My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 82

Chapter 82: How Did It Become Abnormal?

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Chapter 82

"When I save enough credits next time I will buy it again, anyway, this thing should not be able to run away!"

Lin Chen did not feel distressed, only the light of this suspected attribute sphere could be seen by him.

This opportunity belongs only to him; others cannot take it away!

After further exploration, Lin Chen then left the Gong Fa Pavilion.

Walking down the college avenue, he bowed his head in contemplation.

"Will the remaining credits buy some refining medicine materials, or save up to buy "Shenhuang Nine Secrets"."

When Lin Chen was still hesitating, he turned over a mountain and arrived at another pavilion of the college.

It was at this time; he found that the sky was gleaming with golden light in the southeast direction!

"This, this is the attribute light ball!"

The golden radiance shone on the sky, Lin Chen was stunned, how many attribute light **** could condensed such a dazzling brilliance!

The wind, thunder and fire stepped forward, Lin Chen turned into a blaze of fire, less than a quarter of an hour; a quiet and elegant mansion slowly reflected in Lin Chen's eyes.

The mansion is elegant, quiet and fragrant. There are many pavilions standing, and from time to time there are women's Yingyanyan and playful sounds.

"This turned out to be a girls' dormitory in the inner courtyard?"

Lin Chen was stunned! In this mansion is a girl's dormitory in the inner courtyard specially refined!

The most important thing is that there are a dazzling array of golden yellow light balls! All are golden **** of energy!

Lin Chen couldn't help swallowing...

If you get all these attributes of light balls, your defense may have to be a few more fierce!

"But the key is how to get in. This girl's dormitory is in the inner courtyard. None of the girls who can enter the inner courtyard are annoying."

Lin Chen sat anxiously on the grass, with the treasure in front, but could not move

Isn't this taste after watching the action romance film for several hours and finally found no toilet paper.

"System, is there any way I can get it away without getting close to the attribute light sphere?"

After thinking hard, Lin Chen questioned the system.

[The system answers the host: the host can try to run the corresponding attribute method to try to pull the attribute light ball. If there is no obstruction on the way, the effect is best, such as: clothes and buildings.

"Operation of corresponding attributes?"

Lin Chen stayed for a while, and immediately began to try. The metallic warfare in Dantian was running the meridian route of Tiangang Warfare.

A layer of light gold coating lingers on the surface of Lin Chen's skin. The coating seems weak, but it is indestructible!

Under the cover of Zijin pupil, Lin Chen clearly saw the attribute light sphere in the girls' dormitory started to move, and even more than a dozen attribute light spheres had begun to roll over in his direction!

Lin Chen looked forward to watching the attribute light ball roll towards him; but it seemed that the suction was not enough.

"Attractive is not enough, do I have to take off my clothes?"

Lin Chen was hesitating; a loud cry made him quickly put away the "Tiangang fighting spirit".

"I finally found you, hello! Everyone, Brother Lin Chen is here!"

I saw it, half-waisted on the hillside; a crowd of people came. Lin Chen took a closer look and turned out to be all 66 students!

"Brother Lin Chen, I can find you."

A young man in white ran to Lin Chen, panting and exhausted. Obviously, I did not bother to find Lin Chen.

"What do you call me, brother? I look younger than all of you?"

Lin Chen couldn't help crying, which one was it singing?

"No, no! Your strength is above all of us, and the freshman assessment will climb to the top of Zhenlong Mountain; the second day of admission, it will break the major case of Tutor Xu, and one person will single out two classes, one hundred old students In order to defeat Song Qingheng, the strongest veteran of the refining medicine department, he is even more dare to fight the elders of the refining medicine department!"

The young man in white, Ying Liang said excitedly, the tone became more and more excited.

"Yes, on talent, strength, wisdom, talent and potential, each one of you is higher than all of us. We are willing to offer you to be the elder brother and the leader of class 66!"

The blood robe rolled over, and Gu Chenfeng stood up and said sincerely.

Lin Chen was stunned! Looking at the 21 people in class 66; almost all of the class came together, and everyone looked at themselves with expectant eyes.

In terms of talent, Lin Chen is younger than any of them, but has climbed to the top of the True Dragon Mountain; the heritage is endless.

In terms of strength, Lin Chen defeated them positively in their respective fields.

