My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Assault On Qingyang Fortress

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Chapter 89: Assault on Qingyang Fortress!

"I would have been willing to do my best!"

"I'm going too! My life has long been planned to be explained here. If I can be put into a counterattack, I will say nothing!"

The fifteen generals of the battlefield nine and the generals of three terrible battles voluntarily ask for battle, not even General Song Shan!

"General Song Shan stays here to stay in the fortress, and the rest follow me!"

Before waiting for Song Shan to refute, Lin Chen waved his hand and everyone in Class 66 was close behind! The former can only helplessly smile, and then keep up.

After the previous battle, Lin Chen obtained a large amount of quintessence of light attributes of the essence of war, and cultivated it to the second peak of the battle spirit.

As soon as he left the general camp, 3,200 elite soldiers were lined up neatly, waiting outside the camp for a long time!

"Many soldiers, everyone has seen today's results, and I won't talk more about nonsense. This time when we entered the Qingyang Fortress, everyone must be determined to die. Now if anyone wants to quit, it's too late!"

Lin Chen sipped; all the soldiers stood still, and the perseverance and fighting spirit in their eyes had already explained their positions!

"Very good, this is the answer I want. After a quarter of an hour, the whole army is ready to go!"

Lin Chen waved his hand under the night sky; a neat team like a lone wolf set off from the Lieyang Fortress!

Yan Haitang and Yue Linlin and other women were sitting on the lions, eagles and beasts, and cooperated with Shangguan Bihans Zijin pupil to survey the area and screen the way forward.

Unlike the past, the team of 3,200 elite soldiers is not a large force.

Lin Chen led the whole army according to the route explored by Shangguan Bihan, bypassed the avenue to Qingyang Fortress, and dived into the valley next to it.

In the complicated valley route crisscrossing, Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan took all the soldiers to the southern valley of Qingyang Fortress in just one day, the valley was only less than fifty miles from the fortress level!

Because the fog in many valleys does not disperse all year round, almost no traces of people, and it is difficult to find a way out of the ordinary situation; therefore, there is no guard sent by the Tiandou dynasty.

But the mist in the valley is nothing for Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan!

I am afraid that no one except the Tiangang Realm will know that the sunset empire has such a team that has reached within fifty miles of their army!

The terrain of Qingyang Fortress is located at the junction of many valleys. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack. The whole of the fortress is in the shape of 3, with a total of four fortress gates.

"The rest of the army! Two hours later, as we entered the middle of the night, we went straight to Huanglong and won the Qingyang Fortress!"

When Lin Chen raised his hand, all the soldiers rested on the ground. But in reality; no one's heart can really calm down. This battle will be about the counter-horn of the sunset empire!

The entire large army entered at the fastest speed, and the remnants of the original defeated party had not yet returned.

"Lin, how are you going to attack."

A veteran got close to Lin Chen and asked extremely nervously.

"You don't need to know my battle plan, you just need to wait for my order and kill it directly. We will open the way for all of you, you just have to do it!"

Lin Chen smiled domineeringly, his courage shocked people's hearts, everyone admired them, and he dared not have any more doubts!

Two hours passed away.

"Everyone; it's time. The old rules. I'll break the fortress gate. The other boys will take the lead with me. Yan Haitang will cover Liu Lin'er and act according to plan. The whole army is waiting for Bi Han's attack instructions. Qin Xiaofeng is responsible for paralyzing their air defenses. Combat power."

Lin Chen said concisely, and Qin Xiaofeng, beside him, grumbled.

"Why do I do these sneak attacks on others every time."

Lin Chen glanced at him and smiled: "You can also do it if you don't want to. We can change the position of the two of us. You come to break the city gate. I'll destroy their air defense capabilities. How?"

"Can't do it! Listen to the elder brother's arrangement!"

The allocation was completed; under the order of Lin Chen, all the boys in Class 66 rushed out of the mountainside, jumped down, and rushed to the west gate at the fastest speed!


A purple flame meteor crossed the sky and the sound of the wind breaking, the scouts on the wall of Qingyang Fortress had not yet reacted, and the majestic blue dragon breath swept the sky!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation 80% Strength!"

The green dragon's arm turned out, Lin Chen slammed the whole fortress giant gate, hundreds of thousands of tigers were like dragons and tigers, the fortress giant gate was bombarded into pieces of sky, and even the city wall collapsed into a corner!

"Enemies! Enemies!"

The sentry guarding the fortress walls hurriedly sounded the horn of vigilance!

But Lin Chen completely ignored it, and the true flame purple phoenix wings flew into the fortress quickly, and the blue dragon arm danced and smashed into a fortress, trying to hammer a large number of large-scale lethal weapons such as catapults and crossbow locomotives into pieces!

Lin Chen was in a state of no man, digging all the way through the fortress level, destroying everything in sight, and a large number of soldiers at rest were instantly overwhelmed by the collapsed building!

"Keep up with Brother Lin Chen, rush!"

Bai Junhao took the lead and sprinted into the fortress with all the boys in Class 66. Lin Chen opened the way for them, and the speed of the attack was almost as bad as a bamboo!

This attack of the crowd came too suddenly! Qingyang Fortress has just taken over the rest period, and it has not yet adjusted its preparations for battle!

"It's time for me to appear~"

Liu Lin'er smiled, and the lion, eagle and beast spread their wings and flew towards the sky!

Liu Lin'er entered the fortress with less than ten breaths and was quickly discovered by many soldiers!

"Be careful! The enemy's offensive and air raids!"

"Kill the lion, eagle and beast!"

The troops guarding the Qingyang Fortress are very sufficient, even though Lin Chen and the boys in Class 66 have opened a **** road. Many masters and veterans still reacted quickly; took the lead in aiming at Liu Liner!


The colorful rays of war bloomed in the fortress, and a large number of arrows blooming in the sky like a hurricane, completely submerged Liu Liner and the lion, eagle and beast she controlled!

Sister Su Lan's second daughter stood on the back of the lion, eagle and beast, dancing with her fingertips, the ice mist filled the sky, and suddenly condensed into a cold black shield, protecting the lion, eagle and beast.


The flames blew through the sky, and the battle heat wave of the tearing air flow rolled over, burning all the arrows that tried to approach Liu Lin'er into emptiness.

The phantom of lions, eagles and beasts once again appeared on the horizon, with a beautiful figure standing above it, holding a long bow in hand, beautiful painting!

Its Yan Begonia!

She quickly turned her long bow in her hand, and shot arrows repeatedly to attack all the attempts to approach Liu Liner!

"Begonia and two school sisters, thank you~"

Liu Lin'er chuckled slightly, a delicate smile on her delicate white cheeks.

As soon as the jade hand spread, the blue sky of the Qingyang Fortress began to blow up like a storm-like blue hurricane. This hurricane contained a pungent smell!

"What is this?"

"Me, my warfare is running very slowly! This gust is poisonous!"

"Quick! Go to the camp to get Jiedu Dan!"

"Ah! It's hot! The fighting in my body seems to be burning, save me, save me!"