My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Class 66 Dispatched

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Chapter 84, Class 66, dispatch!

Lin Chen was about to take everyone away, and suddenly saw two graceful shadows sitting in the corner of the mission hall.

Lin Chen was stunned that these two women were the two former Su Lan who had abducted Xu Tutor and Su Lan's twin sisters.

"Elder, why are the two of them here?"

Lin Chen asked doubtfully, and the elder smiled bitterly.

"We are waiting for Leng Yueqi's mentor to come back, they are her disciples, and we, the weak elders, are not qualified to dispose of both of them."

Hearing this news, Lin twitched. These two girls turned out to be Leng Yueqi's disciples?

Leng Yueqi's temper, if you come back, you must not scratch your skin!

"Hey, brother Lin Chen, I know what you are worried about, not like us."

Yue Linlin smiled and smiled at Lin Chen's ear, vomiting Fang Lan lightly, and gave Lin Chen a plan.

After someone listened to Lin, he suddenly realized that he had a bad smile on his lips, and then patted his chest seriously.

"Elder, I will leave this matter to me!"

Lin Chen walked in front of the second daughter; said seriously.

"I have already mentioned your affairs with the bald elder and the deputy dean and his elderly. They said; the best result for your punishment is to make up for it! You will perform this task with me this time and listen to my orders , As long as the task is completed, you will be able to make up for the previous things and write off!"

The serious Lin Chen said it was very rigorous and convincing, making Yue Linlin covertly laugh.

"We don't believe your gibberish! I want to wait for the master to come back!"

Su Lanxiu stared at Lin Chen slightly and said angrily.

"Oh? The bald old man and the deputy dean and his old man have already told me, if you are not obedient, then they will deal with you personally. Then see if your master Leng Yueqi's arm can be overtightened ~"

Lin Chen smirked, and Su Lan's silver teeth clenched, thinking.

"Well, baldness is always an old senior who has a relationship with the General Hospital. Since he has spoken, lets not make the master embarrassed, my sister, just go for it. Whats more, with our strength, forgive him How is it to us."

Older sister Su Lan agreed happily with deep understanding and led her sister Su Lans catkins to stand up.

"Well~ This is a smart person. Sister Su Lan's brain is so big~"

Someone Lin shrugged;

"You, you shameless! What are you qualified to say to me!"

Su Lanxiu's eyes were reddish, and the suffocated mountains shook, very wronged.

"Hey, don't tease you. Elder, that's it, let's go first!"

Lin Chen took the second daughter of the Su family and class 66, and left the mission hall with the dumbfounded elders and students!


Half a day later; Tianlong Mountains.

The people led by Lin Chen rode together on the five-headed lion, eagle and beast purchased from the inner courtyard and landed in a place in the outer courtyard.

"What did Brother Chen Chen come to the foreign court?"

See Lin Chen jumping from the back of the lion, eagle and beast to the outer courtyard; Qin Xiaofeng wondered.

After a while, a young man in Tsing Yi and a beautiful and beautiful lady appeared together with Lin Chen!

It was Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan!

"These two are my friends and our main helpers in this operation. They are my classmates."

Lin Chen and Renhe of Class 66 and Bai Junhao, Shangguan Bihan introduced each other.

"Have seen all the seniors and senior sisters, and the school sister Shangguan Bihan, please advise."

"Senior and senior sister, my name is Bai Junhao!"

The two politely greeted each other, and Lin Chen took them to the lion, eagle and beast together.

Everyone in Class 66 kept looking at the two with suspicion. Although they were convinced by Lin Chen, it was difficult for their peers to get their approval. Treating others, their mentality was still somewhat arrogant.

"Brother Lin Chen, what's the use of calling your students from the two outer colleges, our mission this time is the most difficult level 6 mission of the college!"

Even Qin Xiaofeng questioned the two, Lin Chen waved and smiled.

"Okay, please don't guess. Let your mind calm down. What I can tell you is that their abilities are not worse than those of you, or even better."

Lin Chen calmed everyone down in one sentence, and then he told Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan all the ins and outs of the 6th-level mission.

The two learned that he had taken such a dangerous task, both shocked and admired! More, it is still excited to try! Because I can finally fight side by side with Lin Chen this time!

the other side;

Lin Chen took Class 66 with Shangguan Bihan, Bai Junhao and others just after flying away from the inner courtyard.

Tiange Academy; the elder lobby of the inner courtyard.

"Dead Bald Man! Get out of the old lady!"

The door of the elder lobby was shattered on the spot, and Leng Yue's face was as cold as frost.

The elders who were in the meeting were terrified, and those who met were Leng Yueqi, and they dared not to speak.

"Leng Yueqi, what are you doing!"

The bald old figure appeared ghostly in the hall; he shook his head helplessly.

"What's wrong with me? You don't ask yourself first! What kind of stuff did you bring back? The first pass of the assessment was the impolite female teacher. During the assessment, more than a thousand plants of Longjin grass were burned and the day after entering the inner courtyard. Let my disciples disband the hard-built martial arts and bring 66 collective absenteeism classes?"

Leng Yueqi's prime hand snapped angrily on the conference table and smashed it directly!

"That's enough, but just took all the bunnies in class 66 to the girl's dormitory in the inner courtyard to streak? What's going on! What kind of wonderful thing did you give the old lady!"

Seeing Leng Yueqi's furious look, none of the elders in the audience dared to say anything;

Bald old shook his head helplessly, just want to explain. An elder suddenly broke into the conference hall with a magnificent look!

"Bald old; the freshman Lin Chen took 21 people from class 66 and took away the only level 6 mission currently in the academy!"


Almost all elders and Leng Yueqi have the same reaction!

Seeing Leng Yueqi is also there; the elder swallowed saliva, only promised.

"There are also two disciples of Leng Yueqi's tutor, Su Lan and Su Lan, who were also taken away by him."


Lin Chen's discussion ended, looking at the two sisters of the Su family standing on the other side of the lion eagle beast, could not help but whispered to Yue Linlin curiously.

"In other words, why did the two sisters abduct Teacher Xu, are they really only interested in the same sex?"

Yue Linlin's ancient spirit blinked strangely, close to Lin Chen's ear deliberately, vomiting Fang Lan lightly.

"It seems that because of childhood experiences, both of their sisters hate men very much. And their sister Su Lan also has a strange habit of observing and stroking beautiful female bodies."

What? Strange habit of touching the female body!

Someone Lin was itched by Yue Linlin's ear, and she covered her ears and said strangely.

"It's a pity! If this hobby should be especially good for men, Brother Chen, I must go out and cure her!"