On guts; he dares to challenge Song Qingheng and the elders of the refining medicine department!

In terms of wisdom, he only used one day to find the prisoner who abducted Tutor Xu and was surprised.

On the style of acting; he does not stick to any form; unique. Treat precious dragon grass as a snack and eat it; even cheer or even guide your opponents on the way to refining medicine!

In the history of Tiange Academy, no one is more suitable than him to be called; the leader of the first class of ghosts!

"I don't want~"

Lin Chen shrugged his shoulders and smiled casually: "Anyway, you guys must be troublesome ghosts. If you want to be your squad leader, wouldn't I have nothing to do?"

After all, in front of everyone in Class 66, Lin Chen unbuttoned his shirt in public, leaving only a pair of mini shorts!

This scene saw everyone in Class 66 stunned!

Several timid girls couldn't help but dare to look at their faces.

what is this? If you refuse, refuse, what clothes and pants do you take off in public?

The sun shines on the streamlined muscles of the teenager and the body with hidden explosive power. Lin Chen is in front of everyone in Class 66, running Tiangang fighting spirit!

"Come here! All attribute light balls!"

Lin Chen sighed excitedly; took a step and sprinted!

Lin Chen started to streak around the girl dormitory in the inner courtyard!

This time Tiangang's fighting spirit was working again; all the golden attribute light **** rolled towards him quickly, and more and more attribute light **** gathered on him!

But this moment is completely different in the eyes of others!

This is simply a streaking freak with only shorts left! What's more, it's around girls' dorms?

"Are we... should we go now? Brother Lin Chen is afraid that his brain is really sick..."

"He took off his clothes and ran around the girls' dormitory! Crazy?"

The boys in Class 66 swallowed and drunk at the corners of their mouths. The few girls were blushing and peeking at Lin Chen from time to time.

[The host gains 6715 gold energy, 4769 gold energy, and 7981 gold energy.

The system's light screen pops up in front of Lin Chen's eyes; the soaring attribute value rushes up like a rocket.

"Hahaha! Cool! Cool!"

Seeing the rising speed of this golden energy, Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh freely in the sky!

Seeing Lin Chen's unrestrained laughter, everyone felt scalp numb!

Naked girl dormitory also smiled so happy! Crazy, crazy crazy! It must be crazy!

"No! Brother Lin Chen will not do such meaningless things!"

Suddenly, Ying Ying of Class 66 flashed his eyes and clapped his hands violently!

"You think about it, he climbed the top of Zhenlong Mountain, roasted Dragongrass, refining the violin, which one we can see through. I am afraid, this time is definitely different!"

Strong excitement and anticipation broke out in Ying Liang's eyes!

"You mean, Big Brother Chen Chen is testing us?"

Gu Chenfeng clapped his thigh and clapped his hands!

"Yes! This is the largest female dormitory in the college. Which male life always dares to be close to here; Brother Lin Chen's move is not just going against the avenue, maybe it is testing whether we will be firm enough to follow his will!"

Ying Liang clenched his palm, all the boys were shocked, staring at Lin Chen's back; the admiration in his heart was particularly strong!

"Brothers, we are only class 66, how can we make Brother Lin Chen look down on us! If today is the pure man of Class 66, we will go with Brother Lin Chen and go to the girls' dormitory!"

Ying Liang took the lead and shattered his clothes all over his palm, leaving only one crotch pants!

"Follow Brother Lin Chen, streaking the girls' dormitory together!"

The boys in Class 66 burst into shirts; they all stripped off their pants and caught up with Lin Chen's back!

Yue Linlin help; where is this bunch of stupid lack? Why did Miss Ben form a class with them...

Morning dawn sprinkled; a group of teenagers headed by Lin Chen chased me.

They were naked all over, with only one pair of pants, and sprinted around the periphery of the entire girls' dormitory.

Behind the teenagers, there are a group of people who have successively ran out of the girls dormitory; the murderous female students...


This scene fell thousands of miles away, sitting under the eyes of the bald old man in the void; his old man shook his head and sighed.

"It's so nice to be young! This feeling of wanton burning youth, nervous and exciting!"

The deputy dean beside him was speechless for a while, holding his forehead.

"What is burning youth, has your old guy got water in his head? How could this good group of children become abnormal!"