My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Tian Gang Fighting Spirit

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Chapter 81

Seeing Lin Chen dare to face up to challenge the authority of the elders of the refining medicine department, the audience was suddenly in an uproar!

"Okay! Okay! Okay! What a Lin Chen, the Yangtze River will push forward the waves!"

The elder Qinghuan shivered with rage, the old dry face shook continuously, and there was a vague meaning in the faint!

He smashed the seat with his palm and left with his sleeves!

This palm shocked many people!

Lin Chens gaze was full of shock and admiration, and even a thumbs up secretly!

This is almost the first student in Tiange Academy to dare to call the elder of the alchemy department!

And is it still a freshman who is admitted in less than six days?

"It's really fierce. Even the old man of blue fantasy dares to offend. It really is a stiff guy."

The bald old is awe-inspiring; the old students are also talking about it.

The credits are also available. Lin Chen put away her identity jade card and Tian Zi Zi Qing Dan and left the arena.

At a glance, everyone in Class 66 saw Yue Linlin keeping up with Lin Chen's back, and they quickly caught up.


Tiange AcademyGongfa Pavilion.

The top floor of the Gongfa Pavilion; Lin Chen was browsing through a large number of Gongfa combat skills alone.

The purpose of his trip here is to choose a defensive combat skill.

He has no shortage of attack methods. In terms of body speed, he also has True Flame Purple Phoenix wings.

Moreover, the speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing will also become faster as his physical training level grows.

Healing recovery is similar to the mysterious method, and I have mysterious mysterious methods such as "True Water Return to the Origin".

As long as the fighting strength of the water system is sufficient, and you will not be continuously injured in a short period of time, you will not worry about your life.

The only drawback is defense!

Lin Chen is currently only relying on the physical strength of the meat shell and the true water return to the Yuan tactics to save his life, is lacking a strong defense skills.

A defensive skill that can resist some powerful attacks to avoid continuous fatal damage.

""Holy Yuan", a low-level defensive combat skill of the blue ranks; to develop a wide range of defensive learning with condensed fighting spirit. Training requirements: above the battlefield."

""Dark Abyssal Body", low-level defensive combat skills; absorb dark attributes; can absorb the power of transfer attacks. Training requirements: the spirit of the battlefield is above, dark attributes."

""Flame Ten Heavy", low-level defensive combat skills..."

It seems that Lin Chen did not find any more suitable defensive skills for him, as strong as the Tiange Academy, and only included five or six kinds. None of them could be suitable for Lin Chen, allowing him to practice quickly. of.

"Although my fighting strength has become a lot stronger, it still belongs to my shortcomings. The defense condensed by fighting strength is enough to face the terrible situation, but it is dwarfed by the more powerful."

Walking across the counter, Lin Chen gazed at the area of Boutique Green Order Battle Skill at will.

From this perspective, Lin Chen suddenly found that in the area of green-level combat skills, there was actually a light similar to the attribute light ball!

"what is this?"

Lin Chen walked to the source of the light, and above the bookcase in the corner, he saw a roll of combat skills.

""Vajra Warframe", the top-level defensive combat skills of the Green Tier, can absorb the aura of the gold system and increase the solid cohesion of the war."

In this volume of combat skills sealed in the counter, a treasure chest with a slightly simple light is suspended.

However, due to the seal of the counter, Lin Chen could not directly touch the treasure chest or the volume of combat skills.

"Maybe there are powerful combat skills in this treasure chest, anyway, it is also a green-level top combat skill. Even if it is not, I can't lose much."

To make up his mind, Lin Chen called the elders of the Gongfa Pavilion and spent 8,500 credits to buy this top-level Green King Warrior.

"You can take it back and make a copy, remember, it can't be circulated. You should return it to Gong Fa Ge within a month, otherwise you will know the consequences."

The elders of the Gongfa Pavilion uncovered the seal of fighting strength for Lin Chen, and the moment Lin Chen picked up "Vajra War Body", he grabbed the treasure chest suspended above it.

[The host opens the bronze chest and obtains: Qing Tier Intermediate Defensive Fighting Skill; "Tian Gang Fighting Spirit". Absorb the gold aura, incorporate it into the body, operate in a special meridian, refine the metallic warfare, and form a strong Jingang barrier to protect the body. The more gold auras absorb, the stronger the defense.

Intermediate Youth!

Lin Chen shined! This grade is completely beyond his expectations!

"System, I want to study "Tiangang"."

[Consumption of 50,000 merits and demerits; is merging the practice memory of "Tiangang Battle Spirit" for the host.

Lin Chen's mind poured into the practice method of "Tiangang", he suddenly realized!

This "Tiangang Battle Spirit" is a defensive combat skill based on this green-top "Vajra War Body".

The stronger the absorbed gold aura, the stronger the tempered metal combat defense!

"I picked up the treasure this time, and this "Tiangang Qi" came just right! It just suits me. I picked up the attribute light ball of the gold energy several times, and I can raise the defense at once!"

Lin Chen spent another 30,000 kung fu skills, learned the practice method of "Vajra Warframe", and immediately started to run the meridian route of "Tian Gang War".

Lin Chen himself carried 280,000 points of gold energy attributes, resulting in his metal fighting spirit being more than ten times stronger than the warriors of the same level!


Lin Chen, sitting cross-legged on the top floor of the Kung Fu Pavilion, mobilized the energy in his meridians, his own metallic warfare was transformed into Tiangangs fighting spirit, and he was twirling with a golden ganglion like a dragon wandering, invincible!

"This defensive power can at least withstand the full-strength attack of the triple ground!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, and the power of this "Tiangang fighting spirit" far exceeded his expectations; with the True Water Return Guidance, there are only a handful of people who can threaten his life in the Territory!

Of course, except for the existence of Ning Qingxuan who is against the sky.

"This time the harvest is good, I still have more than 90,000 credits, cool! You can buy some other to supplement my combat power!"

Lin Chen put "Vajra War Body" back to its original position and walked to the platform.

When I was about to leave; a counter at the corner exuded a faint light and attracted Lin Chen's attention!

"Huh; this is?"

Lin Chen approached the counter in that corner and took a closer look; a dusty ancient book was placed inside the counter, and a powerful seal of war isolated the outside world.

In front of the counter, there is also a simple explanation about this thing;

"The inferior combat skills of the Ninth Order, "Nine Skills of the Sorrow", was personally identified by the deputy dean. It is suspected of ancient combat skills. The rank has not been determined, and it has been confirmed that it is above the elementary level of the Qing Order. Buy carefully. Price: 140,000 credits."

What attracted Lin Chen was not the "nine tactics of Shenhuang", but the light hidden inside the nine tactics of Shenhuang, suspected attribute light ball!

"This situation is exactly the same as the "Tiangang Battle Spirit"! Unfortunately, this battle seal must buy this combat skill to unblock it. Now I can't get so many credits."

Lin Chen sighed very regretfully; this mystery must conceal the mystery.

But now I can't touch this exercise directly, and I don't know the secret inside.