My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Fencing? I Will Eh

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Chapter 8, Swordsmanship? I will eh!

Liao Jianhua's muscles tremble violently, and the skin smiles and the meat does not smile.

"It seems that you are sincerely looking for death, and Ben Shao completes you! Come and lead to death!"


Jian Qi is vertical and horizontal, Liao Jianhua draws his sword, and the sharp edge points directly at Lin Chen!

Seeing the murderous intentions of the two men, the referee elder already knew the wishes of both parties and pronounced the sentence loudly.

"Lin Chen, a disciple of the outer sect, challenged Liao Jianhua, the disciple of the inner sect! Both parties' wishes have been established, and the fate of life and death is fought."

Even the referee favored Liao Jianhua and changed the rules to life and death!

With a kick in the foot, Lin Chen leaped into the ring, and the blood in his whole body was boiling and burning!

As if the instinct of this body was angry at Lin Chen, he must be killed!

Anyone can ignore it, but Liao Jianhua alone is the root of Lin Chen's original body's grievances and hatred, and he must be killed!

"Interesting, let's take a look at this Lin Chen again, maybe it is also a genius figure of my **** Wu Zong."

Sovereign of the Emperor Wuwu was at the top of the platform, looking at Lin Chen with great interest.

"The Sect Master laughed, and the mantis was in the car."

The elder who personally cultivated Liao Jianhua scolded his lips in disdain.

Above the ring; Lin Chen held the gun, Liao Jianhua stood with the sword.

"Let you wait for the wild dogs to see, Master Ben's true strength!"

The sword is like a split wind, and when Liao Jianhua comes out of the sword, the blade of the sword pulls, the sword light dances, and turns into a remnant of the evil dragon, entrenching the entire ring!

"Dead! Sword of Dragon Sword!"

With the sharp thorn of the sword and the roar of the evil dragon, Liao Jianhua showed a more terrifying sword art than Zeng Yunhai's battle!

The wind blew, and the robe rolled over. Lin Chen was full of blood and blood, suddenly pulled his gun, turned into a little starlight and condensed into a meteor, and faced the sword light evil dragon head-on!


The violent power was strangled by the gunpoint and the sword light evil dragon, and the ring continued to crack!

"This wild dog actually took over my evil dragon sword tactic?"

Liao Jianhua was unbelievable. He swung his three-foot green front on his wrist, swept away the evil dragon, turned the offensive sharply, and counterattacked Lin Chen to the left!

Lin Chen danced the dragon gun, volleying up and spinning, the tip of the gun was angry and down! The blue dragon tattoo on the left arm flashes slightly, and the strength is increased by one more point!


The spearhead crushed the evil dragon, and the two sides retreated three times in a row, but Liao Jianhua's pace was even heavier!

After picking up the attribute light **** on both sides of the auditorium, Lin Chen's pure power of the shell is about 1032 tiger power! With pure power alone, you can easily explode the four-fold and five-fold refining atmosphere!

Although stepping into the realm of gas refining, the fighting spirit will purify the body of the warrior itself, but usually it only grows between one hundred and two hundred tiger power. Like Lin Chen, it is simply a humanoid beast!

"Awesome pure power, he is more than a few times stronger than when he beheaded the Mozong that day!"

Cheng Yan, who hadn't participated outside the venue, was surprised and curious, Qian Qian was full of curiosity!

"This wild dog is a bit capable, but it can't gully overturn."

Suddenly, Liao Jianhua flashed like a streamer!


Gun Ruoyoulong flipped, volley stabbed behind him, and was surprised that Liao Jianhua hurriedly fought a sword to resist, and received Lin Chen's fierce beast strength from the front, and his arm was numb!

An attribute light ball fell out of the left arm, Lin Chen took it with one hand, absorbed it, and the system light screen appeared.

[The host obtains the essence of 588 exercises.

"This guy is full of treasure!"

Lin Chen, who was burning with warfare, licked his lips and cooperated with the popular shoes to cast a breeze to set off the dust, and the speed spread to the extreme!

"He saw through my actions?"

