My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 80

Chapter 80: He Is Truly Invincible

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Chapter 80: He is truly invincible!

At the time of the appearance of the four-folded red seal; the faces of the bald elders and the three elders who are suspended in the void of the sky are suddenly changed!

"This kind of power is bound to be the fingerprint of the alchemy of the Qing Order, and it can't be wrong!"

Leng Yunting's heart was shocked; no matter how strong the Green Order Alchemy Fingerprint is, it is impossible to create such a terrible momentum!

"Ning Dan is born!"

The quaternary red seal shuddered slightly and merged into the red furnace.

The fierce and fiery flames of the Fire Department instantly filled the alchemy furnace and fully sublimated the entire immortal medicine!

The hot and powerful high temperature made the alchemy furnace crack!

"Not good! Explode furnace! This kid's alchemy fingerprint is too violent, and his second-order alchemy furnace can't stand it!"

Elder Xuantian exclaimed in silence, but Elder Qingxuan exuded a grin! Lin Chen, God doesn't help you, this time!

boom! !

A huge explosion swept through the ring, and the energy in the alchemy furnace exploded in an instant; the rolling heat wave hit the audience seat!


The same idea floated in everyone's mind, and the most critical moment of Cheng Dan was actually a fryer! Its power is strong enough to destroy the Elixir instantly!

See Lin Chen's fryer; Song Qingheng couldn't stop the ecstasy in his heart and laughed in the sky.

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, did you see that you are so wicked, even God doesn't let you go, this competition, I am the winner... eh?"

Song Qingheng has not finished laughing, his laughter stopped abruptly, his eyes widened, his eyes dull!

An orange-red Dan Yin is suspended in the void, and the sky is filled with purple and blue Dan clouds. Its scope is as large as ten times that of Song Qingheng's Yunxingfeng Lingdan!

Ziqing Danyun almost enveloped the entire arena!

The Danyin slowly fell, and a purple-green pill, the size of a longan, rolled into Lin Chen's palm.

The slightly escaping energy fluctuations give the countless warriors on the scene a taste of breaking through the shackles!

Tell them intuitively! As long as they take the panacea, they will definitely be able to go further!

"Hahaha, I know that you little guy is not easy. Tell me, what is your name for this immortality."

At this time; the old Yun Yun breeze laughed from the sky, the bald old figure passed through Lin Chen's Dan Yun, appeared in the air, and said with a smile.

Lin Chen raised the Ziqing Pill in his hand and said word for word.

"Four Tier Intermediate; Heavenly Soul Ziqing Pill. The medicinal properties are mild and long-lasting. Both War Soul Realm and Di Sha Realm can be taken. War Soul Realm can be used to break through two to three realms. It can also be used to break through the De Sha Realm bottleneck. Warriors of all stats. Those who are below the seventh level of Disha Realm have a 90% chance of breaking through a realm."

Lin Chen's brief introduction, but caused a turbulent wave among all students and mentors of the refining medicine department!

This day, Ziqing Dan; placed in the Dan Pavilion, can sell at least 150,000 credits above the sky-high price, or even higher!

This is a panacea that allows the Sixth Powerhouse to break through the realm! And without any attribute restrictions, the value of the potency is not much more than that of the fourth-order high-level immortality!

Not to mention being able to soar in two to three realms in War Soul territory!

Not to mention the attraction to students and tutors and elders is deadly!

Compared with Lin Chen's Tian Qing Zi Qing Dan, Song Qingheng's Yunxingfeng Lingdan has many limitations.

And there is only a certain chance of breaking through the realm. Compared with the 90% probability of the Celestial Ziqing Dan, it is simply a shit! Not worth mentioning!

"Qing Order Alchemy Fingerprint... Tian Po Zi Qing Dan... how is it possible, how can he have such a strong background..."

Song Qingheng lost his soul and trembles his teeth, making it difficult to accept this subversive reality!

"What a great celestial Ziqing Dan! The three elders, do you think you should test Dan?"

The bald old gave Lin Chen a very admirable look, and then asked the three elders of the refining medicine department.

"Oh, this Dan medicine is excellent in color, Dan Xiang has pure warfare fluctuations, and it has a great impact on the ground evil. It is also refined under the eyes of the old man. There is no problem, I don't need to test Dan."

Elder Xuantian nodded with great satisfaction; cast a good look on Lin Chen.

"Well, the old man doesn't need to test the pill, this pill is perfectly natural, and the medicinal properties of all the medicinal materials are brought to the fullest. If the material is not limited, I am afraid that I can reach the fourth-grade advanced grade, even the old man can't compare. This kid is better, younger, and has a promising future."

Leng Yunting exclaimed, leaving all the elders of the refining department feeling scalp numb!

Even one of the three elders in the refining medicine department thinks that he cant do better than Lin Chen?

what does this mean? This means that a true master of refining medicine is slowly rising!

"Oh, it seems that the result has been decided. The winner of this medicine refining competition is Lin Chen!"

The old man announced the result personally; Song Qingheng lost his soul and stayed in place, and the cloud and wind spirit pill in his hand fell and rolled to the ground.

Starting today, the strongest refining medicine student of Tiange College has been replaced, that is Lin Chen!

Lin Chen raised his hand slowly; the whole auditorium was boiling!

There are more sighs, no one can think that this time Lin Chen will crush Song Qingheng with such a powerful and terrible crushing force!

"According to regulations; the loser will meet a requirement of the winner and pay 50,000 credits."

At this time; the referee elder stood up and the two identity jade cards in his hand were returned to Lin Chen and Song Qingheng respectively.

Lin Chen's identity jade card shows 100,000 credits!

In contrast, Song Qingheng's identity jade card, leaving less than 10,000 credits, is quite miserable.

The beautiful eyes were fixed on Lin Chen, and Yue Linlin looked at the teenager a little confused and confused.

From beginning to end, he did not show a look of pride or rejoicing, as if all these were the proper results!

Not only Yue Linlin, but also the students in Class 66 noticed Lin Chens calmness. They remembered Lin Chens previous song.

How lonely invincible is and how empty it is.

Alone in the summit, the cold wind constantly blowing, my loneliness, who can understand me!

It's crazy for people to laugh at me, I can't look at it when I laugh at others

"It turns out that he is truly invincible!"

Gu Chenfeng admired for the first time and looked at Lin Chen almost fanatically!

At this time; the ring.

"Winner; Lin Chen. Please make your request."

The referee elder asked; Lin Chen stood up.

"Since senior bald elders are here today, I will make a very simple request; I hope that Senior Song Qingheng will stop being troubled by an elder and come to trouble me. If he wants to come, let him come by himself! Comparison of fighting strength and refining medicine, I, Lin Chen, accompany you to the end!"

At the end of the speech, Lin Chen almost picked out the green fantasy elders in the back row of the competitive audience seat, and there was a daunting smile in the corner of his mouth!