My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Class 66 Vs 50000 Elite Soldiers

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Chapter 86, Class 66 VS Fifty Thousand Soldiers!

True flame purple phoenix wings raged in the sky; Lin Chen alone, rushed to the sky!

Ten people headed by Ying Liang, Gu Chenfeng and Bai Junhao each showed their cards and tricks!

"Something is coming, everyone be careful!"

The soldiers flying the fierce beasts shouted; a purple flame meteor struck across the sky torn the air and cut through the clouds!

Lin Chen rushed to the front row of flying beasts in less than a few breaths!

"what is this?"

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The soldiers sitting on the flying beasts have no time to see what the purple flame meteor is; the sky explodes a wave of air, tearing and crushing several second-order goshawks!

Purple Flame Meteor crashed down right behind the cavalry!

Hundreds of jiao horses were frightened to stop retreating, and the horseshoes soared. The huge energy generated when landing hit more than a hundred people!

"Who is coming?"

A general shrieked in shock; the halberd in his hand suddenly waved into the dust.

"A man who surrounds you 50,000 troops!"

When the young man's sneer sounded, the residual image of the gun wind tore the halberd, sweeping through the eight wastelands, and flying hundreds of Jiaoma!

Put away the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings; Lin Chen was alone in the back row of the cavalry!

"Energetic Rune Demon Fight Overlay"

The fighting spirit of the earth system broke out; Lin Chen was the first to charge the runes to display the ground seal in the four kings of the demon, and shoot it on the ground!

Bang~~! Bang ~!

The palms shattered in all directions, the earth's crust collapsed, and the terrible waves were shaken. The airflow collapsed and the gusts of wind swept through, directly isolating the cavalry soldiers from the rear army!

"What a terrible young man!"

Standing on the city wall, General Song Shan and a group of veterans saw this scene and took a breath of air!

With just one move, the formation of cavalry brigade and infantry forward was cut off!

Soul grabber flashed in his hand, Lin Chen angered a dozen of cavalry in a single shot, and picked him up!

The rifle was turned again, and the pure power wheel dance of nearly 70,000 tiger powers hit it, shaking 100 tons of rubble!

The gun shadow of the fire of the fire department is in full bloom in the sky, and it bursts with the heat wave!

Lin Chen rushed to the ground, the ground cracked, and both hands turned to capture the soul gun!

From his left and right sides, he formed a wheel-like rotating image! With a huge force, all those generals who attempted to approach him will blast away, and some will be shattered and killed on the spot!

It was just that Lin Chen was alone in the army; no one could stop him if he entered the unmanned state!

On the other side; the front row of cavalry has also been hit like never before!

The red and white light battlefield, every time passing by, a shocking blood hole was pierced between the Jiaoma and the soldier, as fast as lightning!

Holding a red war gun, Gu Chenfeng rushed into the front of the cavalry brigade with more than a dozen boys from Class 66!

Fists of light flash, sword qi vertical and horizontal, sword shadow across the sky, and a fierce battle broke out right in front of the army!

Roar ~~!

Bai Junhao exploded with a dragon roar, and the pure power climbed up, and the faint scale of the green dragon appeared on the skin of the whole body. The pure power was about to catch up with Lin Chen now!

He punched out with a punch, exploded in all directions, and the air flow collapsed; blasted several air-horse horses like a bomb.

The strength of it has attracted many people from Class 66!

The 13 boys in Class 66 plus Bai Junhao, even if Xiuwei is still in Jiuzhong, but everyone's frontal combat strength has the level of the real situation.

They gather together, back to back, cover each other, and fight each other. Everyone did not appear to penetrate deep into the enemy forces and fight alone.

Moreover, the mental methods they practice are not ordinary things, and the fighting endurance and explosive power are also comparable to those who are usually strong.

For a time, the whole cavalry army was stopped, and even signs of breaking inside!

Look at the sky battle again; after the dozens of goshawks domesticated by the Tiandou dynasty were disturbed by Lin Chens sudden attack; the blossoming rain all over the sky like a meteor!

Each drop of flower rain is an arrow that shoots down at a rapid speed, carrying a terrible combat force penetration!

"Xinghai Arrow!"

A small and beautiful woman standing on the back of the lion eagle beast pulls the long bow; her long hair flutters, the charm is charming, the slender jade hand is turned into a residual image, and the flickering star bursts from her hand. !

Each arrow hit all goshawks accurately and penetrated their wings!

Yan Begonia; Super Ghost Talent of Class 66, known as Star Flower Sniper, a billionaire genius female archer!

"Hee hee, let me go! Baiwu Sanshou!"

Standing next to Yan Haitang, the girl in a yellow skirt smiled smirkfully; her jade fingers shook gently, and the light dust turned into a breeze.

"Ah! It hurts, what is this!"

"My meridians are about to break, the mist is poisonous!"

When all the beast-training generals driving the goshawks were blown by the light breeze; their faces instantly turned blue, and when they screamed, they foamed in their mouths and fell from the backs of the goshawks!

Liu Lin'er, a class 66 ghost talented female poison master, possesses a talent and insight that is unprecedented in the poison. Her poison, even the college elders are frightened!

"Let's go and support them~~"

The full-bodied Yue Linlin jumped and jumped down from the sky!

For this scene, except for Shangguan Bihan, all female students are accustomed to it, flying lions, eagles and beasts to low altitude!

Falling to a height of less than 100 feet from the ground, the light blue light suddenly spread out, turning into light and bright blue wings.

The glaucoma wings are thin like cicada wings, beautiful and picturesque, Yue Linlin is actually like Lin Chen, and can fly in the sky without the sky!

The hands overlap together; the sapphire ring between Yue Linlin's fingers illuminates two dozens of cyan beams, turning the horses of the cavalry team that will surround the boys!

Yue Linlin; the strongest caster of the younger generation in the wilderness, with a distinguished family background, with a lot of auxiliary treasures and endless details!

"Be careful all! The enemy has hidden soldiers hidden in our team!"

The two terrible generals suddenly shouted; their voices just fell, and a figure flashed across the cavalry like ghosts!

All ghosts were knocked to the ground where the ghost had passed, and some soldiers did not understand what happened!

Even the generals in the terrible realm only saw a very blurry afterimage flashing over, and could not capture the trace at all!

The speed of the body method makes everyone tremble!

"Seniors, the enemies! The enemies have formed to kill you from the southeast. Please retreat to the northwest quickly. Do not fall into the encirclement!"

Biography of Shangguan Bihan spread throughout the audience; all the boys received it and quickly changed the fighting direction!

After the fierce fighting, the 66 boys who just prepared to fall into the encirclement circle immediately received the swift support of the girls; they began to enter the cavalry regiment and break up the entire army! No attack at all becomes a stronghold!