fourth-order immortality was born!"

The students in the refining medicine department gazed frantically and admiringly at Dan Yun above Song Qingheng's head!

This is the ultimate goal of their efforts to enter the College of Refining and Pharmacy!

"Hahaha! My Yunxing Fengling Pill has been successfully refined, and the rank is a fourth-order low level. It can greatly improve the combat strength of the warrior with the wind attribute. There is a certain chance that the wind attribute warrior can fight. Soul Nine Heavy Breakthrough to Earth Shake Realm!"

Song Qingheng held up his Yun Ling Feng Xing Dan, a violent wind, and Dan Yun shrouded, at this moment; he seemed to be the protagonist of this audience!

All the old students and mentors heard the effect of Yunling Fengxing Dan, which was both amazing and amazing, and there were many fanatic eyes projected!

It can help the soldiers of the wind system to improve their cultivation ability, and has the effect of breaking through the bottleneck of the realm!

Even if everyone is a genius among geniuses, it is no easy task to break through the bottleneck between the battle spirit realm and the terrestrial realm. How many talented warriors exhaust their lives is just a terrible real warrior!

Therefore; this medicine is sold in the college's Dange, and the low price will not be less than 30,000 credits!

Elder Qinghuan breathed a sigh of relief; an old smile appeared on his old face. "Fortunately, this kid didn't lose his face!"

"Senior Qingheng is invincible! Senior Qingqing is the strongest!"

The students in the refining medicine department shouted for the blush and thick neck.

"Lin Chen, see if you haven't, how can you refine the Cloud Spirit Pill that transcends me! With your broken alchemy furnace! Quickly kneel down and apologize to the teacher!"

Song Qingheng laughed arrogantly and arrogantly; Lin Chen sighed like a thunderbolt!

"Noisy! Shut your dog's mouth, when you really are invincible?"

Lin Chen shocked him in one sentence!

He slowly stood up and stood in front of the Dan furnace, his hands changed, and the last alchemy fingerprint was formed!

"Bahuang XuanhuoQuanque fourfold!"


Above the second-tier alchemy furnace of Lin Chen, there are four layers of orange-red marks suddenly floating on the ground!

Each red seal resembles the **** seal of the town, and the spirit of the heavenly coercion sweeps the arena, exuding the pure energy of refining the aura of heaven and earth, and pouring into the furnace with a fierce heat!

"what is this?"

"Awesome Danyin, imposing, and suppressed my spiritual strength!"

"I have never seen such an overbearing Danyin, what grade is this!"

The overwhelming power of Orange Red Danyin shocked the sky with thunderous thunder, and the powerful mental coercion made many old students feel chest tight and dizzy.

Song Qingheng was incredulously looking at the domineering fourfold pill seal, he actually has such a terrible alchemy handprint?