My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Crazy Ideas

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Chapter 88 !

Lin Chen lowered his Tiangang fighting spirit by two grades, and began to try to run Zhenshui Guiyuan Jue. If an attack breaks his defense, Zhenshui Guiyuan Jue will heal the injury for the first time!

Lin Chen's battle to his own pure power also began to fall into exhaustion; he broke through the shackles with a brand-new fighting spirit, as if he was a new life, pouring into his whole body! He made his real water return to Yuanjue and healed his wounds in one breath!

"My morale is the second most important breakthrough in the battlefield!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic; with one hand he became a seal, and he released two tricks of "Fighting the Four Kings Seal"!

A large number of attributed light spheres dropped in the battle just now were absorbed by Lin Chen for the most part.

Many of them are the essence of fighting spirit, making Lin Chen break the boundaries!

"The fighting strength has doubled to the battlefield! My Tiangang fighting strength has been able to maintain the strongest defense for some time. It is time to decide the victory!"

Lin Chen, who once again used Tiangang's fighting spirit to the fullest, only the metallic fighting spirit shocked many battle spirits!

The top of his head began to faintly embody the momentum of the blue dragon rolling, the strength of the left arm soared, and the blue dragon arm was born!

"Qinglong BloodlineLiberation70% Power!"

The green dragon's arms rolled up in anger, sweeping across the Eight Wastelands, with great vigor!

"Fuck me all!"

Lin Chen burst into shock; the huge green dragon claws arbitrarily took the sky, smashing the ground with a palm, shocking Li Kuangfeng, and thousands of soldiers were crushed to death.

Two violent tornadoes rolled around the periphery with the green dragon arm flapping as the center!

All the soldiers with the last nerve finally collapsed at this moment!

Too cruel! This young man is simply not human!

The power and momentum of the Green Dragon Arm caused a fatal deterrent, and finally a large number of soldiers began to abandon their helmets and fled, with fear on their faces!

Whoever wants to fight with that monster will fight!

You can't score, you can't attack.

The other party can kill them countless lives by clapping their hands. This kind of deadly battle. Who can stand it!

The war lasted until dawn; when the morning sun shone again on the strong sun fortress.

Those veterans who witnessed history on the city walls looked at the young people on the battlefield in dumbfounded!

They are all still alive and alive, they are awe-inspiring and energetic! Eyes full of cheerful fighting intentions and proud overbearing!

Along the Great Fortress Avenue, in addition to thousands of corpses and thousands of defeated soldiers who were seriously wounded, there are no longer any soldiers with war intentions!

The most important thing is the silver robe boy who is located farthest in front of the Lieyang Fortress!

It was him who cut off the cavalry regiment with one person and dragged down 40,000 troops; won this war!

"Victory! We survived, we survived!"

"The gods are descending! The talents of the college are simply the gods descending! Save me from the sunset!"

"Tiange Academy is powerful!"

Strong applause and cheers erupted inside the fortress, countless soldiers wept with joy, and hope in the eyes rekindled again for tomorrow!

"I didn't expect him to do it."

Sister Su Lan stared at Lin Chen's back in amazement. This younger brother may be the most outstanding student in the history of Tiange College!

Not to mention the veterans and soldiers on the city walls, even the people of Class 66 also cast their eyes on Lin Chen with admiration and wonder.

This squad leader and elder brother, they have agreed!

Twenty-six students fought against 50,000 soldiers, and no one was killed or injured.

Without the help of Lin Chen, even if Class 66 can unite, and Sister Su Lan, with their background, it is not impossible to defeat the 50,000 troops.

But if so, the whole class will inevitably pay a heavy price. The death toll will be at least one-third!

It is not difficult to defeat the 50,000 troops, but the task of saving the sunset empire is not to win these 50,000 troops.

Therefore, it is Lin Chens best goal to repel these 50,000 troops without casualties!

"Veteran Song Shan, I have met the talents of the Tiange Academy! Yesterday afternoon, I was disrespected, and I hope everyone will be surprised!"

Song Shan sincerely apologized to Lin Chen and others for the first time, but Lin Chen ignored him directly and said seriously to everyone in Class 66.

"Everyone must hurry up and take a rest. Tonight we will attack the second fortress occupied by the Tiandou Dynasty overnight!"

Lin Chenyu is not as shocking as hell, he has to take the initiative to fight again!

"No! Benefactor, the fortress in front has been occupied by the Tiandou dynasty and arranged for heavy guards. The minimum strength is 100,000!"

Song Shan ignored Lin Chen's attitude and hurriedly persuaded.

This finally saw a glimmer of hope, but can't let this man rush to die!

"Are you crazy? That's a hundred thousand troops! And people are still inside the fortress, easy to defend and difficult to attack!"

Su Lan couldn't help but stand up and question Lin Chen; bursting into the Qingyang Fortress was not comparable to the previous battle!

Lin Chen glanced at Su Lan and said indifferently; "I will be responsible for all the students and even the soldiers in this operation."

"You! I thought you were a little capable, but I didn't expect to be an arrogant man!"

Su Lan was stomped with anger, and sister Su Lan gave Lin Chen a white glance, then comforted her sister.

"If you want to win, listen to me. Otherwise, I will immediately take the people away! Now, you must hurry up and summon all the psychic soldiers with combat effectiveness!"

Lin Chen's attitude does not allow Song Shan to question, the shame between Meiyu even makes him forget that the teenager in front of him is just a student!

After Song Shan left, Bai Junhao said worriedly.

"Brother, will this happen?"

"Relax, your elder brother will never be able to predict his next step in his work; we will just follow him and kill the enemy."

Yue Linlin chuckled slightly; Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, looking at the direction of the evacuation of the army, revealing a mysterious smile, no one could understand exactly what he was thinking.

Night; strong sun fortress.

After the victory of the battle, the morale of the fortress soared, and the soldiers rekindled their fighting spirit and began to concentrate on the station to restore their fighting power.

Inside the general camp; a heroic and awe-inspiring woman with short hair nodded to Lin Chen who was sitting on top.

"It's all ready. I taught the soldiers three practical basic formations; the yellow sand turntable formation, the Aoki formation, and the trapped dragon formation. They are used for assault, siege, and defense."

The heroic and short-haired woman is the only 66 class student who did not go to the battlefield. She is the youngest master of formation in the wasteland; she is proficient in dozens of formations. It is equivalent to the height achieved with Song Qingheng in the alchemy field!

Xiang Qinghong, the genius master of this year's Tiange Academy!

"How many psychic soldiers can fight?"

Lin Chen nodded, then asked.

"After the restoration of the panacea we issued, there are 3200 psychic soldiers who can play the fighting power."

"Very well, if this battle can be successful, you will count the most, and you will be credited with a large amount of credit when completing the mission!"

Lin Chen stood at the table, looked around the audience, and smiled boldly.

"Which veteran is still willing to break into the Qingyang Fortress with me; the success of this battle is the first battle of the sunset empire to fight back against the Tiandou Dynasty!"

A simple sentence shocked all the veterans in the general camp!

They have never seen such a ridiculous decision!

32,000 against 100,000? This is basically the same as sending to death!

If you hadn't seen Lin Chen's frightening power, everyone thought it was a lunatic!

But this crazy decision was to ignite the fire in the hearts of all the soldiers present!