Even without breathing time, Liao Jianhua held the sword in his backhand and fought with Lin Chen instantly!

The confrontation between the two is far more than the previous battle of Yun Hai, the cracks on the ring are all over, the fighting is exploding, and all the disciples are dazzled, and it is the first time to see the true strength of Liao Jianhua!

"It turns out he still has reservations. If he tried his best in the previous battle, I would definitely lose in twenty rounds."

Zeng Yunhai shook his head and smiled bitterly, but the disciples around Zhongye were even more horrified, because Lin Chen could even compete with Liao Jianhua with the same strength of Qi Refining Realm?

[The host gains 966 points of Qi and blood energy, 334 points of merit, 172 points of gold energy, 65 points of mental power,]

Lin Chen fought more and more courageously, any attribute light ball that fell on Liao Jianhua was all received, and the attack momentum became fiercer!

Like a fierce beast, every time Liao Jianhua wanted to throw away Lin Chen, he was predicted to act in advance by him, blocking his actions and forcibly suppressing himself to only wrestle with him in close combat.

The close combat is the field where Lin Chen is strong, and Liao Jianhua has the urge to vomit blood!

He was suppressed in close combat. Many high-level swordsmanship is too late to play, there is a powerful feeling!

The reason why Lin Chen can predict Liao Jianhua's actions is because his mental strength is not inferior to the other party, and even more so!

The spirit is so strong that he can keenly explore the details of Liao Jianhua's movements and predict his actions in advance!


The fierce fierce battle was interrupted by a blast. Lin Chen's silver-lined dragon gun was cut off by Liao Jianhua's sword. The latter's swordsmanship was tricky and immediately cut the second sword to Lin Chen's shoulder!

The force of violent and fierce rushed in the left arm, the moment Lin Chen's shoulder was cut by Liao Jianhua, he suddenly slammed his palm and slammed on Liao Jianhua's chest!


Liao Jianhua vomited blood, Lin Chen's shoulders swollen blood, the two sides retreated a dozen steps!

The scale skin of the Devil Green Anaconda protected Lin Chen, but the sword suffered no skin trauma, but Liao Jianhua was different. I am afraid that even the ribs had to be broken.

At the moment when Lin Chen shot Liao Jianhua, a pale green treasure box flew out, caught by Lin Chen, and opened directly!

[The host opens the black iron chest and obtains the green-level advanced swordsmanship "Thousand Thousand Swords".

Green-level advanced combat skills! The grade of this swordsmanship picked up even looked at Lin Chen!

"System, I want to learn this swordsmanship!"

[The host learns "The Thousand Thousand Thousand Swords" and consumes 2585 merits.

This green-level advanced swordsmanship consumes all of Lin Chen's skills and spirits in a single breath, and new memories flood into Lin Chen's mind!

"Now your weapons are gone, see how your wild dog can block this master's lore sword!"

Liao Jianhua spit blood, revealing a cruel smile, the sword in his hand was held high towards the sky, the thunder of condensed fighting spirit surrounded the sword front!

Bang ~~!

Thunderlight splits and tears the entire ring. The momentum is so strong that even the elders are watching!

"This is at least a green-level advanced swordsmanship. It seems that Liao Jianhua has great opportunities. There are not many kinds of this-level combat skills. My **** Wuzong does not have many kinds. He not only has, but he can also cultivate to the realm of change. It is really heaven. Wizards!"

The Sovereign of Shenwu Sect exclaimed, the number of wins and losses has not yet been determined.

But what happened next made them shocked!

I saw Lin Chen's mouth rounded a playful smile.

"Swordsmanship? I will eh. Swords come!"

With a palm of his hand, the sword on the waist of an outside sect disciple flew uncontrollably towards Lin Chen and was held in his hand!

With a sword in hand, Lin Chenru is a peerless swordsman standing on top of the mountain, cold and lonely.

The three-foot green front of his hand was leaping with bright thunder, and the electric mang was in the air. It was actually a swordsmanship with Liao Jianhua, and it was also cultivated to the level of the environment!

At this moment, the expressions of everyone in the audience are very exciting!