My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The Most Difficult Task In History

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Chapter 83, The Hardest Mission in History!

Tiange Academy; Ling Yu Mountain Peak, a magnificent classroom.

Leng Yueqi is dressed in an ice-blue short skirt, cold and cold, like a blooming snow mountain proud lotus.

Lian Bu moved, she walked into the classroom, habitually said.

"Today we are explaining: the coordination between mentality and actual combat skills. All of you must be ready for actual combat today."

The voice fell and the whole classroom was silent.

Leng Yueqi looked up, and there was no ghost in the whole classroom...

"The whole class isn't there? Dare to sing the old lady's class! I'm going to see who took the lead!"


Time back to half a day before Leng Yueqi arrived in the classroom;

The white jade steps outside the mission hall of the college; a group of teenagers in messy clothes, gasping down on the side of the road.

Lin Chen took the lead. Although he was sweating heavily, the excitement in his eyes was extremely high!

"This time the value of the energy attribute of the gold system in the girls' dormitory has reached more than 390,000 in one breath, which is higher than the energy of the gold system I accumulated before!"

Lin Chen smiled comfortably at the golden energy point: 675,500 that saw his attribute bar.

Absorbing so many golden energy attribute light balls, his defense will no longer be a short board, and will even become one of his strongest cards!

"But with whom, if they don't help me stop many female students in the inner courtyard, I can't absorb all the attribute light **** so smoothly."

Lin Chen looked at everyone in Class 66; they also helped themselves, how to say, and the tone of his voice also smiled slightly.

"Thank you, what did you do with me just now?"

Class 66 Ying Liang stagnate and nodded seriously: "Brother didn't want to test us just now, how could we back down, isn't it just a streaking girl's dormitory, do it!"

Lin Chen sweats, I rely on, when will I test you, this brain circuit is simply wonderful!

"Well! Hard enough, I like your attitude. I was testing you just now. However, this is only the first test."

Being stared at by the boys in Class 66 with anticipation and admiration, Lin Chen responded to them sternly.

"So, you are willing to be our monitor!"

Ying Liang was happy; before they cheered, Lin Chen immediately turned around.

"No, I have a second test here. If you pass this second test, you can be your squad leader."

When Lin Chen raised his hand, all the boys were in awe. Even the girls who just arrived looked at him curiously. Is this the second test?

Lin Chen, who didn't move for a while, smiled embarrassingly and pointed to the mission hall: "This second test is just above!"

Everyone's eyes lit up. Does Brother Lin Chen have to arrange any difficult tasks for them?

Everyone followed Lin Chen into the mission hall; more than one hundred students in the hall were able to see the first group activity of almost all 66 classes, and could not help but reveal a shocking expression!

"It's Lin Chen and the demon class 66!"

"I rely on. When did Gu Chenfeng obediently follow others behind, today was the sun coming out of the west?"

"Is it that Lin Chen has included all the people in Class 66?"

"Does not rule out this possibility, this kid is a monster! Even the elder Qinghuan dare dare to provoke provocation, it is almost lawless!"

Seeing the unruly ghost talents in the past, are they all proud of Lin Chenma, the old students can't help but give them a way, no one dares to block, domineering side leakage!

"Isn't this Lin Chenchen, come here. I don't know which task you want to take this time."

The elders in the management task hall greeted Lin Chen personally and did not dare to neglect. As the fourth-order pharmacist of Linchen, it is enough to sit on par with these elders! Not to mention his temper that dare to offend even the young fantasy elders.


Lin Chen hesitated, he really didn't think about what task he wanted to take!

Just streaking around the girl's dormitory with the whole class, he just wanted to wait for something to go out and find a task to avoid the limelight before returning.

Take a look at the bulletin board; after a few glances to the top position, Lin Chen found an advanced task marked with the words "group task".

"Task 6: Assist the sunset empire to repel the Tiandou dynasty. Credit reward: 900,000 points. Note! This task must be performed by a team. It must be performed by more than 15 students from the inner courtyard to accept it!"

Lin Chen saw the top task bar, pointed the table at the task bar, and said to everyone in class 66.

"I want to take over the task of assisting the sunset empire against the Tiandou dynasty! This is my second test for you. If you are afraid, you can still regret it now."

The words were released, and the entire mission hall fell into deathly silence! Needle drop is audible!

He actually wants to take the 6th level mission?

That was appointed by the deputy dean; the most difficult commission task the college has received in a hundred years!

The mortality rate is extremely high, unless it is possible to complete the team of the top 50 inner courtyard students to 15 or more!

Everyone in Class 66 was also stunned! They never thought that Lin Chen would take over this task!

"What's wrong? Even if you don't have the guts, I'm not reluctant. I didn't plan to be your squad leader."

Lin Chen laughed, thinking that they were about to give up.

"I agree! I am willing to accept this task!"

Yue Lin Lin Lianbu moved gently, smiling like flowers, slender jade hands and Lin Chen on the table together.

"I also accept! How can I Gu Chenfeng lose to a woman!"

"I also accept! I should enter Tiange Academy to do some earth-shattering events. Meeting Brother Chen Chen is my chance!"

"Since everyone's interest is so high, then I accept it!"

Yue Linlin's participation was like lighting a fire among everyone; even everyone in the class participated together! Even the always timid Qin Xiaofeng participated!

"Good guys, since you don't counsel one by one, then I am afraid of a ghost, anyway, I would have required a lot of credits!"

Lin Chenxie charm smiled, and he shot it on the desktop flatly!

"How about elders, our number has reached the standard. Is that okay?"

Not to mention the elders in the management mission hall, even the elders are thrilled!

This guy is not kidding! He really wants to take this task! And still take the entire 66 class together?

The elders remembered the bald elder's instructions to meet the boy's requirements as much as possible.

Seeing Lin Chen and everyone in Class 66 was aggressive, if they refused, they would have to lift this place!

"Here, that's okay! Since you insist on taking it, then this task is assigned to you in class 66! But you must remember that this task is extremely dangerous. If you can't complete it, remember to take life protection in any situation. premise."

The elder advised that the identity jade card worn by everyone in Class 66 was illuminated at the same time; showing that they had taken the 6th level task!