My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Alchemy? I Will Eh

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Chapter 9, Alchemy? I will eh!

Everyone did not expect this scene, the level of swordsmanship against the level of swordsmanship, and the two sides are still practicing the same kind of swordsmanship!

"How is it possible!? Ben Shao's Thousand Thousand Thousand Swordsmanship is derived from the remains of a sitting swordsman. Even Elder Qi doesn't know, how did he get it!?"

Liao Jianhua was shocked, and the crisis instincts told him that Lin Chen harbored a big secret and he must die!

"Although I don't know where you stole the sword from which you learned the sword, but with your heavy temperament, you can cultivate the garbage without the mind, dare to fight the sword skills with me and find death!"

Liao Jianhua suddenly drank coldly, the sword was slanting out, and the thick Thunder Sword was ten feet long, with countless electro-optical afterimages, and killed in anger!

The fighting spirit in Dan Tian disappeared at a rapid speed, Lin Chen drained all his fighting spirit and also wielded a sword. The two lightning swords collided with one another, shining a dazzling dazzling light!


Jianmang was fragmented, Lin Chen's fighting strength was still a bit weaker, and only weakened Liao Jianhua's power by half!

However, Lin Chen does not go backwards! The residual image was like a sword, and he rushed towards the Thunderous Thousand Swords that had been bombarded!

"Blue Dragon Bloodline; 50% strength, possess!"

The blue light of the left arm was extinguished, the dragon scale rolled, and the roar shattered the roar of the ancient dragon clan. The tiger power soared to 3000 tiger power!

Lin Chen raised his left arm and slapped in the thunder of the thunder with a palm!


The terrifying power of the world blew up the waves of the weather, and smashed the flying sword sword in the front!

"What!? Break the Green Tier Advanced Sword Technique with one hand?"

Many elders stood up suddenly, staring at Lin Chen like a ghost!

"He actually broke my mythical sword!"

Liao Jianhua's face was pale, and his face was ashes!

Too late to react was that Lin Chen turned into a residual image, and in the moment of smashing Jianmang, rushed towards Liao Jianhua!

With five fingers, Lin Chen's palm grabbed Liao Jianhua's face and pressed his head straight to the ground!

Some Nei Zong disciples' faces changed abruptly, but they didn't expect Lin Chen to be the killer!

Liao Jianhua's head is estimated to burst on the spot if it is broken!

On the occasion of a desperate attack, a ghostly figure appeared next to the two, grabbing Lin Chen's arm and Liao Jianhua's shoulder, and forcibly separating the two!

"Okay, the outcome is divided, stop it."

The person who took the shot was the sovereign of Shenwu Sect!

Lin Chen frowned, he wanted to directly result in Liao Jianhua, but was interrupted!

"Sovereign of Shenwu Sect is at least at the level of war spirits. Even if I release all the power of the Green Dragon Arm, it is impossible to kill Liao Jianhua in his face. Just look for a second chance."

His eyes flashed, Lin Chen quickly put away his killing intentions, let the Sect Master slightly looked.

At this young age, he was at ease with his own killing heart. Such people are often very scary!

Many disciples in the audience have not slowed down the gods. The one-time disciple not only defeated Liao Jianhua, the strongest of the internal sect, but also forced even the sect master to personally stop him!

"The kid's shot is not important. In order to win, he has to go all out and hope the Sect Master will forgive him."

Lin Chen clenched his fist at the suzerain, calm and calm.

"Sect Master, this son can't stay! He just obviously went to kill Jianhua, let the old man kill him!"

Liao Jianhua's master, Elder Qi came to control the wind, staring coldly at Lin Chen.

"If I had suffered that sword before, I would definitely die, only he would kill me, without me, Elder Qi would have a fair life."

Lin Chen sneered, not salty or light, and did not intend to give his opponent.

"Joke! You know that Jianhua's talent is so high, how can you be comparable to a disciple who has a little brute force?"

Elder Qi lifted Liao Jianhua with cold eyes.

