My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Fierce Fighting

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Chapter 87

"Frost Miles!"

The two sisters Su Lan joined forces to launch the ice warfare that spread all over the sky from high altitude!

A cold blade swept through the army, and the cold and boneless battle swept through, and in an instant, thousands of soldiers were frozen into ice sculptures! Help the boys of Class 66 to open a road!

They are the three-fold and two-fold cultivation of Disha Realm, the two women join forces, and the ordinary five-fold Disha Realm may not be their opponents.

As long as they want to evacuate, few opponents can threaten them on this battlefield!

"We are all right in the front row, Yue Linlin and Yan Haitang; you help Brother Lin Chen!"

Ying Liang and Gu Chenfeng fought side by side, shouting loudly.

Yue Linlin and Yan Haitang on the back of the lion, eagle and beast exchanged glances, and the two reached an agreement and flew forward.

However; when the two women formally flew to the other end of the cavalry regiment, this scene in front of them shocked both women in place!

The 40,000 troops are located on the entire fortress road. Their momentum is more terrible than the cavalry regiment.

The center of the storm is Lin Chen alone! !

Even the two sisters Su Lan couldn't help but look sideways!

Lin Chen held the gun with one hand, the marksmanship was unpredictable, heavier and heavier, the one-handed unfolding of the fighting spirit imprinted, the gun was swept out in all directions, and the whole body was covered with golden gas, like a **** descended!

Even five or six soldiers from the realm of unbearable hordes have no effect on launching a mad attack on Lin Chen around him!

All the attacks on the ground are completely blocked by the golden awn that surrounds him. Not to mention causing damage, even the delay of his progress can not be done!

The ground kept shaking, the explosion of energy storms continued, and the soldiers were beaten in the sky!

Lin Chen's aspirations, gazing at the world, diameter hit the rear of the army!

A whole army of 40,000 was killed by Lin Chen who broke into the army alone!

One person rushes off, no one can match!

"Ok... so strong... he is so strong!"

Yan Xiaotang was "dead in the sky" by Lin Chen's powerful earthquake. She was not present when the whole class of boys challenged Lin Chen last time. This is the first time she has seen Lin Chen's strength!

These 40,000 soldiers are not ordinary people, they are all elites who have experienced life and death battles. The ordinary Qi Refining Environment is singled out but none of them; Lin Chen can block one million, this young courage is rare in the world. !

"This kind of strength is also among the best in the inner courtyard. It is estimated that only the top 20 monsters can do it..."

Su Lanqian's eyes narrowed; he is only a minor student now!

"What's wrong with Begonia's school girl, he was mesmerized by Lin Chen?"

Yue Linlin didn't know when she flew to her, and she snickered.

Yan Haitang gave her a white look and said seriously.

"Brother Lin Chen's battle trajectory is unpredictable. We tried to help him without authorization, but it would be counterproductive. This is not a suitable time for support."

Yue Linlin nodded in agreement and proposed; "It is better for us to defeat those terrible generals and let them cause less trouble and hindrance to the boys, how?"

"Well! Just do it!"

The two women turned to the general who aimed at the ground, Lin Chen went deep into the enemy alone!

"Monster, monster! This kid is invulnerable, and fire and water will not invade. Isn't this an invincible body? How can this be beaten!"

"It's no wonder that the group of veterans of Song Shan dared to retreat after defeating us. It turned out that the Fortress of Lieyang had such a trumpet. We are careless!"

"Don't be afraid! This kid is a man no matter how strong he is! His defensive strength is also his defensive combat skills! Don't step back! As long as his fighting spirit is exhausted, it's time for us to cut off others!"

"Yes! As long as this kid is defeated, the Sunshine Fortress is ours! The great prince will greatly reward us with merits and positions!"

The blend of blood and fire kills the earth and earth, the roars of the soldiers and their attacks are like a torrential rain!

"Then who can't hold it first!"

Lin Chen was trapped in layers of difficulties, not in chaos, hegemony!

The dragon force erupted instantaneously, while attacking back while taking their attack!

In Lin Chen's line of sight, as long as he is repelled or beaten by those who are above the War Spirit Realm, a few attribute light **** will be dropped.

He didn't pay attention to these attribute light balls, and let them flow into his body. Lin Chen became more and more courageous, and his attributes went wild!

"Seize the soul!"

Lin Chen held the gun in both hands, and when the awe-inspiring stab, one shot turned into a hundred shots, the momentum was fierce and the air was flashing! Pure power blessing, the destructive power is increased!

An attack that pierced through the numerous battle spirits and terrestrial realms together knocked them back!

Lin Chen continued to pursue, letting many offensive attacks bombard himself!

The gun was held high, and Lin Chen slammed angrily on the top of a Disha Realm. While shaking the other party's head with blood, the attribute light ball flew out and merged into Lin Chen's body!


Lin Chen didn't have time to look at the value of this attribute light ball; his soul-grabbing gun burst into a crisp cracking sound, split into two!

"In the end, the soul gun is only a third-tier top weapon, and it is not easy to persist until now. Then use other combat skills!"

Lin Chen injured two soldiers easily, Lin Chen grabbed a knife to start, with a double knife in hand, his murderous body became sharp and killing!

Lin Chen jumped up; the blade turned around, lifted the knife and slashed down, cleaved the heavy marks of the earth's fighting spirit, severed several soldiers, and cut their armor and fighting defense in two!

Lin Chen's "Chaos Five Spirits of War" is being consumed at a rapid rate. Lin Chen, who has urged super-strong combat skills and maintained high-strength defense in succession, can't afford even the blue-level intermediate mind method entering the state of Dacheng.

Bloody sky, Lin Chen killed the middle section of the 40,000 army; the sword broke off, Lin Chen didn't use the knife, and the fist was overwhelming!

With both hands in a fist, Lin Chen waved into a shadow after another. If the legs are swept out of the sword, the fierce strong wind is like a knife, and some psychic realms near Lin Chen are shattered and shattered!

A volley turned around and raised his leg to the top of his head, as if the battle axe slammed down, shattering the entire ground and lifting up many soldiers!

The fist blows with his hands beat the soldiers around and fled with blood!

Lin Chen's whole body looks like a precise killing machine!

At this time, his fighting spirit was almost exhausted, and even the recovery speed of the Elixir could not keep up with the consumption speed!

But with the defense and the pure strength of the fleshy metal warfare left by him, Lin Chen can still kill a blood in the army!

"It's not a way to go on like this. If Tian Gang's fighting spirit is lifted, I will instantly become the target of all soldiers. Even if I can use my mental power to dodge, I can't avoid all attacks all the time. There will be flaws in a long battle!"