My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Lieyang Fortress

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Chapter 85

Two days later; Lin Chen and others sat on a lion, eagle, and beast, all the way across the 100,000-mile mountain river; crossing the wilderness of the Styx, reaching the sunset imperial territory on the edge of the wilderness.

Here, the mountains and rivers are rich and the city is full of life and liveliness.

However, at this time the sunset empire was covered with a shadow.

The new king of the heavenly fighting dynasty ascended the throne; fight the four sides and conquer the sunset empire!

Although the resources of the sunset empire are rich, the Tiandou dynasty has conquered the four countries and has conquered the two countries. Now its military strength is about four times that of the sunset empire, and the gap between the two sides is huge! On the day of the destruction of the country, it is precarious!

The sunset empire; the stronghold.

The dusk covered the entire stronghold, and Anza's 30,000 sergeants in the sunset empire fell into a deadly atmosphere.

Fortress; general camp.

The generals surrounded the broken conference map and fell into the atmosphere of death and depression.

At this time, a veteran took the lead.

"General, let's withdraw! The soldiers have just gone through a big battle; the vanguard corps of the Tiandou dynasty is about to arrive. The spies are initially expected to have 50,000 troops, and we can't stop it now!"

"Yeah, abandon the stronghold, and retreat to the rear to retain the troops. We can regroup and fight again!"

The veterans appealed together, but the general in the center of the camp frowned and shook his head.

"Retreating again is the territory of my sunset empire; I was killed by the beasts of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty into our country. I dont know how many people will be killed. As a border fighter, what else is necessary for us to exist! No retreat, you must stay at the stronghold of Lieyang!"

This decision caused many veterans to sigh deeply.

The chances of winning this battle are slim; the morale is greatly reduced before the battle begins.

Bang ~~!

The earth shook, the mighty momentum of thousands of horses came from the outside, and the soldiers in the general camp were shocked!

The army has arrived!

The generals lifted the camp tent, and immediately spies and soldiers came to report.

"General Song, the vanguard army of the Tiandou dynasty is within a thousand miles."

The soldiers sighed in their hearts, and were determined to live and die.

When the general was about to give the last order; the fortress sky crossed several wind breaking sounds and rolled up the hurricane!

A crowd of young figures descended from the sky, and scared the soldiers around to quickly alert!

"He Fang Xiaoxiao! Dare to break into my stronghold stronghold!"

General Song snorted and the airflow collapsed. When I saw someone coming, I couldn't help but be surprised!

"Hello, generals. We are students of Tiange College. We accept the commission of your sunset empire in our college to help the war."

Ying Liang from Class 66 came out first, smiled and clenched his fists, and took out his own identity jade card.

"Student at Tiange Academy? Speaking, Your Majesty did say that Tiange Academy entrusted it."

General Song looked at everyone in contemplation.

Although this group of young people are quite impressive, they have never seen the disciples of the big factions and remain skeptical about their actual combat capabilities and experience.

Ying Liang nodded seriously.

"You are General Song Shan, we hope that you can mobilize the soldiers to help us go to the battlefield..."

"Don't talk nonsense to them! The army is under pressure and they won't trust us now."

Lin Chen came out from behind Ying Liang and directly interrupted him.

"There is a batch of immortality in this Naling Ring; you can quickly distribute it to the soldiers above the spirit level in the army, hurry up to recover, and the outside army will be handed over to us."

Tossing General Song Shan toss a Naling Ring, Lin Chen turned and left; everyone in Class 66 quickly followed.

"Brother Lin Chen, should we take the soldiers with a better chance of winning?"

"Their eyes are full of mistrust and doubt. At this point in time there is no time to gain their trust, and now we can only let them listen to us if we use our strength to win this tough battle."

Take the crowd to the high wall of the fortress; the general Song Shan followed.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, urging Zijin Tong to see clearly on the first level.

On the vast plain road, the army is less than six hundred miles from the fortress!

The army is the leader; ten thousand iron rides are sprinting.

Behind is the formation of an orderly army of 40,000 soldiers, and dozens of domesticated flying beasts are flying towards here.

Lin Chen directly ignored General Song Mountain, jumped and jumped from the city wall of 100 meters high.

The soul grabbing gun is in hand, the whirlwind rage, Lin Chen struck the silver robe and hunted. While his purple pupil looked at the army, he shouted.

"I took the lead and disrupted their formation from the center. When the time came, Ying Liang, Chenfeng, Zhang Yu, and the three of you took the opportunity to face up to ten people."

"Qin Xiaofeng; when all of us attack, you are responsible for disrupting the opposing cavalry's lineup."

"Yan Haitang, Liu Lin'er, Yue Linlin. And Sister Su's family, your five girls are in charge of the sky battle, and fight down all the flying beasts on the opposite side! Then support the boys!"

"Everyone remembers, heeding the signal of Shangguan Bihan, when he needs to evacuate, he must not hesitate!"

"Don't disappoint me, let me see the strength of your 66 teams!"

Lin Chen took the lead; the boys in Class 66 stood outside the fortress and stood against the wind;

All the students in class 66, regardless of gender, are full of blood at the moment!

26 people against 50,000 people!

Every soldier of the enemy is above the gas-refining realm; under the rush of 10,000 people, even the powerful warrior realm will be overwhelmed by the attack of the sea, there is no chance of survival!

Su Lan and Sister Su Lan looked at Lin Chen in amazement; 26 people played against 50,000 elite soldiers. Is this arrogant or arrogant?

General Song Shan looked at the young people in shock, they were only in their early twenties.

Some have not reached the age of 20, and only one-third of them have reached the terrible situation. This kind of strength is not bad, but it is not enough to face the 50,000 army!

"General, there is no soldier or soldier outside this stronghold? Will there be fraud?"

The general in front of the cavalry said cautiously.

"It's okay! There is no more troops in the Sunshine Fortress. I'm attacking the four sides of the sunset empire. They can't divide their forces to support here and destroy them in one go! As long as we lay down the sunset empire, brethren, want women to have women. Resources have resources, and its a matter of saying which girl wants to sleep!"

The leading general was determined to get a big laugh, and in a wave of his hand, all the cavalry's speed increased by one point!

Five hundred miles, four hundred miles, three hundred miles!

Thousand horses gallop, iron hoofs step on! At the time of the earth shaking; a killing air sweeping the sky rushed to Xiaohan!

When the army was only less than Baili from the Lieyang Fortress, Lin Chen burst into shock!

"Everyone, come with me!"