"Talent? I only know that he is a defeated dog. Where is the gift of talent! There are only winners and losers in this world. If it is not the suzerain, he is just a mess of meat now!"

Lin Chen was tit-for-tat and dared to talk to Elder Qi in this way. Some Neizong disciples were sweating.

Elder Qi was about to attack, but Liao Jianhua, who had just been raised, resented the vicious hoarse.

"Lin Chen, you are just a bit of brute force. Ben Shao is a distinguished apothecary except Kendo. Why do you sit down with Ben Shao Ping? Sect Master, Jianhua begs the Sect Master to kill this kid!"

Sovereign Lord Shenwu glanced at him indifferently; "Liao Jianhua, this ancestor does things, and it's not your turn to point fingers."

Liao Jianhua stayed in a hurry and suppressed his killing intentions with anger, flashing his heart over the suzerain!

"Hahaha, pharmacist, is it great? Refining medicine, I will too!"

Lin Chen's words were amazing, and the words stirred up thousands of waves!

Is he even a pharmacist?

"Will you refine medicine?"

The Sect Master looked at Lin Chen in surprise, and he nodded in a panic.

Alchemist, this is one of the rarest and most noble professions on the mainland of Kyushu. The conditions to become an alchemist are extremely demanding. With the scarcity of the alchemy handprint, the alchemist can hardly pick one out of thousands!

Shenwuzong has experienced hundreds of years of accumulation, but now there are only two pharmacists, and Liao Jianhua is the third!

"Any cat or dog can dare to claim to be a pharmacist this year."

Elder Qi sneered, apparently did not take Lin Chen seriously.

"If you are not convinced, let's continue to the second game and speak based on the refining skills of both parties. However, my request for this round is the life and death round. The loser is not qualified to survive! Dare to take it!"

Lin Chen's face was cold, and all his disciples were shocked by the sentence of life and death!

"Is he still refining medicine, impossible! He hasn't had much chance to see heaven, earth and treasure since he was a child, how could he be refining alchemy!"

Su Qing'er is unbelievable. The two grew up. She had seen Lin Chen's kind of things with her own eyes. How could he be a pharmacist!

"Huh, how could Ben Shao be afraid of you, a wild dog, really thought it would be great with a bit of brute force, refining medicine and martial arts are two different things!"

Liao Jianhua sneered and patted the dust on his shoulder, as if he had recovered his home court again, despising Lin Chen's disdain.

"Since there is a comparison, then two days later, I will test the pill, and the patriarch will personally preside over the testimony; Lin Chen vs. Liao Jianhua. The refining medicine test, the Danfang and the medicinal materials are determined by the sect, and the highest quality of the refining wins. Life and death, The loser delivers his life to the winner!"

Elder Qi rushed to speak in front of the suzerain, and then looked at Lin Chen.

"How about, no problem."

Lin Chen's heart moved, this old guy must want to be a ghost, but why should he fear him!

"No problem, I hope you won't regret it by then."

As soon as this remark came out, the whole audience was shocked. A disciple who was born outside the world not only defeated Liao Jianhua, the strongest of the newly promoted Nei Zong, but also had to test the medicine?

The suzerain looked at the two with great interest and told Lin Chen to retreat back to the high platform. Lin Chen didn't look back and jumped off the ring.

As he walked towards the rest passage, he saw Su Qinger standing in that direction.

Suddenly, Su Qinger saw Lin Chen's sharp, indifferent eyes, and her body shook!

She felt strange and hostile in Lin Chen!

The former Lin Chen would never treat himself like this, as if Lin Chen in front of him was the second completely different stranger!

When the two passed by, Lin Chen's indifferent cold voice came into Su Qing'er's ear.

"Good birds choose wood and dwell. If you want to go, I will not blame you, but you chose the wrong way. The so-called genius you choose, I will step on him under the feet as before. And you, It's just a sad woman worthless."

To the end, Lin Chen never saw Su Qinger from the beginning to the end.

She had a pale face and pursed her red lips, wondering what she was thinking about.